An analysis from Pex shows that 88.4% of videos don’t surpass 1,000 views on YouTube, and that less than 1% exceed 100,000 views.

Pex analysed all public data on the platform up until 31st December 2019.

2019 shows users are uploading more videos per year than ever before. With an average of 16 videos per user in 2019, this is up from 13 in 2018 and double the amount from five years ago.

Pex Uploads per user

Pex goes on to analyse the amount of content vs the number of views each category has gained over the years. After a sharp and continuing increase since 2015, Gaming has just taken the lead, accounting for 33% of all videos uploaded. Since 2016, all other category have fallen in percentage of total content.

Pex total YouTube content by category

This data does not translate to the largest category based on views. Music and Entertainment dominate views per video and percentage of total views. Music holds the top spot, despite being the smallest category uploaded. When looking at the views per minute, we can see Music more than double Entertainment and is 22 times that of Gaming.

The next two charts show the distribution of views and videos. It shows 0.77% of videos generated 82.83% of views.This details just how difficult it is for individuals to stand out in such a busy market.

Finally, Pex show us Music’s dominance on higher view tiers, with Music accounting for 30% of views in the 10m-100m range, 57% in the 100m-1b views tier, with a massive 83% over 1 billion.

Pex Breakdown of each views tier by category

This data shows more videos being uploaded to the platform than ever, with gaming becoming the most common uploaded content and music being more valuable than ever. As content creators, it’s important to create truly unique and engaging videos to stand out.