BLACKPINK are now the number 1 artist on YouTube

BLACKPINK have just become the most popular artist on YouTube in 2021 in terms of subscribers, replacing Justin Bieber.

K-pop group BLACKPINK have replaced Justin Bieber as the number one artist on YouTube. BLACKPINK’s YouTube statistics show that the band now have 66.3 million subscribers and Justin Bieber now lags behind with 65.1 million.

Kpop on YouTube has always been an important way for the groups to reach fans. Kpop on YouTube has always been an important way for the groups to reach fans. Last year BLACKPINK became the first K-pop group to pass 50 million subscribers on the platform.

BLACKPINK had been edging closer to becoming the most followed artist on YouTube throughout 2021, with over 10 billion plays this year alone. The band is also currently the second-biggest K-Pop artist on Spotify, with 18.3 million monthly listeners, behind the princes of K-pop BTS.

Why isn’t my song live on Spotify?

If you’ve uploaded your music to RouteNote and chosen to distribute to Spotify, here are a couple of reasons your release may not be live.

You’ve finished your masterpiece that’s gonna go wild on Spotify, uploaded it to the best free music distributor out there (that’s us – RouteNote), and ticked Spotify in the stores selection page of your release, so where is it?

Once you complete your release, it’ll be sent to our moderation team. RouteNote’s moderation team review each release to make sure the formatting and copyright is all in order. All being well, moderation will approve your release in around a week. If we spot anything that’s easy to fix, we’ll correct the error and send the release on its way. If there are a few issues with your release or something you’ll need to fix your end such as audio, we’ll let you know by email what needs fixing before we can approve your release. If we suspect your release does not follow our stores’ guidelines, for example it uses unlicensed, copyright-protected samples, we’ll disapprove the release. If you think we’ve incorrectly disapproved your release, get in touch with our support team and they’ll review your case.

You may experience longer wait times for moderation around busy periods, such as Christmas. You’ll get an email once your release has been approved. If you’ve set no sales start date, from the date of approval, releases take around 48 hours to 2 weeks to hit stores. Major stores such as Spotify usually have releases live within 5 days of approval. Unfortunately, our stores don’t tell us when they’ve published your release, so you’ll have to search for it on Spotify.

If you’ve waited over two weeks and your release is yet to be moderated, get in touch. If your release has been approved for over two weeks, has no sales start date and is yet to appear on Spotify, get in touch. Our support team are always on hand to help you every step of the way. Head to to use the message form or drop an email to If possible, be sure to email from the account linked to your RouteNote profile and include your UPC. Messages will usually be responded to within a week. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0) 1872 870 688. Lines are open Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT).

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 10th September 2021: the best twelve new tracks from RouteNote’s very own

Whether you’re planning on spending this week chilling, studying, working or partying, we’ve got something for everyone this week.

Every day at RouteNote we listen to thousands of new tracks from artists around the world. Every week RouteNote’s specialists hand pick and put together the best new songs from up-and-coming artists. This week’s selection includes top artists such as Glaceo, Robbe, Emi Flemming, golden era, DENNICK and more.

All twelve tracks are going straight into our Spotify and Deezer playlists: Hooked with high tempo dance music, Catalyst for the best dance and house tracks, Lo-Fi full of chilled hip-hop songs, and Tranquilize perfect for easy listening music.

To get your music on all major streaming services for free and maybe even feature on a future New Music Releases post, distribute your music to RouteNote today.

Glaceo – Pretty Savage

Added to our Hooked playlist, Italian producer Glaceo today drops his bounce remix of Pretty Savage, originally by K-pop band BLACKPINK.

Robbe, DENNICK, Emi Flemming – Work From Home

Another remix, this time of Work From Home by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign. The remix comes from Finnish EDM and slap house artist Robbe, and Italian house and bounce producer DENNICK, with vocals from Austrian artist Emi Flemming. The track is the perfect blend of EDM, future and house to ignite the party.

