iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump! (Video)

Externally the same, internally radically different. Marques Brownlee reviews the brand new iPad Pro with Apple’s M1 chip.

The new iPad Pro with M1 – Apple’s Spring Loaded event recap

The new iPad Pro with M1 announced at Apple’s Spring Loaded virtual event yesterday, the company’s first livestream of the year.

Apple’s Spring Loaded event recap – iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, Apple TV 4K and iPhone 12 in purple

All of the new and updated products announced at Apple’s Spring Loaded virtual event yesterday, company’s first livestream of the year.

How to watch Apple’s Spring Loaded event later today?

Apple are due to hit the virtual stage in around six hours. You can stream the live event for free on apple.com and YouTube.

Apple officially announce their April 20th ‘Spring Loaded’ event – What products are expected?

Apple have sent out invites to their first event of the year. What new and updated hardware are we hoping to see?

What products will we see at Apple’s next event, likely due March 23?

Apple’s next virtual event is thought to be taking place on 23rd March, which would lead to invites being sent out next week.

iPadOS 14 – New features announced at WWDC 2020

The online-only WWDC showcased some of the impressive software updates Apple have been working on. Here are all the highlights from the iPadOS 14 update. Similar improvements from iOS 14 come to the iPad too,…

iPad Air could follow the iPad Pro in switching Lightning for USB-C

iPad Pro ditched the lightning port for USB-C in 2018, since then rumours have circulated regarding Apple’s future, with three possible options for their products: Lightning, USB-C or port-less. After iPad Pro made the switch…

WWDC 2020 – what to expect from Apple’s software event

Worldwide Developers Conference is where Apple show off all their latest software for their various products. This year going fully digital for the first time. There will be no usual event held this year for…

2020 iPhone 12 Pro rumours, leaks and predictions

All the latest rumours, leaks and predictions for Apple’s new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro due later this year. As with all rumours, none of this has been confirmed by Apple, but we can be…