Amazon Music are putting on exclusive live music gigs for Prime members

Amazon are kicking off a bunch of live gigs across London starting with Blondie as a new exclusive benefit for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon are launching a bunch of intimate gigs with massive artists as a bonus benefit for members of their Prime service. Prime Live Events are debuting in London, UK where Amazon have begun rolling out a bunch of tickets for sale to their Prime users.

Amazon’s Prime Live Events will host their first gig on May 23rd when classic rock band Blondie will play at the Round Chapel. The tickets certainly aren’t cheap, at £150 a pop, but the value is made up by it’s exclusivity and intimate 750-person capacity stage.

In a questionable move, Amazon are only allowing one ticket purchase per Amazon Prime member, so if you wanted to treat your partner, family, friend or just wanted someone to go with… unlucky. Whilst not allowing multiple ticket sales is logical in this age of ticket scalping, especially for such an exclusive event, it seems unfair to limit it to just 1 rather than maybe a 2 ticket maximum.

For those who feel like they might lose out from the gigs’ rarity fear not, as Amazon will record each Prime Live Event for distribution on Amazon Prime Video. So anyone around the world with access to Amazon Prime Video can still catch these live and personal gigs with top artists.

Geraldine Wilson, general manager of Amazon Tickets, said: “We want to offer Prime members the best live entertainment experience they’ve ever had by giving them the chance to see their favourite artists perform up close and personal in iconic and intimate venues. We’re delighted to reveal our first line up of fantastic artists performing Prime Live Events in stunning venues to audiences of less than 800, and Prime members in the UK and internationally will have the chance to watch the performance on Prime Video.”

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie with her own successful solo career under her belt, will perform alongside her reformed band celebrating the release of their new album Pollinator. The performance will mark 40 years since the band played their first ever performance in the UK, at Bournemouth Village Bowl in 1977. Debbie Harry said: “We are excited to be performing at the first Prime Live Event marking 40 years since our first gig in the UK. The Round Chapel is an intimately warm and beautiful room allowing our fans to get up close and personal.”

Future Prime Live Events will feature Alison Moyet, Texas, and Katie Melua. Tickets go on sale on Thursday at 9:00 AM exclusively for Amazon Prime members from here:

In addition to Prime Live Events, Prime members now also have exclusive access to Amazon Tickets pre-sales to music, theatre and touring shows across the UK, enabling them to purchase tickets at least 24 hours before they go on sale to the general public. Furthermore, Prime members have access to premium seating options which include the exclusive Amazon lounges at The O2 and the SSE arena, Wembley in London. Lounge package tickets allow Prime members to skip the line, arrive early and enjoy food and drink in premium surroundings before taking their seats which have great views of the stage.

Is Robert Plant teasing a Led Zeppelin re-union? We hope so!

The most sought after re-union in all of rock and roll could happen as the 3 surviving members of Led Zeppelin may be getting back together to rock once again.

Robert Plant, singer of one of rock’s biggest and greatest bands ever – Led Zeppelin, has been teasing the world on social media with a cryptic statement. 10 years since their only gig for almost 40 years and fans are going wild at the possibility of one more chance to see the legends of rock and roll in action once more.

The teasing suspicion comes from Robert Plant’s website, which is currently blank except for the words: “Any time now…”. Whilst this could easily be a tease for an upcoming album from Plant alone or something else entirely, Zeppelin fans refuse to give up hope and are fuelled by one website which claims to have inside information on what the message means.

Robert Plant teaser Led Zeppelin festival reunion live concert gig

Someone named Raul from ‘feelnumb‘ told that his “well placed sources in the industry” told him that Led Zeppelin will reform to play Desert Trip this year. He says: “Rumor has it they turned down a reported $14 million dollar pay-day to play at last years festival and that this year there are ‘millions & millions’ of more reasons why they should do it.”

In addition the classic rock band are fast approaching their 50 year anniversary, which is apparently what has persuaded Plant to do it. Guitarist Jimmy page says that whilst he’s been keen for a reunion, Plant is the one to turn it down, saying: “Robert would rather play Led Zeppelin with his own band, not with his old band members.”

