Fender Launch Striking Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX Amps

Fender’s gorgeous new Acoustic SFX (left) and Acoustic Pro (right) amps.   Fender are releasing a¬†beautiful new¬†range of amps for acoustic guitar. The Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX feature a smooth curved design with bent…

Apple Release Logic Pro 10.2 in Giant Update

Logic Pro has become one of the most widely used DAWs in the years since it’s inception, especially since it’s purchase by powerhouse Apple in 2003 making it a staple of music-making on Mac OS….

SoundCloud Spotlight Now On iOS

SoundCloud users with Pro accounts can pin up to 5 tracks or playlists to the top of their profile in the “Spotlight” so it’s the first thing people see when they look at their profile….