DIY Till We Die: Pretty Preachers Club

We Spoke To Martha McKay Of Pretty Preachers Club About Life As A DIY Artist, The Pros and Cons and much more!

Meet the 2 Scottish rappers who trolled the world right into a record deal with Sony

They say “fake it ’til you make it” and for these lads from Scotland didn’t make it until they faked it – and they faked it hard. This new mini-doc from Vice takes a look…

Belle & Sebastian Release New 30 Min “Making the Album” TV Show

Belle & Sebastian will be releasing their new album on the 11th October and its already set to be a hit. Below is a webisode they recorded a few weeks ago in Glasgow. The track is ‘I Want The World To Stop’ and I think it is frankly a great track to release as a teaser to the album.

Travis; The Band Who (Could Have Been Much Better)

I used to like them, those Travis boys, they used to rock and for a small period of time they were the only British band doing anything in the aftermath of Brit-pop.