Jukely’s Concert Subscriptions Arrives On Android

Jukely, a subscription service with unlimited access to live concerts in your city, has come to Android with an app.

Jukely is a service that users pay $25 a month for and can then book places at as many gigs as they want of the selected roster, updated every day. With hundreds of live shows to choose from users can select one show per day with a basic subscription. Alternatively for $45 a month you can add +1’s on your show bookings.

Since it’s launch in 2012 Jukely has raised over $12 million in funding and have established themselves in most major cities in the U.S. as well as expanding internationally last year to London. Though Jukely founder and CEO Bora Celik wouldn’t specify user numbers he stated that they could soon fill Madison Square Garden in New York (18,200 capacity) and that they are breaking records.

Now with the new Jukely Android application accompanying their website and iOS app it’s easier than ever to access the app and open up live music opportunities all month, every month. On the new app, Celik said: “We’ve always been aware of the large chunk of Jukely users using Android devices and we’re excited to finally give them a new tool for using Jukely. We really wanted to optimise and streamline the user experience on their mobile device, and introduce the Jukely experience to a whole new group of potential power users.”

The Android variant doesn’t feature everything from the iOS app, it’s most notable omission is Foursquare integration that guides users to nightlife, entertainment, bars and restaurants nearby to their shows. The Android version also doesn’t feature Spotify integration that allows you to open artists in the Spotify app to listen to. What it does do however is integrate Spotify directly into the app so you don’t even need to open a new application to listen to music.

Jukely have created a unique and much-needed business where users have a one-stop-shop for live music in their city where they can freely choose to attend whichever they want. Especially unique to the company is the idea of a subscription service that provides a buffet-like experience for gigs, something that is clearly connecting well with it’s users.

You can sign up to Jukely now from their website or using their iOS and Android apps.

You Can Now Buy Concert Tickets Directly on Facebook

Facebook are starting to sell concert tickets, directly through it’s event pages.

Facebook have recently been introducing the ability to buy certain products without leaving the social media site and now you will be able to buy concert tickets too. Facebook are bringing a ‘Buy Tickets’ button to it’s event pages.

At the moment the tickets won’t electronic or paper tickets and once purchased will be ready for pickup at Will Call windows. A Facebook spokeswoman said in an email to BuzzFeed News that they are “partnering with a small group of independent venues, artists and event promoters in the San Francisco Bay Area for the pilot.” She went on to say that the Facebook’s events pages are used by millions of people to find out about local events.

Although Facebook will provide and sell the tickets all of the backend for purchases will go through third parties to complete the transaction and provide the tickets. When you buy a ticket you’ll receive a confirmation email from Facebook themselves.

The most important element of Facebook’s event tickets will be that they won’t take a cut of the price, so when you buy a ticket through them you will pay the flat, retail price of the ticket. So the convenience of purchasing a concert ticket through Facebook seemingly holds no catches, providing great potential for users and Facebook alike to expand their business.

This may all be fresh news to many but in an interview with BuzzFeed News in September Facebook’s Product Manager, Aditya Koolwal said that selling concert tickets directly through Facebook was something they had been considering. He said: “That’s definitely a very interesting thing that we’re waiting for the right time for.”

It seems that December 2015 was the right time they were looking for.

Spotify Add ‘Concerts’ Tuned to Your Music Tastes

Photography Credit: Paul Sawers – VentureBeat

Today Spotify announced a new feature which will suggest concerts near to you based on your Spotify listening history.

Spotify have revealed their new ‘Concerts’ feature which will tell you when your favourite artists announce new concerts near you so that you can easily keep track of all the gigs you’re interested in, within the music streaming platform. This new feature isn’t just for listeners though as it also makes it easier for artists to put the word out, directly to fans about upcoming shows.

Using information from Songkick Spotify will gather it’s data on the music you listen to and, much like it’s Discover Weekly feature will show you a selection of concerts picked specifically for you. The best part is that it will regularly update it’s recommendations as your listening history involves and you play more artists.

