The Great Estate is one of Cornwall’s most vibrant, liveliest festivals (Review)

In the middle of Cornwall, once a year Scorrier House opens it’s gates up for an entire weekend. What entails is more than your average affair of big acts and campsite communities. The Great Estate Festival is a culmination of much more than just music and entertainment – it’s a smorgasbord of experiences that make for a truly spectacular weekend.
I started the month of June by escaping to the woods for a weekend of magical, musical mayhem and childlike wonder at The Great Estate Festival – and independent, 3-day festival. Let’s take a trip together through what lies in wait amongst the trees at Scorrier House, ready to encapsulate each visitor in the unique and vibrant world created by the The Great Estate.

Photography credits: Lewis Harrison Pinder

Gin Parties in Secret Gardens

great estate secret gin garden party cornwall cornish music festival
One of the variety of passageways leading you towards gin

It all began on Thursday evening. Hidden in the woods and away from the main festival site lay the Secret Gin Garden. It opened a night early for an exclusive access introduction to the weekend ahead with a delicious variety of Tarquin’s gin flowing through a picturesque garden – complete with deckchairs for lounging and DJ’s for dancing.

You enter through multiple CS Lewis-esque doorways that transport you from field to the cover of trees. Branches adorned with picture frames and flying books create the illusion that you had chased the rabbit to enter a fairy tale. Beautiful lights and mysterious stone walls led the path towards the life of the party.

The Secret Gin Garden Party wasn’t quite a riotous affair. The gin was delicious and the location was beautiful but the crowd were subdued – who can blame a group of adults on a Thursday evening though… It set the scene for the all-ages weekend however as children owned the dancefloor and more than made up for any energy the adults were lacking. Surprisingly, for a night centred around fine Gin, kids seemed to be in charge of the life here and it was a pleasure to see.

Doors Open; Festivities Begin

Racing to get to the crumpet van

The next day we awoke to the heat of a fully sun-swept sky, lighting up the gorgeous surroundings as the perfect introduction to the day and setting the scene for the weekend that lay before us. The doors opened and the full festival grounds were abuzz with life all around.

First up we returned to Secret Gin Garden stage, seemingly a new place in the daylight with the rows of deckchairs more appropriately fitting the scene under the roaring sun. RouteNote’s very own Jordan Jane opened the music for the day accompanied by two of his cohorts for a luscious series of melancholy yet pleasant songs.

Great Estate festival  playground kids childrens fairground ferris wheel cornish music cornwall festival
The ferris wheel partied on in to the night with the rest

Taking a new route through the trees and away from the entrance we finally emerged at the hub of life. The full festival grounds spread forth in grand scope yet had somehow remained hidden until we had crossed the wall of trees. It was an impressive walk out of the hidden treasures we had enjoyed so far into this far-reaching field of fairground, impressive stages, a slew of colourful and artisan stalls, and of course the ‘great estate’ of Scorrier House.

As you walk towards the stages you’re surrounded by happenings of all-sorts. To your left you’ll see The Sanctuary where vibes, relaxation, and education are the speciality – offering up a variety of yogas and mediation every day as well as dancing groups, foraging talks, empowerment workshops and more for an alternative and mindful experience.

Unmissable on entry is the fantastic Playground for children (and adults who haven’t forgotten how to have fun). Featuring fairground rides such as the horrifying Ghost Train, mostly horrifying at how deafeningly loud the screams were! A ferris wheel, chair swings, roundabout and more lined the landscape with colour and joyful faces.

A marquee housed all the ‘crafty monkeys’ for activities like face painting and creating dream catchers to inspire and entertain the young ones. Mount Hawke even brought along a skating hang out for those who can’t go a weekend without a bit of gnar.

To the right lay the Whispering Woods, a beautifully decorated section of woodland. Offering a quiet escape where you can enjoy poets, writers and performers surrounded by natural beauty. We saw local performers sing shanties of old and perform routines both dramatic and comedic.

great estate cornwall cornish festival whispering woods poetry
Poetry and performance lay hidden in wait amongst the woods

Everywhere you looked there were people playing music, parkour runners jumping from bars, funky little tents, buses full of Pimms, crafting and creating, arts of every variety proliferating out in their creativity and community.

It was almost overwhelming how teeming with life and goings on everywhere you look, each area with an entirely unique perspective and life to it.

