What Percentage Do Streaming Services Take?

Streaming services take a cut from your subscription cost, but how much?

Top UK musicians call for music streaming pay revolution

Over 150 British musicians including Sting, Robert Plant and Kate Bush have signed a letter to the Prime Minister campaigning to change the streaming model.

Apple Music Streaming Revenue Has Been Detailed In Open Letter To Artists

Apple Music Adds Transparency To Their Model With A Letter They Sent To Artists, Labels, Publishers, and Other Stakeholders. Confirming That They Will Pay 1p Per Stream, 2-3 Times Spotify.

Spain’s record industry has grown by 4% in 2020 thanks to streaming

Whilst 2020 has hit many hard, recorded music around the world is proving it takes more than a global pandemic to slow down streaming’s boost to the music industry. We don’t need to tell you…

Sales statistics for October 2018 are now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for October 2018 on your account at www.routenote.com. Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page.

Music Industry Revenues Stats for 2013 from France and Italy: Both on the Rise

It seems like the music industry has hit bottom and it is again on the rise. Official figures for both Italy and France show recorded music income rising in those countries last year, albeit not…