One of the features that really enhances the new Concerts features is that Spotify will also update it’s results based on where you are, so if you’ve travelled to another city you can see all the gigs that Spotify think you would be interested in, in that area.

Spotify have been partnered with Songkick for a while already. Originally Songkick would gather your listening data from Spotify and present recommendations but you still had to use Songkick externally. Now it is all embedded within Spotify for a seamless, one-stop music service.

You can find Concerts in the Browse section of Spotify. It will default to your current location but you can also manually change the search-area to wherever you want. Concerts will be rolled out to iOS and Android today.

Spotify Partner With ‘Amsterdam Dance Event’ Festival

Spotify have partnered with EDM festival ‘Amsterdam Dance Event’ (ADE) to bring a new service for the festival’s visitors.

The new service and app takes Spotify users’ listening history and uses it to direct festival-goers around the Amsterdam Dance Event. The analytics will provide users with information about where their favourite artists are playing at ADE and gives more suggestions based on that data.


The apps main features are:

  • Programmes for the entire Festival, Playground and Conference.
  • A guide to all the Festival, Playground and Conference locations.
  • A profile for every artist and speaker in the ADE line-up
  • News updates, exclusive access to social media functions and access to special ADE playlists, including Celebrate Safe playlists.
  • A ‘discover’ function to explore the extensive ADE playlist.
  • A ‘recommend’ function that helps users discover new artists during ADE.


The Amsterdam Dance Event is a five day festival  and conference that features 450 events and 2,200 artists in 155 clubs and venues. Over 350,000 people attend the shows between the 14th-18th of October, from all around the world, making Amsterdam one of the biggest EDM hubs in the world.

ADE’s director, Richard Zijlma, spoke about the partnership, saying: “We are excited to collaborate with Spotify and to provide our audience a way to discover new talent and new music as well to provide the performing talents with an improved global platform.”

Spotify’s marketing director for Europe, Nikki Lambert, said: “Every year thousands of passionate music fans descend on ADE to enjoy music from hundreds of artists across the EDM world.

“Spotify can now help those music fans to navigate the huge range of experiences on offer and to find both new and established artists that either they love now, or will discover this year through Spotify and ADE.”

Spotify have created an ADE 2015 playlist that is updated daily, featuring artists such as The Chain Smokers, DJ Snake, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Joris Voorn, Seven Lions, Thomas Gold and many more.

The new Spotify-integrated ADE app is available for iOS and Android. You can also view most of the features on the Amsterdam Dance Event website: www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/

SFX Entertainment Consider Fire Sale of Assets Including Beatport

Industry News

SFX Entertainment, an EDM promoter focussing on live events, is looking into a fire sale of its assets after one of it’s events, The TomorrowWorld festival, was left in disarray after torrential weather left many stranded at the the festival. The day after on Monday SFX shares fell 7.5 percent after the Atlanta festival was left issuing refunds and lost concessions.

CEO and founder of SFX, Robert Sillerman, founded the company in 2011 and spent the next two years on acquisitions to cement his company in the world of EDM, reportedly spending over $1 billion.

Here are just some of the assets in SFX’s name that could be up for sale:

  • Beatport – EDM download and streaming site
  • Totem OneLove Group Pty Ltd. – Australian electronic music festival producer
  • ID&T – Amsterdam based dance music festival producer running Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld
  • Flavorus – Ticketing company
  • React Presents – EDM events organiser
  • Monumental Productions BV – Producer of ‘Awakenings’ events
  • 50% stake in Alda Holding BV – EDM event producer

This news all comes just a month after SFX were reported to have secured $90 million in new funding when Richard Rosenstein, CFO at SFX, said: “With the success of many of our festivals in the current quarter and this added financial flexibility, SFX is better positioned to continue growing our powerful brands and support our extraordinary team members who are focussed on executing on our strategic plans.”

The deadline for SFX’s special committee and advisors to accept proposals and assets for the company is tomorrow.