Djay release Neural Mix as a free stand-alone Mac app making vocal separation easy

Neural Mix Pro for Mac uses AI to separate vocals, harmonics and drums in real-time. Quickly export your isolated parts and import to any DJ suite or DAW.

Algoriddim previewed the Neural Mix feature in the Djay app on iPad and iPhone in June. Now, Algoriddim are releasing the feature as a stand-alone Mac app. This lets you quickly isolate beats, instruments and/or vocals, before exporting and taking into your favourite DJ suite or DAW. Neural Mix Pro also includes basic DJ tools such as loops, tempo/key recognition, and time-stretching/pitch-shifting.

The effect is not perfect, but it’s one of the best attempts at vocal/instrumental isolation I’ve seen. It’s great that they’ve opened up this tool and made exporting to other software easy, rather than locking it up as a feature in the Djay app.

Neural Mix Pro is free to download and try, but exporting requires $50 to buy the full app. Download on the App Store here.

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