4 vital mental health guides for musicians from Mind

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Mind have published four guides to help those in the electronic music industry and beyond take care of their mental health.

“New” Nirvana and Amy Winehouse songs released – created by an AI

Lost Tapes of the 27 Club uses AI to create an album of songs that the artists never had the chance to write, to draw attention to music’s mental health crisis.

10 self-care tips for musicians and producers

How do musicians cope with mental health challenges, especially during the pandemic? Check out these suggestions for self-care for musicians feeling overwhelmed by the year of no work and lockdowns.

Mental health crisis as 9 in 10 professional musicians in the UK report struggling in the pandemic

90% of respondents to a survey by Help Musicians say their mental health has suffered over the past year with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.