JKAY – You & I

Also getting added to our Hooked playlist, You & I is the new house banger from London-based producer and DJ JKAY.

OKVRU – Losing Control

Crossing over to the first of our three songs being added to Catalyst, EDM hit Losing Control comes from Indian electronic producer OKVRU.

Coolum – No Regrets

Also sliding in to Catalyst, No Regrets is the new huge future bass track from British producer Coolum.

Dyssa – Moment

Our last track getting to Catalyst this week comes from the brand new EP Moment / Illusion. Moment from Belarusian producer Dyssa is a progressive/melodic house tune to get you pumped for the weekend.

oween., alhivi – by the river

Another track from a new EP, this time by the river from the EP of the same name by Italian chill/lo-fi producer alhivi and oween. is a silky smooth track getting added to our Lo-Fi playlist.

adi. – scars/stiches

Fitting right in with our Lo-Fi playlist, scars/stiches comes from electronic chill Indian producer adi.

golden era – Jail (lofi version)

golden era is a producer that’s no stranger to remixing hip-hop songs in a lo-fi style. Jail (lofi version) is a remix of Jail from Kanye West featuring Jay-Z off the new album Donda.

METAHESH – I’m Lonely but Not Inside

Heading over to our newest playlist Tranquilize, the first track this week I’m Lonely but Not Inside comes from Russian electronic producer METAHESH.

Little Dumpling – Home Live Laugh

With a super chilled beat, Home Live Laugh is the second track from Tranquilize, coming from new producer Little Dumpling.

Lullaby, Chillroom, soave lofi – Nenuphar

Our final track on Tranquilize and our final track altogether this week comes from Lullaby and Chillroom on the label Soave lo-fi. Nenuphar is a chillhop beat, perfect for helping you relax or study.

Make gnarly sound choices and live dangerously with the Bad Contact free lofi VST plugin

Image Credit: Rawoltage

Like living life on the edge? This free lofi plugin, Bad Contact, makes nasty sounds that will either make you addicted to the thrill or make you wish you’d never found the free music software.

Bad Contact by Rawoltage is a really fun and quite scary free lofi VST that explores the creative potential of the nasty crackles and risky feedback from sound engineering mistakes. You might want to turn down the volume.

There’s a thrill to be found in messing with the “proper” sounds of music production. Bad Contact lets you create exhilarating pops, crackles and hums to add a bit of menace to your tracks.

Using the free VST you can create dirty, harsh sounds for industrial dance music. But don’t run away just yet. At the other end of the spectrum, with just a bit of hum or crackle you could make a stylish lo-fi effect that’s perfect for your chilled out beats.

The sounds of Bad Contact are oscillator generated, meaning there’s no dull repetition of ideas here. The free plugin has a simple but attention-grabbing design. The transformer generates a 50/60 Hz hum, the rusty large dial makes a fearsome crackling noise, and the power button makes a sudden pop.

Bad Contact is s a 64-bit VST2 and VST3 for Windows. Check out the free plugin and download Bad Contact from Rawoltage here.

New Spotify Enhance song recommendation feature will make your playlists perfect

Image Credit: Spotify

Brand new Spotify Premium feature Enhance beefs up your playlists, adding extra personalised songs that you’re guaranteed to love.

A new Spotify feature is headed to Premium subscribers – and it’s going to make your carefully curated playlists even more perfect. Once you turn on Enhance, Spotify analyses your playlist and adds extra songs that fit in perfectly with the vibe.

Look out for the Enhance button, which will appear at the top of each of your Spotify playlists. Once toggled on, personalised recommendations will appear within the track listing of your Enhanced playlist. For every two tracks you’ll get a recommendation, up to 30 per playlist.

Image Credit: Spotify

If you love a song recommended by Enhance, just press the “+” button to add it permanently to the playlist. Spotify’s recommendation algorithm is the stuff of legend, and the songs are bound to be right up your street. If not, just turn off the Enhance button.

