How Do I Make Money on YouTube? Your Guide to YouTube’s Video Advertising Options

YouTube allows creators to select what advertising options they would like to use on their videos. Below there are several types of ads that may appear next to your videos when you’ve enabled video monetisation.

Ad Formats:

Display Ads 

display ads on youtubePlacement – Appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. For  larger players, this ad may appear below the player.

Platform – Desktop

Specs – 300 x 250 and 300 x 60

Overlay Ads

overlay ads on youtubePlacement – Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear in the lower 20% portion of your video.

Platform – Desktop

Specs – 480 x 70 (flash) or text

Skippable Video Ads

skippable video adsPlacement – Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds if they wish. Inserted  before, during or after the main video.

Platform – Desktop, mobile devices, TV and game consoles

Specs – Plays in video player

Non-Skippable Video Ads

non skippable video adsPlacement – Non-skippable video ads must be watched before your video can be viewed.

Platform – Desktop and mobile devices

Specs – Plays in video player.

Sponsored Cards

cards advertisingPlacement – Sponsored cards display content that may be relevant to your video, such as products featured in the video. Viewers will see a teaser for the card for a few seconds, then they can click the icon in the top right-hand corner of the video to browse the cards.

Platform – Desktop and mobile devices

Specs – Card sizes

All these advertising options are available for creators in the RouteNote YouTube Network to use.

Try-Before-You-Buy Headphones and Home Audio From Lumoid

Lumoid are giving people the ability to test out their audio products before they buy in a new scheme.

Today we have access to almost every song in the world and the potential to listen to music by a plethora of means with exceptional audio quality now freely available to most. The problem is that buying a good pair of headphones or that stylish new stereo can still be expensive so you want to make sure you’re dishing out your hard-earned cash on a top quality product in return.

Lumoid plan to help their customers ensure they’ve made the right choice by adding headphones, bluetooth speakers and home audio products to their try-before-you-buy scheme in what they are calling Lumoid Listen. For a rental fee you can have various trial units of audio products sent to your home for a 2-week trial before you send it back (prepaid) and if you like it they will send you a new one with the majority of your rental charge going towards your purchase.

For $30 per person you can choose from their portable audio speakers, sent in bundles of three, with $25 going to a final purchase if you like them. Headphones are also sent in bundles of three and range from $30-$55 rental fee. Finally Home Theater equipment will be priced individually.

The brands available are all high-quality, household names including ranges from Sonos, JBL, Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, Marshall, Audio Technica and Harmon Kardon.

Lumoid had already made available a trial scheme for a set of their products including wearables and drones but the addition of their audio equipment is what truly makes this service special. Most audiophiles, and even many casual listeners, will know the disappointment of spending out a new pair of speakers and realising they didn’t fit your expectations. Lumoid look to permanently end that disappointment, at least for their customers.

The Voice UK Sees It’s Final Series On The BBC

Next years judges for the Beeb’s last series of The Voice: Ricky Wilson, Paloma Faith, Boy George and

The Voice UK’s fifth series begins in January and is to be the last of the popular talent show’s 4 year run on the BBC.

It has been announced that after the BBC’s acquisition of TV talent show ‘The Voice’ in 2012 the torch is now being passed on to ITV. It’s reported that ITV paid £22 million for broadcasting rights to The Voice, twice as much as the BBC were paying yearly for the series.

Mark Linsey, BBC acting director of television, confirmed next years fifth series of the show would be its last for the Beeb, saying:”The BBC is incredibly proud of The Voice, but the fifth series which starts in January will be our last.

“We always said we wouldn’t get into a bidding war or pay inflated prices to keep the show, and it’s testament to how the BBC has built the programme up – and established it into a mainstay of the Saturday night schedule – that another broadcaster has poached it.”

ITV’s acquisition of The Voice raises questions about the future of their existing, massively successful talent show ‘The X Factor’ which has seen ratings fall recently. With Britain’s Got Talent in the roster of talent shows on the ITV it doesn’t seem likely that all will remain, and there are rumours that Sky may acquire The X Factor if it is dropped by ITV.

Simon Cowell’s show The X Factor, which has seen spin offs in countries around the world, stooped to its lowest viewer count in 11 years in the UK on last Sunday’s show. It would appear that ITV’s acquisition is an attempt to create more of the same but using the fresh branding to boost ratings back up.