This was all before even entering the main grounds where the stages give way to artists and performers cut from every cloth imagine-able.

Take It to the Stage

Some artists can’t be contained by a stage

The first major stage you’re presented with as the wild and wonderful Madame Wong’s: A unique blend of music and performance that became my favourite place to gravitate towards over the weekend for its alternative and incredible performances.

Madame Wong’s was home to the BBC Introducing stage early in the day, presenting audiences with the finest in local and up-and-coming talent. Later in the day it evolved into a different beast highlighted by burlesque dancing, fire-breathing, drag pirates and acrobatics.

By and far the highlight of all the acts for the weekend, in my opinion, were the absolutely incredible Elvana. That’s Elvis fronted Nirvana for the uninitiated (see the picture at the top of the page) . Regardless of whether you’re a fan of either Nirvana or the late king of rock ‘n’ roll it was an action-packed performance teeming with energy and excitement – truly unforgettable.

Yes there really were 30 Mexican wrestlers for the weekend

The Hokey Cokey Parlour see-sawed between truly unique performances of comedy and thirty, yes thirty, Mexican wrestlers going at it all for your pleasure. Then later in the evening it bounced between being the tent of swing or a place to groove out to DJs early into the morning.

The woodlands opened up late in the night to the Silent Disco. Offering up 3 channels of music it was an… interesting mix of tunes. No doubt though, it got people dancing and each night ended with a sea of colours as people danced in swathes to the music – each in their own little bubble of music.

The gigantic main stage became a home to many incredible acts of all kinds throughout the weekend with headliners James and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly topping off the first two nights. Closing on the Sunday, the legendary Craig Charles joined us all for 3 hours of his greatest funk and soul records. Plenty of Stevie Wonder was played – believe me. The whole festival seemed to come out of the woodwork to join Craig Charles’ DJ set for a mass of grooving and moving closing the curtains of a fabulous weekend in style.

Craig Charles brought the soul and even the funk

Something For Everyone

It was an incredible weekend that blew my already high expectations out of the water. The sheer scope and variety of entertainment, activities, even down to the beautiful decorations and aesthetic of the whole site were truly impressive and all culminated to create a magical experience.

My review barely even touches the edges of all that The Great Estate 2019 had on display. There were tattoos being inked, vintage trinkets abound, crumpets for days, outstanding projections onto manor houses, and so much more.

But I don’t want to give it all away, see for yourself all that is the wonder of The Great Estate festival when it returns – no doubt even bigger and bolder – next year!

The Great Estate’s celebration of everything art-y, party and fun comes to the woods this weekend

This weekend I’ll be heading to The Great Estate to experience a festival of arts, theatre, music, and culture all taking place on a… great estate!

Festival’s in Cornwall are always a special affair. There is so much wonderful countryside to play with that any event will be surrounded by neature that enables you to truly escape for a weekend to a capsule of entertainment.

Talulah Blue & Diva burlesque dancing entertainment great estate madame wong's house of wrong
Talulah Blue & Diva light up Madame Wong’s House of Wrong

The Great Estate seems like it will be no exception to this rule, in fact it looks set to be a shining example of what you can do with an expanse of natural beauty.

I’ll be joining the festivities on behalf of RouteNote to see what all the fuss is about – watching the grand estate house lit up with projections at night, entering Madame Wong’s House of Wrong for strange and exciting entertainment, exploring the woods for the secrets that lie beyond, and much more!

The Great Estate looks to not just be a music festival but to bring together a whole variety of life for a weekend that brings excitement in a whole manner of ways on and off the stage.

As mentioned earlier, the fantastical Madame Wong’s House of Wrong will be home to a different world of entertainment. Providing the alternative fix there will be sword swallowing, contortion, comedy, as well as burlesque from the magnificent Tallulah Blue. There will even be a Nirvana cover band fronted by Elvis Presley – truly strange and truly intriguing.

The great estate scorrier house festival music elvana nirvana elvis presley act cover tribute
Elvana defy all expectations of a Nirvana tribute band

A BBC Introducing Stage will showcase many of the wonderful acts coming out of Tuesday – some of the RouteNote team will be playing there even! On Friday Charlotte will join Mia Tuesday for their set, then on Saturday Katie and Lewis play in Hypophora to bring the noise to The Great Estate. On Sunday our very own Jordan Jane will bring his mellow sounds to the stage to calm it down before the final night begins.

