Can I earn money from Spotify?

The answer is yes, and you can do so by distributing through RouteNote.

If you’re an independent musician, underground, or even established then you can generate royalties from your music, which means you will make money from your music. Thanks to the internet and services such as ours at RouteNote, you can distribute your music to a variety of platforms. Meaning that yes, you can earn money from Spotify, and you can do this for FREE with RouteNote

So how does RouteNote help artists make money? 

It’s extremely simple, you sign up for an account with RouteNote, which is free. You then upload your track, select where you want it distributed too, in this case, Spotify, upload the artwork, and then wait for approval from our friendly moderation teams. Once this receives approval it will then be distributed to your selected platforms. At RouteNote, we ensure that we put the artist first, so you keep all your rights to your art, at no point does RouteNote own your music. 

As an artist or label, all you need to do once you’ve been approved is sit back and wait for the royalties to trickle in. You will get to keep 85% of your royalties and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Once you generate over $50 worth of royalties you will be able to cash out and reap the rewards of your creativity. 

Does RouteNote have a premium tier? 

Yes, it does! RouteNote also has a premium tier which requires a small one-time fee and an annual fee of $9.99. This allows you to keep 100% (yes you’re reading that right) of your royalties. Again, you will continue to own all your music and retain all your licensing and rights. 

Be sure to check out our service today and sign up to have your music heard across the globe and earn money during the process. We look forward to having you join our ever-growing roster of successful artists and labels. 

Your music is now playing on Facebook Gaming streams

Image credit: Facebook

What’s better than a great gaming stream? One with a killer soundtrack and with the expansion of music on Facebook Gaming you could be the sound of gameplay heard around the world.

Facebook are expanding the way that they work with music to bring opportunities to creators who stream on the world’s biggest social media platform. They’ve now expanded the ability to play background music during gaming live streams on Facebook Gaming so that all Partner and Level Up creators can explore Facebook’s huge library of tracks to accompany their gameplay.

Facebook’s Director of Global Gaming Creator Partnerships, Luis Renato Olivalves said: “Gaming and music are a match made in heaven, and we hope our partnership with the music industry opens the door to future collaborations and opportunities for artists, gamers, and fans alike. We’ll continue working with our music partners to bring those possibilities to life.”

How to add music to Facebook Gaming streams

Adding music to streams doesn’t need to be a legal battleground on Facebook thanks to their agreements with music labels, publishers, and societies, including the major record labels and us here at RouteNote. This means that using music from their catalogue in streams is not only legal but simple, as Facebook will fix the royalties with the rightsholders.

To play music in a Facebook live stream simply play it through your streaming software: whether you’re streaming on PC, Mac, or Console, and whether you’re using OBS, Streamelements OBS, Streamlabs OBS, it’s all good.

Facebook’s background detection is getting even better so that they can automatically tell apart music that is played as the audio focus of a stream and music that is played underneath a voiceover. This ensures that all creators are able to use music in their streams however they want to and that music rightsholders get paid.

Whilst Facebook have agreements with a lot of music publishers and labels, not all tracks are covered with them. If a creator uses a song that isn’t covered in their video then Facebook will notify you that a section of your video has been muted or blocked because of a copyrighted song.

How to get paid for use of your music on Facebook streams

We partnered with Facebook over 3 years ago to bring RouteNote artists’ music from all over the world to Facebook and Instagram. We offer free distribution to all artists and by selecting Facebook you can get your music added to Facebook’s content library, allowing your music to be used in videos and streams on Facebook whilst getting paid from every view.

If you’re new to RouteNote, creating an account is as simple as heading to and entering your email address to create a free account. Once you’re logged in select ‘Create new release’ to add your music and select the stores you want to distribute your music to.

Choose Facebook to add your music to Facebook’s system for automatic detection any time it is used in video content. If your music is approved for distribution to Facebook then you’ll also be added to Instagram where users can choose your music to soundtrack their Stories and Reels, getting paid every time your music is used.

What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming launched in 2018 as a dedicated spot for creators to share their gameplay with fans on the world’s most popular social media platform. The site is built into their website and Facebook even have their own dedicated app for Gaming.

The hub is a lot like Twitch or YouTube’s live-streamed gaming community. The app and website brings together pre-recorded videos and clips from streams as well as offering all of the livestreams currently recording. Viewers can search for particular games or creators and then they can pin games for quick access.

Users can join tournaments in which they can challenge other players directly through Facebook Gaming. Schedule tournaments in advance and compete with gamers from all over the world or join existing tournaments.

Users can also play Facebook’s web games like Draw Something, Candy Crush, and many others. The games are built into Facebook’s platform so any players can easily challenge their friends and see their friends’ high scores and progress.

