Funny! : Bo Burnham – Oh Bo

Im in the Friday mood, but its only Thursday. Here is a great track from Bo Burnham – Oh Bo! Very funny.. enjoy it.

Katy Perry Makes a Sexy Appearance on SNL

It seems as though SNL just regained some respect. Katy Perry last week was on Sesame Street, but her outfit was deemed a little too sexy for kids tv. Now Perry has decided to take the piss out of herself and appear on SNL with this amazing video which is bound to go viral.

My Favourite Funny Music Videos

Im not really too sure why Im putting together my favourite funny music videos, but I thought I would spread the joy! Enjoy! Make sure you spread the word on these tracks.

Tom Jones New Album Called Sick Joke by His Own Record Label

Tom Jones has hit back after a leaked email from an Island Records U.K. executive branded his comeback a “sick joke.” The initial email was sent by SVP David Sharpe on the 19th May, which stated that the label should pull back this project immediately! The album, “Praise & Blame,” is a record of blues and spirituals on which Jones goes back to his roots.

The Things Lady Gaga Wants

This image has been getting a lot of push on Twitter today and I just had to show all of our readers. Here is a chart of “Things Lady Gaga Wants.” With Gaga’s “Bad Romance”…