The main stage will host headlining musical acts like James, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, and Craig Charles hosting his Funk and Soul show. The Hokey Cokey Parlour will bring the swing to the evenings whilst the Silent Disco in the woods puts the music on your head for a shameless bout of dancing.

Beyond the stages you will find vintage stalls full of colourful and amazingly patterned clothing, curious collectibles, retro camping kit and more. The playground has everything to keep the kids active and having fun all weekend with skate ramps, fairground rides, face painting, craft workshops and more activities for the whole famiy!

It promises to be a very fun and exciting weekend. I’ll be there taking footage, chatting to people, and seeing what the festival is all about so I can share it with all of you! Hopefully see you there?

Tickets are available from The Great Estate website now!

It’s almost time for the UK’s wildest festival to return: Boomtown 2019

Boomtown 2019 is approaching bringing one of the world’s most unique festival experiences back for it’s 11th year running – bigger, badder, and better.

Boomtown goes beyond any regular person’s expectation of a “festival”. It goes beyond a field full of music. It takes the temporary communities that make festivals so special for the short time they exist, places it down on the table, stretches it beyond measure with a rolling pin, smothers it in flavour and colour of every sort imaginable and creates a one-of-a-kind “city”.

It’s less than 3 months until the Winchester countryside is transformed to become a sprawling pseudo-metropolis. Boomtown’s aim isn’t just to erect a few big tents and plonk artists in front of listeners. Boomtown is special because it creates a new world teeming with life and wonder.

Everywhere you look there is something new to be found. It could be spontaneous theatrics happening before your eyes in one of Boomtown’s many individual districts. It might be that you enter an extravagantly decorated tent none-the-wiser to what’s inside and find a band you’ve never heard of playing like their lives depend on it. It could be the immense wave of incredible acts powering out from the main stages.

Boomtown splits itself into four distinct areas each with their own style, feel and atmosphere that sets them apart. There is Hilltop, Downtown, Temple Valley and Whistlers Green to explore – with 11 districts across the four areas there are endless stories to become a part of as you explore the festival.

This year promises to be the best ever with 11 years of history cementing Boomtown as it’s own place in time and space – a capsule that re-appears once a year for a week of magic and festivities that can’t be recreated elsewhere.

The festival will be headlined by some major acts like legendary ex-Fugee Ms. Lauryn Hill. The combined forces of Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine take to the stage as Prophets of Rage. A symbol of British life from the early days of garage, Mike Skinner will also headline as The Streets.

Beyond that there is an insane amount of artists playing throughout the week. Seriously, take a look at the poster below for the staggering amount of music that you can catch at this year’s Boomtown Fair. Oh, and that’s not even the full list!

Needless to say we’re excited and we hope to see you there!

Find out more and get your tickets here.

Sofar Sounds reveal plans for $25 million funding, good news for artists

Sofar Sounds have garnered criticism before over whether they treat the artists they recruit fairly, but with new funding those concerns should be quashed.

Yesterday we reported on Sofar Sounds new $25 million in funding that they announced this week. It’s an amazing new investment in an unique live music business that has spread around the world providing a gig experience that stands on its own.

But with so much money going into the business it felt necessary to also look at how much money the artists see in Sofar Sounds gigs. The value of a musicians work often comes into question when it shouldn’t. With Sofar sometimes paying musicians nothing for their first gigs, instead paying them in “exposure”. When artists are paid it’s always $100 for the gig.

Sofar Sounds have now discussed how they plan to use the $25 million they’ve gained in funding and it’s good news for artists. Sofar’s founder and former CEO, Rafe Offer told Billboard that they plan to make sure “that as we grow, we grow with grace, and that the events as they are today feel the same as they did when we started it.”

Sofar have taken on board the criticism from artists in recent years, some arguing that they don’t pay enough considering the scope and scale of Sofar’s business now. They are looking at new ways in which they can increase what they pay artists by diverging their efforts beyond their traditional; mystery venue, surprise 3-act gigs.

Sofar Sounds’ current CEO, Jim Lucchese says: “I am absolutely not happy that it’s the only way we make artists money right now. The purpose of this financing is to build out additional services where we can make artists more money. How can we make it easier for you to convert those [attendees] to fans? How can we help you better monetize them?”

