Another RouteNote Testimonial

At RouteNote we are always keen to hear feedback from our clients and users. We are very proud to publish the the most recent RouteNote User Review.

It has been taken from the website of guitarist and producer Chris Bestwick who has recently uploaded and realeased his album ‘Mix A’.

Check him out, check his user review out.


Thanks again for your feedback Chris!

RouteNote Tools Page Launches

You might have noticed RouteNote has now added a new tools section. Artists can see this tools section once they log into their account and the tools tab can be found in the headerbar. The aim of the tools page is to provide RouteNote artists with tools and options that will help them promote and market themselves on the ever growing internet.

The tools page will offer options in the following categories, Offers and Deals, Banners, Self Promotion eBooks, Widgets, Link and Linkmaker, and Online Advertising.

We hope you enjoy these new tools

January 2009: Sales Statistics Finalised

It’s been another record breaking month for sales as grows from strength to strength. 

Sales statistics for January 2009 have now been finalised, so be sure to check in on how your music is doing!

A big thank you to all account holders for your continued support and patience whilst we continue to close deals and develop the website. 


The RouteNote Team

What Are The Top Music Applications on Facebook

Here are the top music applications on Facebook courtesy of a neat analytics tool created by

Name DAU MAU Daily Growth
1. iLike 411,606 6,148,212 1.44
2. YouTube Video Box 73,654 1,255,992 1.73
3. YouTube Box 27,783 606,932 1.36
4. My Band 24,914 411,484 1.59
5. Music Player 22,929 396,152 1.31
6. Profile Song 24,967 331,509 1.28
7. Songs 12,626 277,194 1.80
8. Blood Lust 20,746 155,571 -1.67
9. My Music 8,812 155,499 1.14
10. iLike this Artist 6,573 147,237 1.93
11. ReverbNation 7,022 132,132 1.44
12. imeem 5,019 93,292 1.26

Top 20 Artists on Facebook According to Amount of Fans

Over at MusicAlly they have put together a great list of the top 20 bands on Facebook according to their popularity. 20 most popular music artist fan pages from the chart though, and they are (with number of fans):

1. Rihanna (1.52 million)
2. Coldplay (1.49 million)
3. Lil Wayne (1.34 million)
4. Linkin Park (1.33 million)
5. Chris Brown (1.3 million)
6. Metallica (1.22 million)
7. Pink Floyd (1.16 million)
8. Bob Marley (1.13 million)
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers (1.12 million)
10. Justin Timberlake (1.05 million)
11. AC/DC (997,000)
12. Daft Punk (912,000)
13. Beyonce (906,000)
14. Queen (900,000)
15. Evanescence (873,000)
16. Jonas Brothers (843,000)
17. Radiohead (793,000)
18. Kanye West (792,000)
19. Katy Perry (791,000)
20. Akon (753,000)

Digital Music Revenues Double In Brazil, But Because of Mobile

A recent report by international music trade group IFPI re-affirms Brazil as Latin America’s top digital music market, with revenues doubling in 2008. According to IFPI’s “Digital Music Report 2009,” digital accounts for more than 10% of recorded music sales in Brazil. Eighty percent of those sales are derived from mobile, as opposed to online.

A promising beginning for Steph, as ‘Chasing Butterflies’ gathers online interest!

Chasing Butterflies

A hot new addition to this month has been the “eagerly awaited” release of Steph’s ‘Chasing Butterflies’. The catchy, up-beat (strangely familiar) track is mainly recognised from its  radio and TV time for a CSL commercial, which aired in 2008. A release of the song had been insisted on by adoring fans. 

“At last! This song has been stuck in so many people’s heads since it appeared on a certain TV advertisement last summer, and its kind of strange to finally hear the whole song. But worth waiting for. I really hope her other song ‘Beautiful’ appears on iTunes soon.”

“This artist is going to be another huge product of lancashire. I can’t wait for her second song to be released.”

If you like well produced, melodic, modern pop ‘Chasing Butterflies’ comes with high recommendations. 

Check it out on Steph - Chasing Buterflies - Single

Top 5 Twitter Applications for Bands and Musicians

Many musicians, both small and big, are tweeting away as we speak (i.e. ?uestlove of The Roots, Imogen Heap, Sonic Youth, etc.). The following is a list of five Twitter applications for musicians and bands aimed towards building a community around their music. For a link to the original source at, please click here.

1) twitpic: send photos from your mobile phone which will post links to them on twitter; a quick way to give your fans a visual look at what your band is currently doing (for example: recording, rehearsal, sound check, etc.)

2) twiddeo: similar to twitpic, but for video, allowing you to provide short video clips of your shows, interviews, touring adventures, etc.

3) twtpoll: ask your fans a question and get a response via twitter (e.g. what cities should we play next?)

4) twitzu: create an event (e.g. meet and greet) with description and location info and send it to your twitter followers and receive RSVPs from them

5) tweetchat – create rooms in Twitter to post tweets about a particular topic (e.g. your latest release)

The Tony Maserati Collection – Waves Audio Signature Series Software plug-ins

Waves continue their domination of digital music production releasing the first product for their ‘Signature Series’, The Tony Maserati Collection.  

For the amateur producers / engineers that haven’t heard the name, Maserati is the ‘genius’ behind hundreds of hip/hop, RnB, pop chart toppers that include Britney Spears, Beyonce, MJB, David Bowie and Jay-Z. Crap tracks? Maybe. But even the most of ‘anti commerce in music’ must appreaciate the level of quality in mix and production of modern pop music. Maserati is hailed as being the principal archetect of the modern New York pop sound and widely respected as one of the worlds most clinical mixing engineers.

Maserati has worked closely with the guys at Waves Audio to front this collection of plug-ins in an attempt replicate his personal engineering, mixing and production styles.

Maserati says “I’ve been using Waves from the beginning. From dynamics and EQs to special effects, most of the tracks I’ve mixed have Waves on them. Waves did an amazing job turning my personal processing chains into custom plug-ins.” 

The Collection includes:

Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer 
Maserati B72 Bass Phattener 
Maserati ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer 
Maserati GTi Guitar Toner 
Maserati DRM Drum Slammer 
Maserati HMX Harmonics Generator 

Each advertised with high status names, check the waves website for specifics.

Definately worth a look for all kinds of RnB, Hip/hop producers out there and any body else who wants to create a clean, powerful sound.

The Tony Maserati Collection RRPs at around $800 US, but im sure, just like anything else you can torrent the software for free… ooops, did I say that?