The tracks are slotted into the playlist as optional extras, never replacing the songs you’ve added manually yourself. Fresh personalised recommendations are added on a daily basis so you’ll always discover new music.

Spotify said the feature will be rolled out from Thursday September 9th to Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android, in 40 markets. The regions include: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, and UK.

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Kanye West vs Drake – Certified Lover Boy beats Donda’s debut streaming record

Image Credit: Karina Carvalho

Donda was the biggest album debut on Apple Music in 2021. Then Certified Lover Boy Drake came along to shake the figures up, with the most first-day album streams.

It’s not every year that Kanye West and Drake release albums within a week of each other. But in the saga of Donda vs Certified Lover Boy, who’s winning the battle of the streams?

Kanye West’s chaotic August 29th release of Donda featured a series of venue takeovers, album listening parties and live performances of him working on the record, a strategy that expertly caught the attention of fans and critics. Five days later, Drake’s Certified Lover Boy was released after a year of teasing. It then took only three days to slide past Donda’s opening streaming figures on Spotify and Apple Music.

Whilst we won’t know the full picture until more time has passed, the figures show Drake took the lead in the initial stages. Digital Music News shared the stats that Donda debuted with 60 million streams on Apple Music. By September 4th Apple Music confirmed that Certified Lover Boy had beaten that total, well within the 24 hour period – and also smashed Drake’s own record set by his 2018 album Scorpion.

Kanye’s tenth studio album had the biggest debut of 2021 on Spotify and Apple Music before Drake took the spot. According to, on release day 12 of the global top 20 songs on Spotify were from Donda – meanwhile on Certified Lover Boy’s release date 17 out of the top 20 were from Drake’s album. Since then, Donda has racked up 442 million streams on Spotify and 242 million on Apple Music.

Certified Lover Boy won the title of being the most-streamed album in a day on Spotify. Spotify users clearly love Drake – in January he became the first artist to pass 50 billion Spotify streams. The release of Certified Lover Boy has seen the Spotify global top ten peppered with Drake songs that replaced Kanye’s.

Kanye and Drake have long had a dramatic relationship, that over the years has flitted between being rivals, competitors and collaborators. Now, never mind streams – which album is better? Argue it out in the comments.

Spotify’s Release Radar is the third personalized playlist to open up to sponsorships

Image Credit: Spotify

Disney+ are the first U.S. advertiser to sponsor the algorithm driven new music playlist for Spotify Free listeners.

Launched in 2016, Spotify’s Release Radar playlist celebrates its fifth birthday and more than 16 billion streams. Release Radar updates every Friday with music from the last six days Spotify thinks you’ll love. Many tune in each Friday to hear the new music Spotify has picked to suit their individual taste. According to Spotify, Release Radar is in the top-three personalized playlists for listeners around the world, while 18 to 29 year olds represent more than 50% of the playlist’s audience. All personalized playlists including Release Radar can be found under Discover New Music in the Made For You hub.

Advertisers have long been able to sponsor curated playlists. In 2019, Discover Weekly was the first personlized playlist to open to sponsorships. Earlier this year, Spotify opened On Repeat to advertisers. Today, Release Radar becomes the third personalized playlist to join the party. Rather than hearding a random selection of ads displayed and played, Spotify Free listeners will see and hear various adverts from one brand across the whole playlist. Ads are places on the playlist art, as well as audio and video messages played between songs. Spotify Premium members will be unaffected by this change.

Disney+ are the first U.S. launch partner to sponsor Release Radar. The video streaming service are promoting Billie Eilish’s concert film Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, available on Disney+ now. Brands sponsor the playlist for one week. Sponsorships are open to brands in 31 markets around the world. Those interested can find more on Spotify’s Advertising page.