They don’t want to simply continue the same model and give more money to the artists. Looking at a recent sponsored gig in collaboration with 21st Century Fox to promote Bohemian Rhapsody, Lucchese suggests they’d like to do more. The payment to artists for a sponsored gig bumps up massively to $1500 on average.

They also want to build upon the value outside of money alone. At the moment the majority of artist’s compensation for doing a Sofar session is considered to be the exposure from the unique audiences and the professional videos they record to upload to their massive online following.

The issue is that with their increased popularity in recent years the exposure becomes saturated amongst the many other artists they are working with on a regular basis. They hope to enhance the platform that they are able to put artists on to prioritise building a fan-base as well as straight up payment.

Lucchese adds: “I want being a Sofar artist to unlock other services for you. We’re starting around building that digital front door for artists and making the touring side of things more efficient and easier.”

Whilst they’re definitely acknowledging artists concerns, they seem to be prioritising the value of their exposure rather than increasing monetary value for artists. Offer adds to Lucchese’s statements: “With helping more artists and helping them become sustainable, there’s a lot to still be done.”

The Great Estate’s gorgeous, garden fete returns to the Cornish countryside

Every year a hideaway in the beautiful Cornish country pops up for a weekend of festivities, music, theatre, and arts for a truly unique escape.

The Great Estate isn’t your average music festival. It’s a celebration of art, entertainment, spectacles and community. The festival takes place deep in Cornwall at the Scorrier House estate, which itself becomes a projected centrepiece of the festival.

Great Estate line up cornwall festival bands music entertainment tickets madame wong house of wrong

Everywhere you look there is a new adventure to be explored. A colourful fairground in one direction, ‘The Whispering Woods’ in another. There’s a circus full of lively entertainment and Madame Wong’s House of Wrong takes the weird and amazing to another level.

Great Estate isn’t just a music festival you see, it’s a festival of life and the arts. It’s about bringing together people of all ages to lose themselves in a magical, strange, colourful and beautiful place for a weekend of pure fun.

That’s not to underestimate the awesome range of musical acts playing at this years Great Estate. The BBC Introducing stage will host some of Cornwall’s very finest selection of local bands including RouteNote’s very own Katie and Lewis in the genre-bending Hypophora as well as shanty-singer and folk-lover Jordan Jane.

The festival’s main ‘Stage on the Green’ is where the bigger acts will be shaping the sounds of the weekend spreading through the grounds. Up-and-comer ‘Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’ will set the stage for the weekend playing Friday. Then on Saturday amongst many other brilliant acts, 80’s relics ‘James’ are back to take the stage by storm with classics and new songs alike.

Great Estate line up cornwall festival bands music entertainment tickets madame wong house of wrong

To close the weekend on the Sunday the sounds get even bigger featuring big beats from big bands – did I mention it’s going to be big! It will be wholly brassy with Backbeat Soundsystem, London Astrobeat Orchestra, and Brass Against all building the evening up into one big booming crescendo before the one-and-only Craig Charles takes to the stage for his unique blend of funk and soul DJing to top of an ultimate weekend.

It’s going to be a wonderful time, and you can still get involved as tickets are still available for the whole weekend or any of the days. Find out more and get your tickets here.

See you there?

Great Estate line up cornwall festival bands music entertainment tickets

RouteNote Sessions & 4 brilliant acts made for a very special evening of independent music at The Great Escape festival

Last week RouteNote Sessions were invited to The Great Escape in Brighton to join four acts from the Sessions to play a showcase of the amazing music coming out of Cornwall.

On Thursday the 9th May, me and Ed Pipkin (RouteNote Sessions leader and founder) took the long drive from Cornwall to Brighton – RouteNote Sessions sign in tow in the back-seat carved and glued together by Ed just that morning. That night was to be a very special evening, a showcase of some of the very finest in new music from Cornwall at the diverse and exciting Great Escape festival.

Thanks to Cultivator Cornwall, who arranged the venue and getting the bands and RouteNote Sessions together, we were able to take the beach-side ‘Hub’ over for the night. With an entrance that opens directly out onto Brighton’s picturesque coastline the mood was set for a magical evening to lead into The Great Escape’s big weekend.

All four acts were instrumental in the early days of RouteNote Sessions. The first 2 acts to play were the first 2 Sessions we ever released so the night felt like a culmination of our work so far with the bonus of being able to catch up with some of the wonderful acts we’ve recorded with a beautiful sea view as the back drop.

