Peter Hollens’ “Epic Hand Washing Parody” helps raise money for coronavirus relief fund (video)

Featuring parodies from the likes of Billie Eilish, Luis Fonsi, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, The Epic Hand Washing Parody is a fun video to help you stay entertained while washing your hands for…

Baby How U Like Ur Eggs – Julian Smith

YouTube comedian and (sometimes) musician Julian Smith has been tackling some real world issue out there with his latest funny music video, titled ‘Baby How U Like Ur Eggs’. His channel is definitely worth a…

The Midnight Beast – We Won’t Remember Christmas (ft. Brett Domino)

British comedy trio The Midnight Beast release a new video showing a more realistic approach to Christmas. Along with TMB, the video features my favourite YouTube musician Brett Domino.

The Walking Dead vs. Another One Bites the Dust

The Hillywood Show on YouTube recreate some favourite scenes from The Walking Dead, in a music video style, to the sound of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)

YouTubers Animeme combined everyones favourite TV Show ‘Breaking Bad’, with every Childs favourite musical film ‘Frozen’.

Rapper Who Is Very Concerned With Password Security

CollegeHumor release a new parody music video “Rapper Who Is Very Concerned With Password Security”. It goes over the difficultly of creating, remembering and keeping your password safe… standard rap stuff.

Ryan Higa (ft. Golden) – S.W.G.

Ryan Higa, more commonly nigahiga on YouTube, released a hilarious music video parodying all new rap songs, stating all he wants is a ‘Sweet Wholesome Girl’.

South Park Mocks Pop Music Production In Lorde Parody

In the latest South Park episode, Stan’s Dad reveals to the world, he is Lorde. Using auto-tune, drum loops, backing instruments and quantising the vocals, he is able to transform into the famous Lorde. Post…

Cassetteboy – Cameron’s Conference Rap (Contains Swearing)

Cassetteboy is back. After 8 months, we have a new video from Cassetteboy, which is already racking up millions of views. He’s is known for his hilarious TV remixes and parodies, you may know him…