If it’s true the act would make an outstanding follow-up to last year’s impressive roster at Desert Trip, which included Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and more classic artists. Whilst Raul may not seem the most convincing source, he claims to have revealed the Guns N’ Roses reunion line-up weeks in advance of anyone else – so fingers crossed we get to see Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham Jr ride again!

Live Nation are offering hundreds of concert tickets for just $20

Live Nation, one of the biggest live music ticketing sites in the world, have a special offer rolling until May 9th where you can purchase tickets from hundreds of shows for just $20.

$20 for a ticket to see one of your favourite bands? Who could say no. Live Nation’s massive deal is going up until the 9th of May and features a MASSIVE list of venues and artists.

Check them all out below:

You’ll have to be quick as these discount tickets will likely sell like hotcakes. Get yours here:

Live Nation just bought the majority stake in Isle of Wight Festival

Massive live entertainment company Live Nation have just bought a majority stake in the iconic Isle of Wight Festival.

Live Nation will work with Isle of Wight festival’s leaders John Giddings and Solo Music Agency in continuing the 45 year legacy of the Isle of Wight festival. The festival has been compared to Woodstock and is widely credited as the UK’s first major music festival having hosted Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Sex Pistols and many more legendary acts old and new.

The Isle of Wight Festival’s founder, John Giddings said: “After 15 hugely successful and glorious years, we have been looking at how we can elevate and take the Isle of Wight Festival to the next level. This partnership with Live Nation will give us the ability to access the company’s scale and talent pool, bringing more acts and a better experience to the UK.”

Live Nation UK’s Chairman, Denis Desmond added: “John Giddings and the Solo team have developed the Isle of Wight Festival to be one of the most iconic festival brands in the world and it’s fantastic to be able to add it to our growing and diverse portfolio of festivals.”

With the Isle of Wight festival added to Live Nation’s global roster of live music and entertainment they now have a portfolio include over 86 events around the world. Live Nation already have stakes in Download, Lollapalooza, Reading & Leeds, Bonnaroo and many more, and now they have another internationally renowned  festival bringing 100 acts to eight stages on the Isle of Wight this summer. Roughly 42,000 people are expected to go and see acts like David Guetta, Run DMC, Arcade Fire and Rod Stewart.

SXSW acts are cancelling after being banned from entering the US

Trump’s restricted immigration ban is still causing friction across the US as now one of the world’s biggest festivals, SXSW, is losing some of it’s foreign acts.

One of the latest acts to be denied entry into the US is United Vibrations, a band made up of brothers Ahmed, Yussef and Kareem Dayes. NPR announced that the 3 had been denied entry at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection because their Visa Waiver Program was revoked.

In a group statement, United Vibrations said: “We are sad to announce we will NOT be performing at SXSW in Texas because our ESTA’s have been revoked under the new Executive order. We were looking forward to connecting with our brothers and sisters stateside to share our music. Why weren’t we let in? Our names? The music? The color of our skin?”

Another act of Yussef Dayes, Yussef Kamaal, have been affected by the ban which Yussef believes is due to discrimination of “religion and race”. Other artists affected by the ban include post-hardcore band Massive Scar Era who wrote a statement about the experience on Facebook, reading:

After providing all necessary paper that proves that we are performing at SXSW under B1 visa, after showing officer the SXSW official waver that proved we don’t need p2 visa to perform in SXSW! Even after calling the festival infront of the officer!!!! USA denied us Massive Scar Era to enter !!!!!!

My passport (Egyptian) couldve been the issue. Our bassist is first nation! He is allowed to get in and work in USA whenever he wants to, the officer told him that his official first nation card ( releases by the canadian government) doesn’t prove he is first nation and he needs to get DNA test (lol) he told him that he did this already to get the card in the first place!


So far at least 7 artists have been denied entry to the US, resulting in the cancellation of their spot at SXSW. The massive American music festival has become renowned for it’s massive setlist including artists from all across the globe and promoting undiscovered talent across their stages. Unfortunately this year that sense of global unity has been tarnished by new president Donald Trump’s executive order.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Billboard: “If an individual is a member of an internationally recognised entertainment group, they must apply for and be granted a P-1 visa.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We will have to wait and see whether more artists are affected and how this impacts the SXSW festival as it continues over the next few days.