Get a YouTube Sync license

Artists streaming on YouTube could be earning more for their music with sync royalties and at RouteNote we’re here to help artists earn all of the royalties that they’re entitled to.

Sync Royalties are generated for music that is set to moving image. Sync Licenses in popular media are agreed upon between Film and TV producers and the artists or their representatives whenever they use music in their content. It’s not widely known but the same basis for revenues applies to video content online, and artists could be earning more for their music on YouTube.

The royalties generated through Synchronization on YouTube are called micro-sync royalties. Whilst very similar, micro-sync royalties are set apart because they are generated on a per-stream basis on publicly available content online.

How can artists earn YouTube micro-sync royalties?

With us at RouteNote, artists are able to upload their music to YouTube’s Content ID system for free. Once music is in the Content ID system, YouTube are able to scan all videos on their site to identify any uses of music and then pay the ad-revenue from those videos to the rights-owner of the music.

The YouTube Content ID service that we currently offer to users distributes royalties when the sound recording of a song is used in a video. This new service will collect micro sync royalties for the use of the composition of the song as well.

To apply for micro-sync collection on your tracks on YouTube, fill out our form here:

How do creators get a YouTube Sync license?

Thanks to YouTube’s Content ID system, creators are able to use a lot of music without any agreements or contract between them and the copyright holder. Once YouTube recognises the track you’ve used it will credit the artist automatically in the description of the video and the ad-revenues for the video will be distributed to the rightsholders of the music. This has allowed independent creators to create content with the soundtrack of their choice whilst ensuring artists still get paid.

This will be the case for any artists who have distributed their music to Content ID through RouteNote. It is best to always check wherever possible with original artist or label of any music that you are using whether you are allowed to use it any videos you upload. Some tracks may require an agreement outside of the Content ID system and some tracks will not be allowed for use regardless.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 20th August, 2021: 12 fresh adds to our in-house RouteNote playlists

Our new playlist is here! Listen to 12 new tracks from Tranquilize and our three other RouteNote curated playlists, featuring amazing tracks from RouteNote artists and even a feature from Ed Sheeran.

Happy Friday everyone! Time to check out our brand new in-house playlist, and all the new music launching today across the four playlists curated by the RouteNote team.

Tranquilize is the newest curated playlist to join our lineup, offering easy listening music across the genres to help you breeze through the weekend and beyond. Don’t forget our Hooked playlist with uptempo dance bangers, Catalyst bringing you all things house, and Lo-fi offering relaxing chillhop.

Scroll on for twelve brand new tracks from RouteNote artists, including cover versions taking well-known tracks to new places – and a feature from Ed Sheeran.

Morning Dan, Red Powder, Franko Keys – Persik

Let’s begin by introducing you to a few tracks from our brand new playlist, Tranquilize. First, easing you in with the twinkling piano and laidback beat of “Persik.”

Boshi, bearbare, Lucas Melan – Stay with Me

Here the haunting melody of Sam Smith’s hit “Stay With Me” is stripped back to crisply layered piano, an excellent accompaniment to settling in for the evening after a long workday.

Martin Arteta – Lucid Dreams

Another creatively transformed cover song to end the Tranquilized highlights. This time “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD is slowed down and given the acoustic treatment by Martin Arteta, before a steady beat kicks in for an extra injection of emotion.

FIRST – Back ‘N Forth

Time to take it up a few gears with our Hooked playlist. Let’s launch straight in with FIRST’s invigorating party track “Back ‘N Forth.”

Lupage – Yo No Sé (feat. Seba Dentis)

Next up, “Yo No Sé” by Lupage. Beginning with menacingly low vocals, the track builds to an energizing rhythm that’ll get your heart pumping.

Oxyoze – Don’t Know Why

The final track from our Hooked playlist comes from Oxyoze. That smooth production will keep you pushing right through your workout.

Fallen – Do This To Me

Next up, let’s explore the Catalyst playlist. “Do This To Me” by Fallen is a bright mix, with bubbling sounds that dance around each other and make you nod along.

Alande – Because Of Love

Check out the perfectly controlled build-ups in “Because of Love” by Alande. Another highlight from our Catalyst playlist this week with catchy melodies throughout.

Alonestar – Raise ’em up – Tropical house mix (feat. Ed Sheeran & Herbert Skillz)

Ed Sheeran has just announced that his fifth album is due in October and this week he’s here on our Catalyst playlist too, featuring on Alonestar’s tropical house remix of the catchy banger “Raise ‘em up.”

Alonestar is versatile rapper and producer Jethro Sheeran, who just so happens to be Ed’s cousin. This house remix is made for dancing barefoot in the sand, raising your cocktail up to the stars.

Juliette – velvet pillows

Our fourth playlist is full of Lo-Fi mixes. Taken from the nights shades EP, “velvet pillows” takes simple, great ideas and layers them for a relaxing study soundtrack.

