Whitesnake are Back With a Free Download of Their New Single: Love Will Set You Free

Whitesnake are back for more! Releasing their new single “Love Will Set You Free” on Frontiers Records this week. Since the video premiered last week it has clocked up nearly 200,000 views on YouTube.

New LCD Soundsystem Stuff – This Is Happening & Drunk Girls

Grizzly, possibly pretentious, definitely idiosyncratic, not-quite-40 electronic wizard James Murphy is lining himself up for a year of pain. Having spent the last year and a half working on the soundtrack to Noah Baumbach’s new…

New Hot Chip Video – Shoop Da Woop, I Feel Better

Remember Peter Serafinowicz? Yeah you do… that guy who did the voice for Darth Maul… the ****head housemate from Sean of the Dead… looks a bit like a cross between Tony Slattery and Marcus Mumford….

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga’s New Video

Whether you like her or not, she’s a show stopper; like Lily Allen, she’s got the knack of maintaining notoriety and exploiting the ink, electronic and otherwise that comes from being headline news. I have…