How to get a Spotify link for your music before it’s live

Once your music has been sent to Spotify and is waiting to go live you need a link so you can claim your artist profile or get your fans ready with Pre-Saves. Once your music… – Create Free Apple Music Pre-Saves is the social marketing and promotional platform from RouteNote that allows artists and labels to use tools to grow their fanbases online and beyond. offers Free Apple Music pre-saves to all RouteNote accounts….

How to get music links from all streaming services in one place

Once your music is released you want an easy way for all of your fans to start listening, no matter what music service they use. Enter: PUSH.FM. People are streaming music all over the place…

YouTube follows Twitter with new clickable hashtags above video titles

Twitter reinvented how hashtags are used in English language and YouTube are taking their hashtags to another level putting them front and centre of videos. YouTube have started including clickable hashtags at the forefront of…

Sex up your Spotify artist pages with 2 new features

Spotify are giving you even more options to make your artist page represent you and your music in exciting ways. Spotify have introduced photo galleries and new tools for connecting with fans to artist pages….

YouTube will no longer let you share web links in videos

YouTube have restricted external links to other websites being put into videos except from select creators. In a bizarre and potentially very damaging move YouTube has decided to ban links that lead out of YouTube…