Spotify is Sending Mobile Music Free – Spotify Free Press Conference

If you missed the most recent Spotify press conference then here is the video. Spotify announced that they would be allowing users to listen to music on their mobile phones for Free. Enjoy.

Providing Meaningful Partners

A couple of days ago we wrote a quick article informing our artists that we will no longer be supporting through our platform. Artists can now sign up directly to the service and…

Digital Noise (CNet Music Site) Promotes our Services

Here at RouteNote we were lucky enough to get some great press over the weekend from Digital Noise. Digital Noise is a digital music news site from CNet (owners of, and more). CD…

RouteNote on the DailyBits Blog

We’ve been featured on the DailyBits blog – here’s what they said: Online Music Distribution Service The Internet has changed a large number of industries and market segments, and music distribution is no exception….

Tech News Source blog about RouteNote

RouteNote is an online music distribution site that gives music artists a way to promote their work online to a large worldwide audience in a matter of moments. This is a great service for music…

RouteNote listed on CrunchBase

We’ve been added (a little while ago) to Tech Crunch’s list of internet companies, take a looksee… Link:

Press and Publicity

Nick Bailey (Shore Fire Media) and Kandia Crazy Horse (Bluegum journalist) dropped a short intro before opening up to questions – top tips for artists starting out were to consider getting a booking agent before…