The fantastic Rue kicked the evening off with a stripped down set, powering through her songs with pure musical swing even without her backing band behind her. Rue’s voice is one of pure silken gold that anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing her play will know is irresistible, head-bopping material.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it before, check out her brilliant RouteNote Session – it was our first ever!

Next up was FARE, coincidentally the second live session we ever recorded. FARE has an incredibly unique talent of transporting you to a transcendental place through stunning live-looping. FARE warmed herself up with the majesty of her own music to take place on the stage again as part of the very different sound of Milo Gore.

FARE’s session is a personal favourite at RouteNote with an incredible cover of Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place:

Following a mellow introduction to the evening, featuring 2 of the most beautifully gentle musicians we’ve had the pleasure of working with, the night was about to get a bit more energetic.

Christina (FARE) rejoined the stage with the band of Milo Gore in tow to play a raucous set of sad songs played loudly. With as many as 3 guitars playing at a time Milo Gore tore through his set as the band built the crowd into motion.

Finally the fantastic L I P S took to the stage to present their signature dream-pop sound to the city of Brighton and it’s Great Escape visitors. As usual L I P S filled the room with dreamy guitar sounds and a force that leaves you powerless to move to the grooves.

L I P S have been making waves across the country, presenting an amazing example of the Cornish music scene exporting nationally to radio stations and venues across the UK. It’s a pleasure working with a unique band that prove the power of music, even in the far reaches of Cornwall.

Finally to close off an evening of the burgeoning music scene in the South-West it was RouteNote’s time to shine. We took to the stage and projected some of our favourite sessions to introduce the pride of our project to a new audience.

It was a brilliant night that introduced us to the wonderful sounds of Brighton and vice-versa – we got the opportunity to present ourselves to The Great Escape festival.

The Great Escape lit up Brighton for a weekend of amazing music diversity

In the heart of Brighton city The Great Escape fills the seaside town with music everywhere you look for a weekend of amazing music and beautiful views.

Last week RouteNote Sessions took to Brighton to introduce some of the great Cornish acts we work with at The Great Escape festival. After a brilliant night of music in collaboration with Cultivator on Thursday, me and RouteNote Sessions’ leader Ed explored the city to watch some of the incredible range of music spilling out of the seaside city for the weekend.

When The Great Escape festival lands in Brighton it spreads its reach all over the city taking roots everywhere from small bars to major venues. Every street you walk down around the centre of the city will result in a brightly coloured beacon drawing you towards the music in the shape of The Great Escape logo stickered everywhere.

Exploring the beach you will find hole-in-the-walls that are filled with hidden life and up-and-coming music. One of these hole-in-the-wall venues was the location for RouteNote Sessions’ showcase and the Cornish acts that joined us. It was a beautiful stage that shot directly like a portal from the stage at the back to the view of the sea directly opposite, soaking you into the coast even from beyond the doorway.

The sea staged a perfect backdrop for the evening of music featuring Rue, FARE, Milo Gore, and L I P S. All Cornish artists who were incremental in the early days of RouteNote Sessions with their fantastic live performances for us.

Continue down the shore at night and you’ll find a natural draw to the famous Brighton Pier with dazzling lights shimmering up and down, reeling you further out to sea. On the end of the pier the DIY stage provides the sound whilst the city lights up, stretching out beyond the sand in a myriad of illumination.

Psychadelic Porn Crumpets at the Aussie BBQ on the beach

Whilst the city is alive with light and sound at night, The Great Escape is just as vibrant throughout the day. We followed a zip-line from the pier to the Great Aussie BBQ where the culminated stages had sand shaking as amazing acts from the other side of the planet took to the stage. From boot-stomping throwbacks of classic heavy rock like Stonefield to the psych-rock head-bangings of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, the Australian showcase was a major highlight.

Head back into the city and you will wind down diagonal alleyways adorned with unique shops and cafes. You’ll find yourself outside of a variety of venues and stages where everything from the brain-stomping, industrial sound of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tear the roof off the playable-guitar laden Fender stage to conference talks and discussions for artists and industry experts to immerse themselves in valuable tips and chat shop about music.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tearing the Fender stage apart

As a man mostly accustomed to the sense of a collective whole at field festivals with everything within a stones throw; A city festival was a new experience for me. The Great Escape brings loads of brilliant acts to spread across the city, and it’s the city of Brighton that truly cherries this cake of a festival. With the gorgeous coast, the beautiful streets, and glowing night lights the city provides an excellent culmination of music becomes an exhilarating experience.

