Gaana are taking their Indian music expertise to the US with their 2nd festival

Gaana have a big impact in their home country India, and they’re taking their success to the US with a music festival.

Gaana is one of the local music streaming services in India’s booming digital music landscape as new platforms take the country by storm and replace traditional listening formats. With over 80 million active users the service has solidified itself as a leader in the region and is likely not threatened by Spotify’s launch in India in the past week.

As the West’s favourite music streaming service carves its path in India, Gaana are looking to take their talents to the US. The Indian streamer has announced it’s second Gaana Music Festival Stateside, a music festival taking place over 2 days in two separate locations in New Jersey and California.

The festival marks the biggest celebration of Indian artists and talents and has even been dubbed the ‘Coachella of Indian music’. This year they are promising even more music from India’s colourful music scene including performances from veterans Hariharan and Alka Yagnik. In addition there will be a slew of stand-up gigs from popular Indian comedians Rohan Joshi, Kanan Gill, and Anshu Mor.

The festival will take place on the 8th and the 9th of June in Holmdel, New Jersey and Mountain View, California on each day respectively.

Ticketmaster purchase Australia’s Moshtix

Ticketmaster have expanded their grip on ticket sales around the world with the purchase of one of Australia’s biggest ticketers.

Australian ticketing firm Moshtix is now owned by Live Nation and their subsidiary, ticketing giants Ticketmaster. The Australian company will continue to operate it’s own business run by Managing Director Harley Evans.

Moshtix formed in 2003 and works with operators and venues across Australia like Groovin’ The Moo, Oxford Art Factory, Supanova, and the Australian Turf Club. Director Harley Evans says: “Ticketmaster is undoubtedly the world leader in ticketing and is the ideal partner for us to take Moshtix to the next level.

“We are confident that together we can deliver an incredible combination of industry-leading ticketing technology and locally tailored services and marketing that will better serve the independent and general admission market.”

Maria O’Connor, managing director of Ticketmaster Australia and New Zealand, added: “Moshtix has a rich 15-year history and during this time have developed a reputation for being extremely hard-working and passionate about what they do.

“Their mission to ‘make life easy’ by delivering a seamless connection between partner, fan and the artist is shared

Boomtown Chapter 11: The UK’s festival city returns with their most eclectic lineup yet

For one week every year a whole city pops up in the middle of the UK with music everywhere you look. A playground of 14 districts each with their own unique life and story. Every visitor becomes a character in the wild, musical, theatrical, experience that is Boomtown.

Boomtown is back for it’s 11th year, bringing magic and life to the Winchester countryside this August. The festival has become notorious throughout the country for the atmosphere it creates by bringing together so many different people and genres in a pop-up city where anything can happen.

The festival has grown in 11 years from a capacity of 1,000 to 66,000. Every year they expand getting bigger whilst maintaining the culture/community vibe that made it special. The festival is defined by it’s districts, each one of which Boomtown describe as their own “mini festival” with a main stage, smaller venues and interactive experiences that culminate to create what makes Boomtown such a unique festival.

Headliners this year include the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill of Fugees fame, the supergroup Prophets of Rage, Mike Skinner’s iconic UK hip-hop entity The Streets. There are electronic music masters from all sides of the spectrum, from house veterans Groove Armada to drum and bass legends Chase and Status.

There are many more massive acts coming to Boomtown this year and each district will be filled with smaller acts playing in the plethora of individual and distinctive smaller venues in each of it’s independent district.

Regarding 2019, Boomtown have said: “It’s by far the most eclectic and diverse lineup we’ve ever had and we’re insanely excited about having so many completely different artists, who are at the top of the genre they represent, all together on the same bill. It feels like a true privilege to be able to introduce everyone to a huge amount of totally different music from all over the world and the entire spectrum of musical tastes.

The festival organisers are also taking it upon themselves to prioritise the environmental impact of the festival. They are optimising their fuel consumption for powering the festival, boosting their public travel schemes, eradicating single use plastics and more. Find out more about there Environmental Mission.

You need to see Boomtown with your own eyes to understand how incredible the the scope and experience is. Find out more about the acts and the festival itself here:

YouTube brings Coachella to the whole world again this year

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the world but there’s still thousands of people left wishing they could go every year – So YouTube are bringing it to everyone.

