Best distribution companies in 2022

At RouteNote we provide all of the tools independent artists and labels need to distribute, earn money from and analyse their music online.

Spotify versus YouTube Music – how the two streaming services compare

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the most popular music streaming services in the game. How do they stack up against each other?

YouTube Music currently has more songs available for streaming than Spotify and Apple Music

YouTube Music now has over 80m songs available, while competitors such as Spotify and Apple Music advertise over 70m and 75m respectively.

Music distribution to Facebook & Instagram – RouteNote and TuneCore compared

Both RouteNote and TuneCore distribute to Facebook & Instagram, however in every instance, RouteNote is better for the artist.

Which streaming services have the most subscribers? – MIDiA’s Q1 2021 global market share report

MIDiA’s latest global music subscriber market share post reveals the top streaming services, as well as the fastest growing platforms.

What’s the difference between FLAC and MP3?

FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG. Why are there so many different audio file formats and what do they mean? All audio file types have a purpose. Different formats are suited to different use cases, such…

How much the top music distributors cost compared

At RouteNote we pride ourselves on offering artists the best deal for getting their music out there. With free distribution to all of the top stores and streaming services you can’t find better value. Here’s…

Digital Music Stores Compared

A lot of people get in touch with us to ask how many digital stores we distribute music to, and what proportion of the digital music market they represent. We also hear comments on the…