RouteNote Home Page Gets RouteNote Direct Featured Artist and Random Releases Sections

If you have looked at the RouteNote home page this morning you might have seen a few changes. We have updated our top image explaining to artists our service (which isnt that exciting), plus we have finally released RouteNote Direct stores to the world!

On the new RouteNote Direct section you will see Random Releases and Featured Artist. For artists you can get your releases promoted on the home page by simply promoting your RouteNote Direct release pages on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social networks. The more you promote your release pages the more they will appear on the home page. We will be choosing a new Featured Artist weekly every Monday morning.

We really hope that this addition will help our artists spread the word about their music and help them drive revenues.

RouteNote Direct Widget Update

RouteNote has just released an update for the RouteNote Direct widget tool last week. Previously, we had a bug in the RouteNote Direct widget and it is very important that if you have embedded the widget on your website that you update it now. All you need to do to update is head to your release page on RouteNote Direct and grab the widget code again and update it on your site. This will resolve all issues.

We are always looking to improve RouteNote Direct and our full RouteNote offering, so if you have any suggestion please feel free to drop them below.

RouteNote Direct Widgets: Embeddable Audio Player Widget for Your Website

Now you can Share/Embed your RouteNote Direct music into any Website, Facebook or Myspace!

The RouteNote Direct embed widget is a basic audio player that anyone can add to any website. Once you click on the embed button a RouteNote Direct release page it will show a widget page in which you can select the style you wish and even edit the colour of the widget.

Music Featured: The Tied: Jessica

RouteNote Direct: Create Your Own Customizable Music Store and Sell Direct to Fans

I would like to introduce RouteNote Direct! RouteNote Direct is a direct to fan service for RouteNote Artists. Artists are able to sell their music direct to their fans on their own unqiue store, which has the ability to customize price and even look and feel. Here are the key features of RouteNote Direct.

# Artists receive 85% of all the earnings from RouteNote Direct sales.
# Real time play stats
# SEO for site and simple URLs
# Ability to customize your own store
# Control your own release and track pricing
# OHHH did I mention its FREE

How to Add your releases to RouteNote Direct:
1. Upload your new release and select RouteNote Direct as a store partner
2. Go to > My Content > select release and edit … then add RouteNote Direct as a store partner

There is a RouteNote Direct tab at the top of all artist accounts. You send your releases live and then you can completely control the store from this location.

Make sure you promote your pages on Facebook, Twitter and to your fan base.

p.s. RouteNote Direct is currently in beta testing, so if you have any suggestion please feel free to drop us an email. Lots of cool features coming very soon!

Example of a RouteNote Direct Store: Among Lights: Influenced By

Users can also sign up to just use RouteNote Direct… you dont need to distribute your music to all of our partners.

How to Edit Track Pricing in RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store

Yesterday, RouteNote launched the Artist Directory / Download Store and we have already seen some great results in the first day. We have noticed that some users arent exactly sure how to set the pricing on albums and each individual tracks. Here is a step by step guide on how to edit your pricing:

Album Pricing:

  1. Login to your RouteNote account
  2. Select the Download Store link in the header bar
  3. There is a Pricing box for each album, change the price for one album at a time and hit the save next to the price
  4. All done!

Individual Track Pricing:

  1. Login to your RouteNote account
  2. Select the Download Store link in the header bar
  3. Find the release that you want to change the individual track pricing for and select the Edit button under the Tracks column in the right hand side
  4. This will open the Individual track page for that release
  5. Change the prices of the tracks you wish and hit save.
  6. All done!

RouteNote Artist Directory and Download Store is Here

RouteNote is very proud to announce the launch of our RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store ( The RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store provides a full catalogue list of all the artists on the RouteNote service and even allows consumers to purchase mp3 files from their favourite bands.

Benefits for Artists:

  • Artists receive 80% of all royalties
  • Full control over pricing and what is available for sale
  • Artists can opt-in to sell their music to the public and able to opt-out at any time
  • Sales and stats are immediate and can be seen within the artists account
  • Spread the word via Facebook and Twitter links on the directory pages

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Access to a fast growing list of independent artists
  • Affordable pricing
  • Mp3 files with no DRM and can be used on any music player or device
  • Simple 3 click purchase made via Paypal
  • No registration required

Click here to search through the RouteNote Artists Directory.

Bands make sure you login to your RouteNote account and make your albums live for sales! We have many customisation and social networking links coming very soon.


RouteNote Premium Christmas Promotion is Live

Since the release of RouteNotes’ Premium option we have seen great growth! RouteNote is already the largest independent digital music distributor in the UK.

When we first launched our Premium platform we ran a one off promotion that allowed artists to upload their albums for a one time fee and keep 100% of the revenues. Now we are about to head into the Christmas season, so we thought we would offer the promotion again!

The Offer:

Artists pay a Flat ONE TIME fee and keep 100% of the revenues.

$10 single, $20 EP, $30 album and $45 ext. album.

The Christmas promotion will last until the 1st of December so you must hurry!

All you need to do is signup and choose our Premium service. No codes required. Artists will receive all of RouteNote’s great partners, as well as free UPC and ISRC codes, and keep all 100% of their revenues! This promotion is only available for new content added to RouteNote.

iTunes Ping Artist Style Guide

Here at RouteNote we are providing more and more artists with Ping Artist Profiles. If you havent already requested your Ping Artist Profile then please get in touch.

To be eligible for a Ping Artist Page just use RouteNote to distribute your release. To provide more insight on your Ping Artist Page, Apple has created an “Artist Guide and Best Practices” document.

It provides detailed information on the format, types of video and pictures you can include on your  Ping Artist Page along with a step by step process on how to upload videos, tips on settings for your iPhone, etc.

Download the Ping Artist Guide Here.

How Do I Get an Artist Profile on Ping: RouteNote!

Here at RouteNote we are now starting to add iTunes Artist Ping pages.

As you may have heard, Apple just launched a new service called Ping.  A social network for music where iTunes music fans can follow their favorite artists and friends to discover music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.

Ping has “People” accounts and “Artist” accounts.  Artist accounts allow musicians to upload and create their own pages featuring their pictures, videos, tour-dates, music recommendations and a lot more.

If you would like to request a Ping artist page, please get in contact.

The only requirement is that you are a RouteNote artist and that you have at least one of your releases on iTunes.