YouTube have confirmed that they are the exclusive live-streaming partner for one of America’s biggest popular music festivals; Coachella. The giant festival is renowned around the world for it’s giant scope and eclectic line-ups of the biggest artists all around the world as well as loads of underground favourites.

This is the ninth year in a row that YouTube have exclusively streamed the world-famous festival to people around the world who couldn’t make it and want to watch some of the phenomenal performances there. This year their partnership gets even deeper as YouTube are the exclusive partner for playlists and live-streaming of both weekends, whereas before they only streamed the first weekend.

In 2016 YouTube made it possible to really put yourself there in the festival by making the majority of their performance videos virtual reality compatible. You can look around like you’re really there, and if you have Google Cardboard or a similar setup for 360° degree videos then you can put yourself in the crowd as if you’ve really flown all the way to California for it.

This year YouTube are also upping the ante with special offers on tickets to actually go to the festival. They announced: “Additionally, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers in the US will have exclusive access to a dedicated allocation of passes for purchase for each weekend. YouTube members will receive access codes via email on January 4 that provide the opportunity to purchase passes from a dedicated YouTube Music member cart, available while supplies last.”

So whether you’re a YouTube subscriber looking for a special pass, or you’re just going to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home; YouTube have you covered for experiencing one of the biggest music festivals of the year.

Here’s the ridiculously packed line-up for 2019:

2019 coachella line up music festival lineup

Go from screen to stage with gig tickets on YouTube

Watching music videos on YouTube can often result in wishing you were seeing them live right now, and with Eventbrite on YouTube you can secure a gig right under the video.

YouTube have teamed up with Eventbrite to make buying concert tickets simple when an artist is on your mind. YouTube has become a hub for music with over 1 billion fans every month coming to YouTube to listen to music. With concert tickets now for sale under artist’s videos it’s easier than ever to see your favourite artists go from the screen to the stage.

Now when you’re watching a video from YouTube’s Official Artist Channels (launched this year), any gig tickets listed on Eventbrite for that artist will be advertised below the video. All it takes is a simple click on the ‘Tickets’ button and you’ll be able to purchase them straight away from Eventbrite. The partnership is only active in the US so only viewers in the US and gigs there will be advertised and available.

YouTube said in their statement: “Live events continue to be a major source of revenue for artists, so we want to help artists keep fans updated on their upcoming shows and sell more tickets to live performances. YouTube’s global audience also lets artists find new fans with 26% of Millenials (44% of teens) claiming they discover live music events on YouTube, according to Nielsen.”

According to YouTube themselves, they now cover over 70% of the ticketing market in North America and they have pledged to continue adding artists and venues “of all sizes” as they begin to expand globally. Presumably this means that they will be integrating concert tickets into artist videos further around the world as well as just in the US.

YouTube ended their announcement, saying: “We’re excited to further the power of video discovery on YouTube to bring artists and fans together and continue supporting those connections through live shows.”

Ticketmaster are secretly scalping their own tickets

Notoriously dodgy ticket sellers Ticketmaster have just been unearthed with their own ticket scalping racket ripping of concert-goers.

An undercover investigation undertaken by CBC News and the Toronto Star has discovered some shady practices going on at Ticketmaster. The ticket selling site has often come under fire for it’s unreasonably large extra charges on ticket sales but the real enemy has always been ticket scalpers. It turns out that Ticketmaster are scalping and touting their own tickets, the investigation has revealed.

Both publications reportedly sent two reporters undercover to Ticket Summit 2018, a convention of ticketing and live entertainment taking place in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The journalists were apparently pitched a professional ticket reselling program by company representatives from Ticketmaster. The reps said that their resale division “turns a blind eye to scalpers who use ticket-buying bots and fake identities to snatch up tickets and then resell them on the site for inflated prices”.

The resale tickets have extra fees which Ticketmaster profits from, it’s like they’re selling the same ticket twice. One of the sales representatives, caught on hidden camera, said: “I have brokers that have literally a couple of hundred accounts. It’s not something that we look at or report.” It’s a shady move from the company after less than ten years ago their CEO-at-the-time, Irving Azoff said: “I believe that scalping and resales should be illegal.”

A representative for the website got in contact with CBC after the report broke saying that it is “categorically untrue that Ticketmaster has any program in place to enable resellers to acquire large volumes of tickets”. They continued to say that before the report was released they had already begun an internal review of professional reseller accounts and employee practices.

