Google Arts & Culture: Blob Opera – Create a pitch-perfect opera quartet with your mouse

Prepare to waste hours of your day with Google’s latest experiment. Using machine learning Blob Opera replicate a four piece opera choir.

17,572 singers, in perfect harmony (from their own homes) [Video]

Composer Eric Whitacre brings together over 17k singers from 129 countries for his massive virtual choir, perfectly in tune and in time. Eric Whitacre and his team put together syncing and editing every submission for…

Glossary of music terms and what they mean

Music theory can be confusing at times. Here are a handful of music terms you’ll need to be aware of when collaborating with fellow musicians. For a breakdown of common music industry terms, click here….

The Lounge Kittens – Party Hard (Andrew W.K. cover)

The Lounge Kittens are a British trio, performing covers of a whole range of genres, in their own 3 part harmony style. Recently playing on stage with Limp Bizkit, with their cover of Rollin’, they…