How to design your next album artwork

Your album cover is an integral part of your music. Outside of technical requirements, your coverart needs to be eye catching and consistent with the music connected. Learn how to make your own album cover with these tips.

How to design an artist logo

It’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence looks as good as possible. A good musician logo design is a great way to ensure brand recognition across multiple mediums.

Can I release charity music through RouteNote?

Yes, your charity releases can be distributed to all stores through RouteNote. A couple of notes to point out for all releases with RouteNote that are worth considering for potential charity albums. Your release cannot…

How Do You Add Playlist Covers to Spotify?

We have been getting a lot of questions about Spotify playlists and how to change the covers of the playlists. Here is a very quick guide on how to change that playlist coverart. Launch and…

How to Make Coverart Videos for Your Songs on YouTube

Creating a strong promotional strategy on YouTube is very important. Coverart videos are a great way to create a streamable video of your music on a quick turnaround time and limited budget. 1. Open Windows…

Where to find images available for commercial use (album artworks).

There are many image banks via which you can find copyright free images for use as your cover art on RouteNote. We find Flickr to be one of the best places to find these images….

What kinds of things are not allowed in my artwork coverart for my music, according to your digital retail partners’ guidelines?

Our digital partners’ artwork guidelines do not allow the attributes listed below. We will need a replacement file if artwork displays any of the following: Website URL Social network symbols or information (i.e., Facebook links,…