Ticket scalpers are pricing up the cost of tickets constantly and pricing many people out of seeing their favourite artists. If this is true, Ticketmaster have a lot of work to do to gain concert-goers trust again – that’s if people trusted them in the first place.

Find your perfect festival from your tastes with Spotify and Festicket

The perfect festival for you is out there with the greatest combination of all your favourite acts, and with the new Festival Finder you can find yours with the click of a button.

Spotify have teamed up with Festicket to translate all of the music that you listen to into the festival that is most likely to rock your socks off. Festicket are a UK based company for booking festivals online and they have brought their comprehensive database of festivals to Spotify’s extensive knowledge of your music tastes and trends to select you up the finest plate of musical acts for your festie consumption.

Finding the ultimate festival for you is easy with Festicket’s new Festival Finder. The app links up with Spotify to scan through your listening history, check out your music library and see what trends and artists are putting the vibes up your spine this year. Based on the artists you’ve been listening to, especially more recently and prominently, Festival Finder will then search through it’s database of music and culture gatherings from the largest to the most niche events and find the one that seems best tailored to you and your likes.

The UK based startup Festicket have said: “The Festival Finder benefits from Festicket’s extensive database of festivals, which, when paired with artist intelligence from Spotify, can be used to make a selection that is personalised just for you.” Whilst a lot of us know what music we like it can be hard when scouring the plethora of amazing festivals around the world to find the one’s not just with your favourite artists but with a whole bunch of them.

When you log in to your Spotify account on Festival Finder the site will check out the music you love and then offer you up the top ten celebrations that feature the artists you listen to the most. Thanks to Festicket’s great booking system, if you decide you want to go to a cracking looking festival there and then you can select to book tickets and even arrange accommodation and transport from their site making it simple to plan your perfect weekend. They say they want to make festival booking as easy a package holiday.

Festicket’s founder and CEO, Zack Sabban says: “We now offer over 1,000 festivals on the platform, and we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to. Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”

Festicket say that this is just the beginning and that they want to carry on building their site with integrations to create an “intelligent engine” for discovering festivals beyond their unification and simplification of booking everything for your next big festie.

Give it a go and potentially find your new favourite festival:

Tropical Pressure brings world culture back to Cornwall for a beautiful weekend

Cornwall’s greatest celebration of cultures around the world just celebrated it’s 5th year bringing together magical music from around the world, beautiful tropical decorations, delicious food, and wonderful people for an atmosphere that can’t be beaten at any other festivals.

I’ve just returned from another fantastic year at Tropical Pressure, a unique festival that takes place each year in the stunning countryside of Cornwall and never ceases to amaze me with it’s beauty and pure joy.
Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities
Atop a hill the festival lights the surrounding valleys with it’s colour and the sea provides a perfect backdrop for the sunset each night as the main stage plays host to a variety of talented acts who have flown in to join the celebration of culture, music and pure happiness.

The festival highlights a different culture for each of it’s three days featuring a Latin American day, a Caribbean day, and an African day. Musicians from around the world come to represent each culture on the gorgeous main stage and above that is the amphitheatre stage where you can get a more personal experience with live acts throughout the day.

Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

The day is filled with fun activities for everyone with crafty sessions: this year, including floral headdress making and smashing flowers with rocks into paper for a fun flower-pressing session. There’s a whole activity area for kids where they can play with homemade instruments, take part in workshops and learn about other cultures. It’s totally family friendly at the festival and is the perfect introduction for children to a festival experience.



Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

The fun doesn’t stop at the music though. The festival is filled with a variety of amazing food stalls and chefs providing top quality food from all corners of the globe. Taking place at an Ecological Park the food is entirely vegetarian and a lot of it is vegan or available as a vegan option. The quantity and range of delicious foods means you will have no shortage of choice and the varied selection will likely leave you wishing there were more days just so you had a chance to try it all!

The festival is a unique experience with an atmosphere and community that is rare to find in contemporary festivals. A combination of the amazing countryside and incredible management of the Eco Park’s founder, creator and runner Tim who brings together so many amazing people for a weekend of pure joy.

Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

This year topped my first experience of Tropical Pressure thanks to an expanded site with the renovated barn Fandangos open to party late into the night with an extra room this year and beautiful psychedelic decorations of jellyfish and projections. Whilst every year at Tropical Pressure is a sunny affair, this year the sun was roaring all weekend lighting the festival up with the sunny vibes that Tropical Pressure invokes.

Me and many others of the RouteNote team can’t wait to return next year for another un-matchable weekend filled with the loveliest people and the most brilliant acts from around the world. Until then we will definitely be visiting the Eco Park for many of it’s variety of year-round events.

Find out about future events and the Mount Pleasant Eco Park itself here:

UK minister says don’t buy tickets from ViaGogo, “they are the worst”

If you don’t know by now that online ticket re-sellers are dodgy – ticket re-sellers are dodgy. Now UK Officials are warning against them after they break advertising rules.

One of the biggest digital ticket sellers ViaGogo has been breaking advertising rules and earned the disapproval of a top UK official. UK Digital Minister Margot James has spoken out against them on BBC Radio 5 live, saying: “Don’t choose ViaGogo – they are the worst.”

ViaGogo was found to be in breach of National Trading Standards in the UK and the Advertising Standards Authority have been in contact. The ticket re-sellers were found to be breaching the rules of clearly stating additional fees. The ASA took action in March against ViaGogo and 3 other ticket sellers after which ViaGogo said they agreed to make compulsory fees clear by the 26th of May. They’ve now found that they haven’t.

The ASA say: “ViaGogo continues to mislead consumers by not being upfront and clear about additional booking fees and delivery charges that are added at the end of the booking process.” The ASA then sent the case over to the National Trading Standards who will take enforcement action on the issue. A spokesperson said: “We have now launched an investigation into ViaGogo, which will look at all legal options to bring them into compliance with the law.” Penalties for breaching the ASA can include fines and in extreme circumstances lead to closures.

The Advertising Standards Agency requires all of the major secondary ticketing sites to be upfront and clear with any additional fees that may occur in the transaction. Many ticket-buyers have been caught out in recent years by extra charges on top of their tickets, such as ‘administration fees’, which can amount to over 4 times the price of the tickets themselves.

One unlucky mother bought the last 4 tickets for an Ed Sheeran show for her daughter and friends on ViaGogo. The site said the total would amount to £263 which she happily paid for only to find out after the transaction that extra fees incurred brought the cost up to a ridiculous £1,421.

Coachella starts early with Google Home speakers

One of the world’s biggest, monumental festivals is almost upon us again and Google are providing the hype before the date arrives.

Coachella is just days away and to get you in the mood for a week of festivities, amazing music, and fun in the valley Google have some fun additions for their Home Speakers. Google Home and Google Assistant are the perfect accompaniment for Coachella this year.

With your Google Home, Mini, Max or your phone’s Google Assistant you can say “Hey Google, talk to Coachella” and then:

  • Discover new artists: You know your must-see artists for the weekend, but this year’s lineup is flush with amazing acts that you may not be familiar with. This new feature allows you to discover new artists playing the festival, and gives you exclusive playlists to get you up to speed with the 2018 lineup.
  • Create your festival schedule: Once the artists’ set times are announced, you’ll be able to ask the Google Assistant what time your favorite artists are playing, then add them straight to the Coachooser app.
  • Get answers to festival FAQs: You can get performance times, travel info, what’s allowed into the festival and all that jazz.
  • Get the backstage experience: Whether you’re tuning in at home or in person at Coachella, you can listen to backstage interviews with some of your favourite artists once the festival begins.
  • Test your Coachella knowledge: Which artist got a surprise celeb kiss on stage during a 2015 headlining performance? Play trivia to test your knowledge of memorable Coachella moments and performances, and get excited for what may happen this year.

When you get to Coachella the fun from Google doesn’t end. Google have transformed some of the Ferris wheel gondolas into Pixel photo booths with transforming, colourful backdrops for taking the greatest selfies whilst you’re soaring above the festival.

Coachella’s YouTube channel will be live-streaming some of the biggest acts coming to the Californian festival including Beyoncé, The Weeknd, ODESZA, Post Malone, The War on Drugs, Kygo, Chromeo, Alan Walker, BØRNS, alt-j and many more. You can even watch in virtual reality with the VR180 livestream so it’s like you’re actually there at the festival.

“Whether you’re packing your bags for Indio or tuning in from your couch, we’ve got you covered.”