TikTok announce eight new exciting features for LIVE videos

The new features such as LIVE Events and Picture-in-Picture are built to improve the experience of LIVE videos on TikTok.

Research finds over half of Americans wouldn’t feel OK at live events this year

A new survey shows hesitancy to return to normality as pandemic restrictions ease, revealing that 54% of Americans don’t want to attend a live event like a concert until fall 2021 at least.

Are you going to Glastonbury this weekend? Tune in from home

We’re all missing festivals right? The season is upon us and everything is shut down. Well thankfully, Glastonbury is here all weekend long and you can tune in now! The good ol’ BBC are here…

The live events industry could lose over $8 billion this year

It’s impossible to ignore the effects Coronavirus is having on the world and the temporary death of the live industry is a grave one. Countries around the world have been going into lockdown for the…