Get your music out on Instagram

Step this way to find out how to get your own music on Instagram for free, so that people can use your song in their Reels and Instagram Stories.

With RouteNote music distribution, musicians and producers can release their music for free onto Spotify and other streaming services. And there’s now more places online for listeners can discover your music than ever before – you can also upload your songs to Instagram and Facebook through RouteNote.

Social media monetisation ensures that every time the track is used by a user in the background of a post, you’ll be paid royalties. RouteNote’s music distribution is completely free, and artists keep 85% of the profits when their song is used on Instagram and played on platforms like Apple Music.

Once your music is part of the Instagram music library, your track could end up being the soundtrack to a viral Instagram Reel – fantastic promotion for independent artists, without any need to first sign a record deal or a complicated contract.

When you sign up with RouteNote you always keep all the rights to your music, no matter how many of our partners you upload tracks to.

We also offer a Premium distribution tier, which lets artists keep 100% of revenue for a small upfront fee. Whether you’re a Free or Premium artist there’s bonuses like promotional tools, chances to feature on curated playlists, a dedicated SoundCloud Network, and support from a team of passionate music lovers.

Find out more and sign up with RouteNote today to get your music in front of waiting listeners all over the world.

Lossless music and spatial audio comes to Apple Music App for Android

Image credit: 9to5google

Apple recently updated its Apple Music app for android to introduce support fro spatial audio and lossless music quality.

Apple recently unveiled that it would be giving all Apple Music subscribers access to its Lossless and spatial audio at no extra cost, a move that forced Amazon Music to do the same. Apple devices have had access to this since June whilst Android users have had to wait, until today. 

The release notes for the update are as follows:  

“In this update, Apple Music adds a spatial listening experience on compatible devices, with thousands of tracks in Dolby Atmos available at launch.” 

“Other updates include:
– Lossless Audio, a new way to experience uncompromised sound, with bit-for-bit accuracy.
– Automatic Crossfade, a new way to listen that blends each song into the next for a seamless experience.
– Search enhancements to library, which allow you to more easily find your favorite music with in-line search.” 

To apply Lossless audio to your Apple Music app simply tap the “Audio Quality” button in the settings and then enable “Lossless Audio”. 

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 23rd July, 2021: 10 highlights from our curated playlists

Check out 10 of the hottest new tracks added to our three RouteNote-curated playlists this Friday.

Happy new music Friday! We love discovering the great new tracks artists have released through RouteNote.

Each week we add more fresh releases to our three curated playlists. There’s our Hooked playlist with high tempo dance music, Catalyst for house, dance and chilled house, and a Lo-Fi mix for relaxing beats.

Listen to 10 brand new tracks below, featuring workout songs, ambient sounds, and unexpected covers of well-known tracks.


The first track freshly added to our Hooked playlist is “Accelerate.” Perfectly paced tech house to get you moving.

MadeMix, Carder – Bugatti

Hop in MadeMix and Carder’s supercar, we’re driving into the weekend with these dark and dramatic beats on the stereo.

Glaceo and Marphil – Fallin’ (Adrenaline)

Next up, check out “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)” – balancing soft chords and emotional vocals with injections of energy from chopping synths.

32Stitches & PHI NIX – What Is Love

Let it all out with this euphoric cover of Haddway’s “What Is Love,” the final highlight from the RouteNote Hooked playlist.

Madism, Masove, Brandan Mills – Like A Prayer (Feat. Tess Burrstone)

Meanwhile, over on our Catalyst playlist, a Madonna classic gets an exhilarating makeover with the welcome addition of a funky sax line.

Robin Tayger – Kiss Me More

Perfect for a workout, “Kiss Me More” takes you from simmering interludes to rapid-fire vocals to keep you pushing.

Bound to Divide – So Alone

A chilled interlude now from our Catalyst mix with the beautifully layered sounds of So Alone’s “Bound to Divide.”

Habbo Foxx – Miss Me

The final selection from Catalyst is a bouncy, upbeat dance track to lift the soul and lift your feet.