ITV had bid for The Voice initially four years ago but lost out to the BBC in a £20 million deal. Creator of The Voice and reality show Big Brother, Dutch media magnate John de Mol’s production company ‘Talpa’ is also now owned by ITV Studios which no doubt helped the arrangement.

Tune in for The Voice’s fifth and last series on the BBC in January 2016 on the BBC 1 where judges Ricky Wilson, Boy George, Paloma Faith and will curate the talent of a selected 200.

You Can Now Watch Every YouTube Video In Virtual Reality

Yesterday YouTube added two new virtual reality functions allowing you to watch videos on Google Cardboard.

Every video on the worlds biggest video hosting site, YouTube, is now available to watch in Virtual Reality (VR) using Google Cardboard on YouTube’s Android app. YouTube made the announcement yesterday that using your phone you will be able to view videos in a new immersive experience.

The biggest aspect of this introduction is VR Video which uses the Cardboard VR headset with YouTube’s new 360° function to give the impression that you are actually there in the video. With the phones accelerometer you can look around whilst the headset presents the video in close-up 3D. VR videos use stereopsis so that near objects appear near and far objects appear far for a “pretty freakin’ cool” experience.

If you already own a Google Cardboard viewer then give it a go with one of the VR videos on YouTube, like the Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip. Just tap the cardboard icon and place your mobile into the Cardboard viewer. You can record your own VR Videos too using Google’s Jump technology.

Google Cardboard Youtube Android

As mentioned above all YouTube content will be available to watch using Google Cardboard, described by YouTube as “a kind of virtual movie theater.” So now roughly 300 hours worth of content will be available every minute to watch using Cardboard.

The Cardboard features are now available on the YouTube Android app and Google Cardboard is available in a variety of styles from foldable cardboard to full plastic viewers.

James Franco Signs To Label With Beck, Deadmau5, Foo Fighters

Actor James Franco has signed his two-piece band ‘Daddy’ to independent label for major artists, Kobalt.

James Franco and multi-instrumentalist Tim O’keefe have just signed their band Daddy to Kobalt in a worldwide, multi-year deal that will entail a full-length album. The album, titled Let Me Get What I Want, is due for release next year along with a film of the same name.

Commenting on the deal the duo said: “We are really excited to partner with Kobalt on our upcoming Daddy album and film. Kobalt has the right forward-thinking approach to work with a project as unique as ours, where we see our work not only existing within the music realm, but extending into the film, art space and beyond on an independent basis.”

We recently reported on Deadmau5’s move to Kobalt, bringing his own label Mau5trap, as an alternative to major labels in an industry where major artists are increasingly moving towards a more independent approach. Since being founded in 2000 Kobalt has built an impressive roster of artists that includes Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Paul McCartney, PJ Harvey, 50 Cent, Lionel Richie, Alt J, Pearl Jam and many more.

Kobalt president Diarmuid Quinn said of the signing: “Kobalt Label Services’ existence is built on supporting artists’ vision and giving them global representation on their terms. We’re here to support their vision, whether in media or sync and licensing or whatever it takes, and that’s true of everyone we work with, from Lenny Kravitz to Joss Stone to Nick Cave. We do it as a real partnership and give them all the resources they need.”

Daddy’s debut album is based around a collection of poems by Oscar Nominee Franco, ‘Directing Herbert White: Poems,’ which included two sections titled ‘Poems Inspired by Smiths’ Songs. To complete their Smiths focussed album Franco and O’keefe recruited original Smiths bassist Andy Rourke to play on every song.

In the debut of their first music video on Vice, Franco said: “We took a ten poem sequence called ‘The Best of the Smiths: Side A and Side B,’ I originally wrote this sequence as a way to use one medium (music) to influence another one (poetry). The Smiths’ songs provided inspiration for the poems lending tone and situation. Once I had the sequence, Tim and I took the material one step further and turned the poems inspired by songs, back into songs of their own.”

New music partner O’Keefe added: “We created the record at the same time James’ mom ran a program teaching kids how to make films [at Palo Alto high school]. They developed scripts out of the same poems that we made songs out of, then shot film based on those scripts… While they were doing that project, we took all of the raw footage we had for each song and brought in editors to put together our film.”

Every song on Daddy’s album will feature a music video that can be watched individually or in tandem like a film. You can listen to Daddy’s first release ‘This Charming Man’ (not a cover) below.