Spotify’s Family Plan just got a little more expensive in Australia

Spotify’s Family Plan is a famously incredible discount for a household of music streamers. Unfortunately in Australia the still-brilliant deal is now a little less sweet.

Spotify’s Family Plan allows up to six different listeners from a household all listen under one subscription with their own taste profiles. It’s a huge discount on individual subscriptions for each of the household. As such, Australia won’t be too hurt by the new price change.

Spotify have increased the price of the Family Plan in Australia from $17.99 to $18.99 in AUS dollars. The price change made effective at the start of October for new subscribers and will now affect all existing Australian Family Plan subscribers each month starting November 1st.

In a statement Spotify said that they made the price update so that they can “continue offering a unique service”. They also mentioned that their prices have always varied between different regions and their choices are based on local economies as well as their own position.

Whilst a price gauge won’t exactly be a welcome change for Aussie listeners, the value of the Family Plan cannot be understated. At $11.99 for a single person’s Premium subscription, even just 2 people on the plan are saving money.

Family Plan’s also offer extras for the listeners on the plan, like a playlist mix of all of the individual listener’s tastes and parental controls for parents letting their young ones listen.

Deezer’s podcasts are now in 51 more countries

Deezer have launched their podcast packed ‘Shows’ section in 51 new countries across Europe and Latin America.

Deezer are expanding their podcast offerings to countries around the world. Joining other streaming services like Spotify who are seeing the huge popularity in podcasts alongside music, Deezer have added their ‘Shows’ tab to 51 new countries where Deezer is available.

The 51 countries that now have Deezer Shows are all within Europe and Latin America. The new tab offers thousands of podcasts covering talk shows, cooking, history, games, and, of course, music; amongst many others.

Deezer’s Vice President of Content, Frédéric Antelme said: “Our data shows that listeners who have access to the Shows tab discover and listen to more podcasts. They’re also more engaged with the platform overall. Opening up the Shows tab across Europe and South America makes sure that more people than ever have access to a powerful and simple way to enjoy podcasts.

“It’s designed from the ground up to make your experience as seamless and personal as possible. And the more you use it, the better Deezer becomes at offering you new shows you’ll enjoy.”

Top 10 most subscribed official artist channels on YouTube 2020

Here are the top ten all-time most subscribed official artist channels around the world on YouTube in 2020, all with at least 30 million subscribers.

1 Justin Bieber

1. Justin Bieber

57.5 million subscribers

3 Marshmello

3. Marshmello

48.9 million subscribers

4 Ed Sheeran

4. Ed Sheeran

45.7 million subscribers

5 EminemMusic

5. EminemMusic

44.6 million subscribers

6 Ariana Grande

6. Ariana Grande

43.4 million subscribers

7 Taylor Swift

7. Taylor Swift

40.0 million subscribers

8 Katy Perry

8. Katy Perry

38.7 million subscribers



38.1 million subscribers

10 Alan Walker

10. Alan Walker

36.7 million subscribers

Find the top 10 most viewed music videos on YouTube here.

Blackpink become the first K-pop group to surpass 50m subscribers on YouTube

South Korean girl group Blackpink with over 50 million subscribers are now the second most subscribed artist on YouTube after Justin Bieber.

After a huge push from the release of their latest album last Friday, Blackpink break YouTube records. Blackpink – The Album hit the number one spot on iTunes Top Album charts in 57 countries, including United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. All eight tracks from The Album ranked in the top 25 on Spotify, with half in the top 10.

The album’s release also saw the release of their new single Lovesick Girls. Breaking yet more YouTube records, Lovesick Girls became the fastest music video by a South Korean girl group to reach 10 million views, achieving the milestone in just 53 minutes. A week later and the video has over 130 million views, the 10th music video from the girl group to cross 100m on YouTube.

In August, BTS took Blackpink’s record for most views in 24 hours, with over 100 million views on Dynamite.

Social karaoke company Smule integrates Snapchat Lenses into the AutoRap app

Social karaoke singing app Smule use Snap Camera Kit to add the Snapchat camera and filters to their rapping app AutoRap.

Snap Camera Kit is the developer tool allowing integration of the Snapchat camera and its lenses within third-party apps. Smule become the first company to use Snap Camera Kit to add the camera to AutoRap, the rapping app with autotune and beat matching.

AutoRap Snapchat

AutoRap added the ability to film yourself right within the app in June. Now the Snap camera and all of its filters/lenses can be accessed in the AutoRap app. Simply choose a beat, film yourself rapping with a Snapchat AR filter and share to socials without having to leave AutoRap.

Smule plan to add the Snapchat camera to the main Smule app later this year. The update to AutoRap is live on iOS now, with Android coming soon.

Spotify introduce Promo Cards – shareable custom assets for your music and artist profile

Spotify’s new Promo Cards tool allows artists to easily create social media assets for your songs, albums and artist profiles to share online.

Since the explosion of social media, it has allowed a relationship between artists and fans like never before. Streaming and social media are more connected than ever allowing artists a real connection with their fans, however for the independent artists, their role has expanding beyond playing music.

