Soulsby Synthesizers from Atmegatron – a new 8-bit monosynth

Here is the Soulsby Synthesizers from Atmegatron – a new 8-bit monosynth. It looks like it was designed in the 1980s, but it packs an amazing sound into a flexibility and power of a modern…

Massive Evolutions II Sample-Based Synthesis For Kontakt

Massive Evolutions II Sample-Based Synthesis For Kontakt. Specially designed for Electronic Music where massive synth swappings and innovative, unique Synths are required.

M-Audio Venom Virtual Analog Synth & Editor

M-Audio has been developing Venom for the past few years they recently launched an affordable virtual analog synthesizer.

Sonic Wire Sculptor

How often do you find yourself stuck on a bus or a train with nothing to do? Your iPod playlist has run out and your weekly podcasts are already on their ninth listen that day, what else is there to do?

Calvin Harris and a Synth Made of Young Women in Bikinis

Calvin Harris seems to know how to have some fun. His latest idea is a synth made of young women in bikinis of course!

The Yamaha DTX Multi 12

Musical instrument manufacturers Yamaha have started to expand their electric drum-kit range as far as desktop kits. With respect for electric kits from its peers in the bag, thanks to the hugely popular DTXtreme IIs…

Portable Rockstar “Beaterator” For PSP And iPhone.

UK games developers Rockstar ( famous for Grand Theft Auto series)have produced a platform/sequencer for producing tunes on the PSP. The “Beaterator” has been endorsed by US hip-hop producer Timbaland (watch his review here) who…