New Featured Artists Section on the RouteNote Blog

Here at RouteNote Blog we have recently made a lot of changes in terms of design (which I think looks better than before!) and I just want to let everyone know about the new music player we have added in our sidebar.  The widget is powered by Soundcloud and looks like this:

We have decided to add featured artists to our sidebar every month to promote some of the great artists using RouteNote. As you can see from the player it plays full tracks and also provides and option for listeners to purchase the tracks via iTunes. Additionally, the player keeps tracks of how many plays that track has received so artists can tell if there receiving some extra exposure. We will be adding 5 tracks a month to the featured artists section and will write a quick preview post here in the blog. If you are interested in being a featured artist then please get in touch and let us know which song you have in mind and why you should be a featured artist.

RouteNote user statistics get a makeover!

At RouteNote we are constantly thinking up new ways to improve the site for our clients and partners. The latest launch has been a makeover of the user statistics presentation that enables both artist and label to view their sales and downloads with ease. Clear, dynamic, graphs and drop down selectors make it easy to isolate the statistics of a track, an album or even an entire artist’s catalogue.

Some key features:

  • Label level information – record labels are now presented with total earnings over all artists in a summary and monthly breakdown.
  • Top ten tracks – record labels and artists are now provided with a top ten of their uploaded tracks.
  • Artist breakdown – in addition to our previous album/track breakdown we have updated an artist breakdown, which should allow record labels to keep track of their artists individually.
  • Territory download percentage – this percentage pie charts shows the user in which territories their label/artists/albums/tracks are selling. This will be useful for targeting your market and optimising your promotion strategy.
  • Retail store downloads – this percentage pie chart compares the ratio between sales in each digital store.

Please take the time to asses the new changes and all feedback, good or bad (not too bad or you’ll make us cry), is welcome!

Thanks to all clients for your constant support, happy selling!


The RouteNote Team

RoyaltyShare Leaves Digital Music Distribution. RouteNote Offers RoyaltyShare Customers a Discount!

It has been reported over at PaidContent that RoyaltyShare is going to be exiting the digital distribution market. When it introduced its digital-distribution service last January, RoyaltyShare said it would provide a web-based platform for record labels and niche distributors to interact directly with digital retailers, bypassing the need to go through large digital aggregators such The Orchard. The company also said digital distribution would compliment its royalty service, which helps entertainment companies calculate royalties from digital sales.

Since this has happened to RoyaltyShare we would like to offer a hand to RoyaltyShare members who want to continue to digital distribute their music. If you signup to RouteNote and then contact us saying that you are from RoyaltyShare and your account name over there, then we will increase your percentage up from 90% to 95% of all sales.

Get My Music onto iTunes

For a long time artists have been finding difficult to get their music on iTunes and other digital music stores. Here at RouteNote we are trying to make it easier than ever before for unsigned and independent artists to get their music onto these stores and more. At RouteNote we currently offer artists to get their music onto iTunes and other stores completely for free with no upfront fees. RouteNote is also going to bring on a lot more partners in the near future which will make our service a lot more appealing than all ours in the market.

Stay tuned for more big news about partnerships and offers coming soon.