Spotify shared some of the biggest tracks and artists that have featured on listeners’ radars:

Hot tracks:

Popular artists:

Sony Music India launches a new sub-label called Day One

Image credit: Sony/Day One

Sony Music India has launched a new sub-label that will focus on ‘new-age pop’.

Sony Music India has launched a new sub-label called Day One, which will focus on ‘new-age pop’, according to MD Rajat Kakar. 

The label’s first signings are singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar, electronic music producer-composer Pina Colada Blues aka Kevin Shaji, and multi-instrumentalist Kasyap. This is Sony’s first venture into India’s exploding independent music scene. 

The idea of the label is to empower Indian artists many of which are extremely popular but yet to sign to a major due to lopsided contracts on offer. However, details of Day One’s contract and deals are yet to be revealed. 

This isn’t the first time Sony Music has tried to launch a sub-label called Day One, back in 2011 they launched Day 1 which MD Rajat Kakar has said was “ahead of its time”. 

Although it is exciting to see larger labels being interested in Indian musicians and the overall Indian music scene, it begs the question – what are they offering? Although major labels can offer large sums of money upfront, the artist tends to have to sign away their licensing rights. Allowing Sony or any other major to own their music. However, with independent distribution through services such as ours at RouteNote, the artist can distribute their own music for FREE and keep most of their royalties, or with our premium service ALL of their royalties. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. You can find out more about RouteNote and our service here.

Creators can now create radio DJ shows for Spotify via Anchor

Image credit: Soundtrap

Spotify has expanded its tools for creators by adding a ‘Music’ feature to Anchor, allowing them to create radio DJ formatted shows.

As Spotify she into the podcast market it not only added exclusives such as Joe Rogan but also acquired the podcast software Anchor. Anchor is a fantastic tool that allows creators to edit and upload podcasts to Spotify directly. Since they purchased it Spotify has been adding new features that make it easier for creators to upload unique and interesting content. One said feature is the recent “Music + Talk” button that allows users to create a radio DJ-style show. 

This allows music journalists, blogs, or tastemakers to create new content where they can comment on new or old releases, as long as it’s available on Spotify. However, due to licensing rights, they are only able to feature 30 seconds of the selected track. Listeners will be able to interact with the musical content by liking the song, viewing more information, and saving the song. In addition to this every time the podcast/show is played with the featured track, the artist will also be paid. 

Shows recorded via Anchor using this new feature are available to Spotify free users as well as Spotify Premium subscribers. 

It’s likely this form of content will become extremely popular and is showing signs of massive growth as Spotify claims that there have already been “tens of thousands” of shows recorded in this format. However, exact numbers are yet to be released. 

The feature was originally available in the U.S, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Although the feature has been widely rolled out to most countries now and is likely to continue to be implemented globally. 

Taylor Swift joins TikTok

Image credit: Raphael Lovaski

The Grammy award-winning artist has joined the popular video-sharing app in preparation to release her next album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’.

In the last few years, particularly as the pandemic hit apps like TikTok have been exploding in popularity. In fact, recently TikTok surpassed the 3 billion downloads mark, the first non-Facebook-owned app to do so. With this in mind, a wave of high-profile celebrities and artists have been joining TikTok to create content and promote their music. In addition to this many have found viral success on the app via users videos, for example, Fleetwood Mac, thanks to the skate video uploaded by Nathan Apodaca. 

Now Taylor Swift has joined the short-form video-sharing app and is already boasting 3.2 million follows and 11.1 million likes. However, it’s not just massive artists such as Taylor reaping the benefits of TikTok success. Artists such as Beach Bunny blew up when they uploaded their ‘Cloud 9’ track, which now has millions of featured videos on TikTok and hundreds of millions of streams in Spotify. 

It’s yet further evidence of the power of TikTok and how it helps artists who are signed, unsigned, and DIY. If you are an artist making music it is absolutely essential you join the platform and start making content and distribute your music to the app. Thankfully, we can help you out with the latter, you can distribute your music for FREE to TikTok with RouteNote, find out more here