Paid Music Subscribers Growing Fast – Spotify Still The Leader

Paid music subscriptions increased by 32 percent in 2019 to reach 358 million. Spotify at 35% market share Apple Music 19% Amazon 15% Tencent 11% YouTube Music 6% Remainder 14% Source: Counterpoint Research

Spotify have overtaken Deezer in their homeland

Deezer have just lost the lead in music streaming in their country of origin as Spotify take the top spot for listening in France. Spotify have just been announced as the number one streaming service…

Spotify Premium subscribers growing quicker than free listeners

Spotify are one of the world’s favourite music streamers and their Q3 report for 2019 shows paying users are finally growing the fastest. Spotify have released their report for the third quarter of this year….

Apple Music close on Spotify with 56 million subscribers

Apple Music have been chasing Spotify’s numbers since they launched 3 and a half years ago and they’re getting closer with each subscriber announcement. The latest numbers for Apple Music have been revealed in a…

Spotify’s record growth adds 10 million paid subscribers in 6 months

Spotify are growing faster than ever before, adding 10 million paid subscribers since they reached 30 million subscribers earlier this year in March. Just a few weeks ago Spotify’s new global head of creator services…