Peaceful Melody – Cover Me In Sunshine

We’re moving onto our Lo-Fi playlist now, for a slowed-down instrumental version of mother and daughter combo P!nk and Willow Sage Hart’s song “Cover Me In Sunshine” featuring a sweetly tinkering piano melody.

golden era – Stay (lofi version)

Finally, shut your eyes and relax to golden era’s mellow cover of “Stay” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. That tape crackle brings to mind the gentle rise and fall of ocean waves.

Release your music for free with RouteNote and you could see your track featured on one of our playlists. We offer unlimited music distribution to Spotify as well as all the other major streaming services. Find out more here.

Spotify Partners with GIPHY

Image credit: Spotify/GIPHY

Spotify have partnered with the Facebook owned GIPHY to connect users with artists’ music via GIFs.

Spotify recently announced that it will be partnering with the online GIF database GIPHY so that people can discover new music via GIFs. The idea is that if you send someone a GIF of an artist, for example, Nicki Minaj dancing, there will be a Spotify link that takes you to their profile. 

Artists such as Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Conan Gray, and others will have Spotify-linked GIFs via their own official GIPHY page. Expect more artists to be added in the coming weeks and months. 

The idea behind the integration of GIFs and Spotify is to help users discover new music from their day-to-day communications, like texts, group chats, work chats, and wherever GIFs are used. It’s a similar integration that Spotify has with apps like Instagram and Snapchat, where users can share their music through their stories. It’s a great way for people to make fun and interesting content whilst allowing for the artist to get exposure. 

Spotify has said that the feature is a part of a broader partnership it has with GIPHY, which aims to bring more interactive listening experiences to users later on. 

Upload music to YouTube

Image Credit: YouTube

Can you upload music to YouTube Music? Find out how RouteNote’s music distribution can help you release your music on YouTube Music – for free.

Finished a track, and want to release it on as many platforms as possible? If you want your music on YouTube Music, you’ll need a label or a digital music distributor like RouteNote. Here’s how we can help.

YouTube Music is YouTube’s music streaming service. It began life alongside Google Play Music, which was phased out and replaced with the YouTube Music platform in 2020. Now it’s YouTube’s dedicated music streaming platform, bringing YouTube’s music content to one hub for billions of listeners.

RouteNote distributes music for free to all the major streaming services – including YouTube Music. That way, your songs can be discovered on a huge variety of platforms, so more people can find and listen to your music.

Alongside YouTube Music our partners include the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, as well as streaming platforms across the world like JioSaavn in India and Tencent in China. We also offer SoundCloud monetisation, as well as helping you make money when your music is used on social media platforms like in Instagram Stories and TikTok videos. It’s as simple as selecting which stores you want to release your tracks to when you upload your music to RouteNote.

We offer unlimited music uploads to YouTube Music, free of charge. RouteNote’s free music distribution lets you keep full control over your releases, coming and going as you please, whilst keeping 85% of profits you make as people stream your songs. We also offer RouteNote Premium – for a small cost, keep 100% of revenue.

Whichever plan you choose, you always own all the rights to your music, there’s no complicated contracts to sign, and you’re never locked in.

RouteNote has supported independent artists and labels since 2007, helping DIY musicians and producers release their music across platforms and around the world. Find out more here and get your music on YouTube Music and beyond.

75% of TikTok Users Discover New Artists Via The Platform

Image credit: Solen Feyissa

A new report from MRC Data details that 75% of its US users discover new music and artists via their app.

TikTok is continuing to dominate the music industry and prove that it is one of the leading platforms for new music discovery. The app is also continuing to grow in popularity, of October 2020 they had 732 million monthly active users (MUA’s) worldwide, a number that is expected to surpass a billion over the next year, according to MBW

TikTok’s influence and impact have even lead to established platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to add new features, such as Reels and Shorts to combat its rising popularity. 

A new report called ‘US TikTok Marketing Science, Music Perceptions Research’, which was commissioned by MRC Data has unveiled some interesting statistics. 

It has revealed that 75% of its US users say they discover new music via TikTok and that 63% of TikTok users have heard new music (music they’ve not heard before) on the app. The report also highlighted that 67% of users say they are more likely to seek out a song they heard on TikTok via another music platform. Interestingly 72% of TikTok users agree that they associate certain songs specifically with the app. 

