“Time, The Ruler” by “Alex Robertson Trio” is a new heartfelt EP with a strong focus on acoustic instrumentation and lyrical content.

If you like artists such as Tevor Hall, Newton Faulkner and Xavier Rudd, with songs that capture the essence of human existence – allowing every song to be a connective experience for the audience – we think you’ll love “Time, The Ruler”.

Influenced by personal encounters, life experiences, and an eclectic mix of genres, Alex embarked on his songwriting journey at the tender age of 14. His spontaneous and heartfelt approach to crafting music has given birth to a rich array of acoustic and unfiltered melodies, each woven together with honest and personal lyrics.

The EP kicks off with the mesmerizing track “Monster Magnet” which sounds like a fine dance between darkness and light, gracefully shifting its melodic tones as it progresses. With the introduction of vocals, this intricate dance takes on a new dimension, revealing its true colors through honesty within the lyrics. “Monster Magnet” possesses a power that captivates and calls the listener into its enchanting world.

The second track of the EP, “Time, the Ruler,” serves as the titular centrepiece. A deeply-rooted composition with a constant rhythmic drive that pulls you in and keeps you sat tight for the ride. This is followed by “New Day” which feels like that first day of spring after a long winter, with uplifting chord progressions and an empowering chorus. “New Day” ushers in a unique sense of renewal and hope.

Concluding the EP is the enchanting final track, “Come Down” – a perfect 3/4 lullaby which beautifully wraps up this journey of “Time, The Ruler”. Simply close your eyes and surrender to the soothing embrace of this composition, allowing it to transport you to a serene and tranquil realm, a perfect ending to a truly captivating musical experience.

These songs from Alex Robertson, with Morgan Doughty on bass and Toby Tinker on percussion, are nothing less than an enchanting indie folk EP with its acoustic guitar in open tunings which beautifully complement the vastness of Alex’s soaring vocal performance.

You can pre-save “Time, The Ruler” by “Alex Robertson Trio” HERE.