We’ll have more videos and fun stuff about our time at The Great Escape coming 
soon so keep your eyes peeled!

RouteNote Sessions comes to the Great Escape festival

We’re taking RouteNote Sessions to Brighton joined by some of the incredible Cornish acts that helped kick the sessions off in the early days.

In the seaside city of Brighton, once a year the Great Escape invades the city to fill venues with music and spread the word about the rising scenes and bands that make UK music so diverse and special.

We are proud to be bringing some of the greatest sessions to the festival with The Alternative Escape stage on Thursday evening. We’ll be joined by some of the favourite acts to have joined us in the Parlour studio:

Rue – 20:00

Rue will set the stage with her amazing magnetism that comes from her ability to blend classic soul with pure funky vibes into a beautiful whole that is sure to leave the audience’s mouths agape.

FARE – 20:45

FARE proves that you don’t need more than a microphone and a guitar to blow people away. Her beautiful set will be the second of the Cultivator showcase on Thursday.

Milo Gore – 21:35

Milo Gore will beef things up a notch, getting the crowd riled up with their unique punky brand of indie rock and leading in for the final band of the night.

L I P S – 22:40

L I P S have been taking the country by storm with radio play, gigs up and down the UK and making a noise wherever possible. This Thursday they will be closing off The Alternative Escape stage with a gig that you definitely won’t want to miss!

RouteNote Sessions Takeover – 23:30

We’ll be closing the night with a series of our very favourite RouteNote Sessions to give Brighton a taste of the incredible acts who have joined us for sessions in the past 8 months.

We want people to really experience some of the amazing music from Cornwall and further which we have had the pleasure of recording to take the Sessions across the country and get even more people watching and talking about the artists and sessions that we’re so proud of.

The main man behind the RouteNote Sessions, Ed, will be there to talk to artists and fans about what we’re doing down here and how they can get involved. 
I (Jacca) will also be there to record some lovely faces and talk to the bands. If you want to have a chat or to be featured in our Great Escape video come along and say hi!

RouteNote Sessions great escape festival showcase live music cultivator

Gaana are taking their Indian music expertise to the US with their 2nd festival

Gaana have a big impact in their home country India, and they’re taking their success to the US with a music festival.

Gaana is one of the local music streaming services in India’s booming digital music landscape as new platforms take the country by storm and replace traditional listening formats. With over 80 million active users the service has solidified itself as a leader in the region and is likely not threatened by Spotify’s launch in India in the past week.

As the West’s favourite music streaming service carves its path in India, Gaana are looking to take their talents to the US. The Indian streamer has announced it’s second Gaana Music Festival Stateside, a music festival taking place over 2 days in two separate locations in New Jersey and California.

The festival marks the biggest celebration of Indian artists and talents and has even been dubbed the ‘Coachella of Indian music’. This year they are promising even more music from India’s colourful music scene including performances from veterans Hariharan and Alka Yagnik. In addition there will be a slew of stand-up gigs from popular Indian comedians Rohan Joshi, Kanan Gill, and Anshu Mor.

The festival will take place on the 8th and the 9th of June in Holmdel, New Jersey and Mountain View, California on each day respectively.

Ticketmaster purchase Australia’s Moshtix

Ticketmaster have expanded their grip on ticket sales around the world with the purchase of one of Australia’s biggest ticketers.

Australian ticketing firm Moshtix is now owned by Live Nation and their subsidiary, ticketing giants Ticketmaster. The Australian company will continue to operate it’s own business run by Managing Director Harley Evans.

Moshtix formed in 2003 and works with operators and venues across Australia like Groovin’ The Moo, Oxford Art Factory, Supanova, and the Australian Turf Club. Director Harley Evans says: “Ticketmaster is undoubtedly the world leader in ticketing and is the ideal partner for us to take Moshtix to the next level.

“We are confident that together we can deliver an incredible combination of industry-leading ticketing technology and locally tailored services and marketing that will better serve the independent and general admission market.”

Maria O’Connor, managing director of Ticketmaster Australia and New Zealand, added: “Moshtix has a rich 15-year history and during this time have developed a reputation for being extremely hard-working and passionate about what they do.

“Their mission to ‘make life easy’ by delivering a seamless connection between partner, fan and the artist is shared