The statistics match the platform’s end goal to become a leading global partner for the music business. As TikTok’s Global Head of Music, Ole Obermann explained in February to Music Business Worldwide: “The dream is that an artist is able to find their voice and find that first community on TikTok, and then they become famous enough where they are able to get a record deal or perhaps even a publishing deal off the back of that and go on to become a superstar musical artist and creator.”

This is mirrored by the platform’s own report that said that over 70 artists had received major label deals thanks to their success on TikTok.

Speaking on the recent MRC Data report Obermann said: “TikTok has become an integral part of music discovery, connecting artists to their fans and introducing brands to every corner of the community.” Adding: “TikTok is the home for music trends that permeate the culture, industry, and charts. “From emerging artists to small business owners, the research from MRC Data reinforces TikTok’s position at the forefront of providing opportunities to creators and artists alike.”

Love or loathe the app, it is undeniably changing the landscape of short-form video and music, in fact, it recently surpassed 3 billion downloads, the first non-Facebook app to do so. In addition to this, they’re breathing heavily down the necks of YouTube, arguably their biggest competitor. It was recently reviewed that TikTok surpassed YouTube in both the US and UK for average time spent per user, per month. 

Apple Music to Livestream premiere of Kayne West’s new album ‘Donda’ this Thursday

Image credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella via AVClub

Apple Music ramps up its excessive content by hosting the livestream premiere of Kanye West’s tenth studio album ‘Donda’.

Exclusives have been a dirty word in the music industry, particularly when it comes to streaming, Not long ago platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music tested streaming exclusives, whether that was an album or single. Fans were not happy with the limited access to music, nor were the labels, which is interesting as when it comes to TV and movies it is totally acceptable. 

However, it seems that there has been a compromise, instead of exclusive music releases streaming services are looking at exclusive content, things such as interviews and previews. Apple Music seems to be the most proactive on this front currently as they announced their ‘This Week In Apple Music’ weekly video series, exclusively for Apple Music subscribers. 

Now, it has been confirmed by a recent Beats Studio Buds ad that aired during the NBA Finals that Apple Music will be exclusively live-streaming the premiere of Kanye West’s tenth studio album ‘Donda’. 

Watch the ad here:

This is a bold move by the company that will no doubt pull a lot of people towards their platform, even if in the short term. Watching this new exclusive content landscape develop is going to be interesting from the perspective of a fan, get ready for a battering of unique content from all the major streaming giants. 

BandLab update brings powerful new tools for all music creators

Image Credit: BandLab

A fresh look and new Sampler and Mastering tools make the BandLab update an even more tempting prospect for beginner music producers looking for free music software.

Social music making platform BandLab has just had an upgrade, aiming to give emerging producers everything they need in one free platform. BandLab 10.0 adds more music tools and social elements, including direct uploads to TikTok.

BandLab is a massively popular and ever-growing place to make music online, now boasting over 37 million users around the world. Its appeal stems from its unpretentious easy-to-master music production tools, its cloud-based software, and also the social nature of the platform which means users can share their creations instantly and collaborate with other people on BandLab online. And, crucially, the platform is completely free to use.

BandLab 10.0 update
Image Credit: BandLab

The update, BandLab 10.0, gives the platform a fresh look with a dark mode option, bringing with it a brand new Sampler and upgrades to the automated Mastering tool.

The sampler is an add-on to its Mix Editor, letting users create their own samples. Creators can now import up to a minute of their own audio or video to make beats from, or choose from the library of royalty free BandLab Sounds.

The updated Mastering feature meanwhile can now render tracks ten times as fast as its competitors. Developed by GRAMMY Award-winning engineers, the tool gives a professional final touch to songs.

Online Mastering is touted by BandLab as a serious tool, not a gimmick, and the update gives it a powerful upgrade. In keeping with BandLab’s mission to level the playing field for all artists, the tool can be used by all users including those on smartphones and tablets.

BandLab update 10.0 free music software
Image Credit: BandLab

BandLab CEO Meng Ru Kuok said: “This is a major milestone release. We envision BandLab evolving beyond helping creators make music, to helping them earn a living and grow their audience. We are the best cross-platform, accessible place to make music, and we want to keep pushing the boundaries of music creation to the next level.