Spotify for Artists are hoping to relieve some of the strain on artists, making graphic design as easy as a few clicks. Promo Cards helps you create eye-catching shareable social media assets and grow your audience across platforms. Easily create cards to promote your new songs, albums, artist profile or celebrate wins for getting playlisted.

  • SELECT: Search for the content you want to promote. You can share your artist profile, a track, or an album. If one of your songs has been playlisted, you’ll see the option to share a customized Promo Card in the search results for the track.
  • CUSTOMIZE: How do you want fans to see the image? Will it be square, horizontal, or portrait? You can choose the aspect ratio and background color from a palette of complementary options.
  • SHARE: Download your new creation and upload it wherever you like with the link to your content the site generates. You can also choose one of the direct share options on the site to post it to social media.
Spotify Promo Cards

Simply head to Spotify’s Promo Cards site to get started. The site is availabe in English, Spanish, Portugese and German.

Interestingly, you don’t need to log in to Spotify for Artists or claim your profile to create a promo card. Just head to the site above, click GET STARTED, type any artists, album, song, podcast or episode, customize and share online. Here’s one I made earlier:

Spotify Promo Cards Example

This is great, as it allows artist’s team members, podcasts guests or simply artist’s fans to quickly create good looking social elements without needing a Spotify for Artists login.

YouTube Music launch Global Charts letting your explore the most popular music around the world

Browse the top songs, music videos, artists and trending music around the world and in 57 individual countries with YouTube Music’s new Global Charts.

YouTube Music launched the Explore tab within their music streaming platform in April. Explore is YouTube’s music discovery tool, showing new albums, singles, music videos, charts, mood/genre playlists and trending content based on your listening data. YouTube Music have now added a new Charts feature within the Explore tab.

Global Charts features the following:

  • Top songs – The most played songs on YouTube
  • Top music videos – The most viewed music videos
  • Top artists – The biggest artists on YouTube
  • Genres – The top videos across the major genres on YouTube
  • Trending – What’s new and hot in music right now

Engage with the most popular and trending music in your country, globally or filter by one of 57 different countries around the world, with more coming soon. Popularity is based on view counts across all videos that feature the full track such as music videos, lyric videos and user-uploaded videos. Top artists are based on lifetime views across their entire discography.

YouTube Music Charts US

This news from YouTube came the same day Spotify launched global and US based weekly song and album charts on Twitter. The new Spotify charts are slightly different however, as they currently offer no seemless way to play the tracks, such as a weekly chart playlist.

YouTube Music now lets free users cast uploaded music to smart speakers.

YouTube Music lets free users cast uploaded music to speakers

YouTube Music users on the free tier can now cast there owned music to smart speakers. You’ll still need a Premium account to cast streamed music.

Previously a Premium account was required to cast any music on the platform to speakers. Now, YouTube Music are allowing users to cast their own uploaded music to speakers. Unfortunately the fun stops there for free users. You’ll still need a Premium account to cast any non-uploaded music to speakers.

Since announcing its plans to shutdown Google Play Music, YouTube Music has vastly increased its features to become a fully fledged music streaming platform. Google Play Music users have until December to transfer their data over to YouTube Music before the service closes for good.

YouTube Music added the ability to upload your own music to your library earlier this year, however casting any tracks, even ones you owned, was unavailable on the free tier.

You’ll see the cast icon in the upper right corner of the play screen. Attempting to cast non-uploaded YouTube Music will show the message “Only uploaded music can play on your speakers. Get Premium to play all of YouTube Music”

YouTube Music Casting

You can now search for a song on Spotify by lyrics

After Apple Music added the feature back in 2018, Spotify introduce lyric search to their apps, making finding that hard to remember track easier.

Announced by a Spotify engineer on Twitter, you can now search for songs on Spotify by their lyrics. The Tweet states the feature is now live on iOS and Android. I found it to work on the Mac and web apps too.

Simply type some lyrics into the search field. Search results that contain the lyrics input will states Lyrics match. The lyrics are presumably added by Spotify’s partners with lyric platforms such as Genius and Musixmatch. To get your song lyrics on Spotify and other music streaming services, make sure your lyric data is on all major platforms such as Genius and Musixmatch.

Spotify also recently launched a new weekly songs and album chart.

Spotify Weekly Music Charts announce the most streamed tracks and albums in the USA and globally each week

Spotify launch their Weekly Music Charts to help you discover the top streamed songs and albums in the US and around the world in a given week.

For some time now, Spotify’s Charts site has shown the top 200 tracks around the world daily. In a weekly feature starting today, the Spotify Charts Twitter page will publish the top 50 most streamed tracks and albums in the USA and globally, with market-specific versions coming soon.

  • The Weekly Top 50 will celebrate the biggest albums and tracks in the world each week, Friday through Thursday, consisting of a U.S. Weekly Album Chart, Global Weekly Album Chart, U.S. Weekly Song Chart, and Global Weekly Song Chart published every Monday.
  • The U.S. Top 10 Debuts and Global Top 10 Debuts lists capture the biggest new releases on Spotify Friday through Sunday. These lists incorporate data from the first 72 hours a song or album is live, giving an exciting early take on new music.

Today, in a series of Tweets, Spotify shared this week’s top 50 global songs and albums: