Led Zeppelins ‘Whole Lotta Love’ voted greatest guitar riff of all time

The iconic guitar riff was recently voted as the greatest guitar riff of all time, beating AC/DC and ZZ Top.

What happens if a robot tries to write a Led Zeppelin song?

Artificial intelligence can do a lot of things, but can it write a Led Zeppelin song after being fed Robert Plant’s lyrics? Here it is: the most Led Zeppelin song they never wrote.

Is Robert Plant teasing a Led Zeppelin re-union? We hope so!

The most sought after re-union in all of rock and roll could happen as the 3 surviving members of Led Zeppelin may be getting back together to rock once again. Robert Plant, singer of one…

Jimmy Page’s First Book Priced At £445

Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is set to release his first book at the price of £445. The self-titled photo-autobiography will document the guitarist’s career with over 500 pages and feature around 650 images, a wealth…