What a Monstercat! Rameses B Selects RouteNote to Distribute His Free Music to Spotify, Xbox Music and More

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RouteNote would like to welcome Rameses B. Rameses B has selected RouteNote to help distribute some of his music to streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Xbox Music and Rdio.

Rameses B is a huge electronic artist who is getting great support on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. Rameses B is a Monstercat artist with a very bright future!

“I am Rameses B and i’ve been a passionate music producer for over 10 years now. I’m based in a humble Yorkshire city called Leeds and I have independently funded my music career which now has a back catalogue of over 100 songs with about half of them being free downloads. I do this because I enjoy expressing my creativity and to allow others to enjoy these creations as well.”

rameses b logo and coverart music imageBest known for the melodic textures and ambient soundscapes that evoke different emotions within his music, Rameses has built up the knowledge about sound & music over many years and takes pride in being an independent artist; sharing his music with the world.

“I taught myself piano, I taught myself how to produce.. my desire for creativity kept me going. Guided by college and university, this wasn’t something I inherited. But it’s something I know I was born to do”

With a huge catalogue of sounds you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs, ranging in genre, emotions and style there is something for everybody.

Listen to all his music on Spotify!

Support Rameses B:

Electronic Music distribution has been growing at a rapid pace for RouteNote. We love electronic music and we are proud to be helping some of the best artists in the world.

Growth of Music Streaming Royalties for RouteNote Artists – 2014: Streaming will be the Major Royalty Stream!

There has been a lot of talk especially at Midem about how Streaming Music services aren’t dominating royalty reports of major companies. I thought I would share some very basic graphs from RouteNote with you.

These graphs are very basic examples of the royalty share from RouteNote artists. This share has been split out between Download based royalties and royalties from Music Streaming Services. We simply wanted to show that Music Streaming Services are really growing and as of 2014 will make up the majority of royalties for RouteNote artists.

2011 streaming music revenues for routenote

2012 streaming music revenues for routenote

2013 streaming music revenues for routenote

2014 streaming music revenues for routenote

As stated above, we expect music streaming royalties to be the main source of income for the majority of RouteNote artists in 2014.

RouteNote Free: Showcasing the Best in Free Music Online – Free Downloads via YouTube Channel Daily

RouteNote is really trying to help artists make more money from their music both in stores like iTunes and in streaming services like Spotify. However, we dont just want to help artists make more money, but we also want to help them get more exposure all over the world. We often get asked if artists can giveaway there music on iTunes and other stores. However, most of these stores only offer this as a editorial type service. Thus, we have decided to launch a small YouTube Channel dedicated to profiling the best free music from around the world.

Introducing: RouteNote Free

RouteNote Free will be adding some of the best free music daily. So please subscribe and enjoy!

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