“The new sampler and other functions, the new look and social features, are designed to take their creativity to another place. It’s part of what we see as a continuing investment in the broader music creation ecosystem.”

Kuok said BandLab’s aim reaches beyond making “cool tools,” ultimately hoping to help music creators overlooked by the professional world of music production to thrive. The social tools are a big element of this, letting users share their creative process with other creators and fans. As part of the update, users can now directly upload their sounds to TikTok so songs can be discovered outside of the app.

As BandLab continues to streamline and add more features, whilst still retaining its accessibility, the platform is only going to see a continued rise in popularity. We’re watching with interest.

Add my music to SoundCloud Go

Wondering how to get your music on SoundCloud Go? Check out RouteNote’s free SoundCloud Network – helping you to make money from SoundCloud each time someone listens to your tracks.

Want to add your music to SoundCloud Go? SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ are SoundCloud’s subscription services for paid subscribers. They offer the chance for users to listen to songs without being interrupted by ads like on SoundCloud. But how do artists get music onto SoundCloud Go – and how do they make money from SoundCloud?

RouteNote music distribution helps artists earn money from their music on SoundCloud by monetising uploads, for free. You don’t have to be an existing RouteNote user – if you’re already using another music distributor who doesn’t work with SoundCloud, we can help fill the gap by monetising your music on SoundCloud too.

How do I join the RouteNote SoundCloud Network?

To start making money from your SoundCloud tracks through RouteNote, first make a RouteNote account and upload your music, choosing either our Free or Premium distribution. Free Distribution allows you to keep 85% of your revenue at no extra cost to you, and with Premium keep 100% for a small fee.

RouteNote also offers monetisation of social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, and unlimited uploads to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, which you can sign up to for no extra cost to help your music reach millions of listeners around the world. There’s no obligation, however.

After you’ve uploaded your tracks, follow the steps here to link your SoundCloud channel to start earning each time your music is played on SoundCloud Go and across the platform. Your SoundCloud account automatically upgrades to unlimited uploads when you join our SoundCloud Network. 

Whether people are streaming your track on SoundCloud Go or from their free subscription, RouteNote’s free monetisation makes it easy for you to start earning money from SoundCloud.

Want your music to join over 135 million SoundCloud Go tracks online? Find out more and sign up to RouteNote here.

Peloton is the second-best streaming service for paying artists

Image credit: Peloton

It may come as a surprise but the top two streaming services for paying artists are Facebook and Peloton.

In recent months the discussion around streaming payouts has been ramping up, the UK even had an inquiry into how much streaming services pay artists, which has lead to calls for a “complete reset” in how payouts work. Spotify has also been under scrutiny in regards to how much they pay artists and how it works, this led to the streaming giant releasing ‘Loud & Clear’ a website dedicated to making their payout process more transparent. 

The rate which streaming services payout varies between platforms, and surprisingly the two that payout the highest per stream are Facebook and Peloton. Peloton is the most surprising, paying out 3.1 cents per stream, beating Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. However, it is worth noting that their payout has decreased over the years, in 2017 they paid 5 cents per stream, and in 2018 they paid 4 cents. 

Peloton, although paying higher rates has a significantly smaller catalog of music, with over 1 million fully licensed tracks. This is no doubt because the product is an indoor cycling bike first, and a music player second. The smaller may also be due to the cost of licensing music, something the company has been in hot water for. They were sued by the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) for a whopping $150 million dollars for using tracks by Drake, Lady Gaga, and more. 

As you’d expect music is a core part of the Peloton experience with many classes having you cycle to a beat, or used for motivation. Peloton explains: “Members consistently rank the music we provide as one of their favorite aspects of the Peloton experience.”

They also said in one of their 2019 quarterly reports that: “Our subscription cost of revenue generally increased each quarter as a result of increases in music royalties, streaming, and platform costs.” 

The question still remains though, how does Peloton manage to pay significantly more than established streaming services? A recent statement from the company explains: “With respect to musical compositions, in addition to obtaining publishing rights, we generally need to obtain separate public performance rights.” It’s these public performance rights that generate the higher per-stream payout rate. In addition to this Peloton also has deals with BMI, GlobalMusic Rights, and SESAC.