Apple Drop The iPod Classic

Among releasing the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, Apple quietly dropped the iPod Classic from the lineup on their Stores, which sees the death of the famous and loved click wheel….

Filtatron: Real Time Audio Effects Suite and Studio iPhone and iPod Touch App

Filtatron is a new real time audio effects suite and studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Filtatron is produced by Moog Music who normally focus on more traditional musical equipment.

Soundrop iPhone App

The interface really is as straight forward as; draw a line, let a ball bounce on it, when the ball hits the line a marimba sample will sound, draw another line, create rhythms and patterns. Before you know it you’ll think you’re a regular Philip Glass.

NME Wants The World to Read Their Music News on iPhone or iPod Touch

Leading UK music magazine the NME has launched their official iPhone app. The application is priced at £1.19 and allows users to personalise their music news experiences. I really wonder how many people will choose to buy this application, when there are so many free options available.

New Lala iPhone Music Streaming Application Coming Very Soon!

Lala have launched a new iPhone applications in which seems very cool. Take a look at the app coming to an iPhone near you very soon!

eTuner: Tune Any Instrument on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch you never need to worry about buying an expensive tuner every again. For £1.19 you can pick up eTuner from the iTunes App store. eTuner is an…

Ministry of Sound releases iDrum Anthems app for iPhone or iPod Touch

Previously here on RouteNote we have talked a little about musical iphone or ipod touch applications such as the Ocarina, and here is a new one, the iDrum. The iDrum lets users remix a bunch…