Grandmaster Faff – Get Up

The brilliantly named Grandmaster Faff has released a groovy, laidback track featuring a funky guitar riff and snatches of jazzy horns – hit play and check it out below.

after noon – Late Hours

Finally, let the gentle sound of rainwater carry you away, as after noon’s “Late Hours” gives you the lo-fi vibes you need to drift off to sleep or knuckle down and concentrate for the start of the working week.

Want to feature on our ever-growing playlists? Become a RouteNote artist, and release your tracks for free. Discover more and sign up here.

‘Tranquilize’ is RouteNote’s fourth official playlist – full of the best chillout music from our artists

RouteNote’s latest playlist Tranquilize showcases the best chillout and easy listening music from some of RouteNote’s most talented artists.

The new curated playlist joins Hooked with high tempo dance music, Catalyst with dance, house and chill house music, and Lo-Fi with hip-hop and chillhop music. Tranquilize is a cross-genre playlists with electronic and acoustic, easy listening and chillout music, perfect for winding down and relaxing. Every day, RouteNote are sent thousands of songs from artists around the world. These playlists bring listeners the best of music recently uploaded to our site.

All four playlists are updated every Friday and there are already over 100 songs on Tranquilize for you to get lost in.

Playlisting on these playlists is by invite only. For a chance to featured, distribute your music for free with RouteNote.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for June 2021 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for June 2021 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 23rd July, 2021: 10 highlights from our curated playlists

Check out 10 of the hottest new tracks added to our three RouteNote-curated playlists this Friday.

Happy new music Friday! We love discovering the great new tracks artists have released through RouteNote.

Each week we add more fresh releases to our three curated playlists. There’s our Hooked playlist with high tempo dance music, Catalyst for house, dance and chilled house, and a Lo-Fi mix for relaxing beats.

Listen to 10 brand new tracks below, featuring workout songs, ambient sounds, and unexpected covers of well-known tracks.


The first track freshly added to our Hooked playlist is “Accelerate.” Perfectly paced tech house to get you moving.

MadeMix, Carder – Bugatti

Hop in MadeMix and Carder’s supercar, we’re driving into the weekend with these dark and dramatic beats on the stereo.

Glaceo and Marphil – Fallin’ (Adrenaline)

Next up, check out “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)” – balancing soft chords and emotional vocals with injections of energy from chopping synths.

32Stitches & PHI NIX – What Is Love

Let it all out with this euphoric cover of Haddway’s “What Is Love,” the final highlight from the RouteNote Hooked playlist.

Madism, Masove, Brandan Mills – Like A Prayer (Feat. Tess Burrstone)

Meanwhile, over on our Catalyst playlist, a Madonna classic gets an exhilarating makeover with the welcome addition of a funky sax line.

Robin Tayger – Kiss Me More

Perfect for a workout, “Kiss Me More” takes you from simmering interludes to rapid-fire vocals to keep you pushing.

Bound to Divide – So Alone

A chilled interlude now from our Catalyst mix with the beautifully layered sounds of So Alone’s “Bound to Divide.”

Habbo Foxx – Miss Me

The final selection from Catalyst is a bouncy, upbeat dance track to lift the soul and lift your feet.

Peaceful Melody – Cover Me In Sunshine

We’re moving onto our Lo-Fi playlist now, for a slowed-down instrumental version of mother and daughter combo P!nk and Willow Sage Hart’s song “Cover Me In Sunshine” featuring a sweetly tinkering piano melody.

golden era – Stay (lofi version)

Finally, shut your eyes and relax to golden era’s mellow cover of “Stay” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. That tape crackle brings to mind the gentle rise and fall of ocean waves.

Release your music for free with RouteNote and you could see your track featured on one of our playlists. We offer unlimited music distribution to Spotify as well as all the other major streaming services. Find out more here.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for May 2021 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for May 2021 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.

Monetize your music on Instagram Reel and Stories

Upload your music to Instagram and Facebook for free and make money every time your music is used in Reels, Stories, and Facebook videos anywhere around the world.

At RouteNote we offer free distribution of your music to all of the top streaming services and download stores. We also work with the biggest social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to get your music in front of global audiences and open up new opportunities for your tracks to be heard in unique ways.

Create your free account and upload unlimited tracks at and we will upload your music so that it is available in Instagram’s music library. You can start your distribution journey today and at no cost and begin earning money for having your music available on the world’s favourite social media networks.

Sign up for free at and distribute your music to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Pandora, and many more.

RouteNote Artists’ sales statistics for April 2021 are now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for April 2021 on your account at

Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page.
Payments will be made between now and the 20th if your earnings have reached the $50 threshold.

If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to and our friendly support team will be happy to help.