Creators can now create radio DJ shows for Spotify via Anchor

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Spotify has expanded its tools for creators by adding a ‘Music’ feature to Anchor, allowing them to create radio DJ formatted shows.

As Spotify she into the podcast market it not only added exclusives such as Joe Rogan but also acquired the podcast software Anchor. Anchor is a fantastic tool that allows creators to edit and upload podcasts to Spotify directly. Since they purchased it Spotify has been adding new features that make it easier for creators to upload unique and interesting content. One said feature is the recent “Music + Talk” button that allows users to create a radio DJ-style show. 

This allows music journalists, blogs, or tastemakers to create new content where they can comment on new or old releases, as long as it’s available on Spotify. However, due to licensing rights, they are only able to feature 30 seconds of the selected track. Listeners will be able to interact with the musical content by liking the song, viewing more information, and saving the song. In addition to this every time the podcast/show is played with the featured track, the artist will also be paid. 

Shows recorded via Anchor using this new feature are available to Spotify free users as well as Spotify Premium subscribers. 

It’s likely this form of content will become extremely popular and is showing signs of massive growth as Spotify claims that there have already been “tens of thousands” of shows recorded in this format. However, exact numbers are yet to be released. 

The feature was originally available in the U.S, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Although the feature has been widely rolled out to most countries now and is likely to continue to be implemented globally. 

Taylor Swift joins TikTok

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The Grammy award-winning artist has joined the popular video-sharing app in preparation to release her next album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’.

In the last few years, particularly as the pandemic hit apps like TikTok have been exploding in popularity. In fact, recently TikTok surpassed the 3 billion downloads mark, the first non-Facebook-owned app to do so. With this in mind, a wave of high-profile celebrities and artists have been joining TikTok to create content and promote their music. In addition to this many have found viral success on the app via users videos, for example, Fleetwood Mac, thanks to the skate video uploaded by Nathan Apodaca. 

Now Taylor Swift has joined the short-form video-sharing app and is already boasting 3.2 million follows and 11.1 million likes. However, it’s not just massive artists such as Taylor reaping the benefits of TikTok success. Artists such as Beach Bunny blew up when they uploaded their ‘Cloud 9’ track, which now has millions of featured videos on TikTok and hundreds of millions of streams in Spotify. 

It’s yet further evidence of the power of TikTok and how it helps artists who are signed, unsigned, and DIY. If you are an artist making music it is absolutely essential you join the platform and start making content and distribute your music to the app. Thankfully, we can help you out with the latter, you can distribute your music for FREE to TikTok with RouteNote, find out more here

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 3rd September 2021: Twelve thumping tracks for your listening pleasure

Twelve fruity tracks for your ears that were distributed through RouteNote.

Roll up, roll up, RouteNote has yet again another fantastic selection of new music for you to devour. As always all these releases were distributed (for free) with RouteNote and have been added to our in-house playlists. This week’s musical treats range from big EDM beats through to subtle lo-fi, there’s something for everyone.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist, Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, and the mellow treasure trove Tranquilize.

Going Deeper – Go Together

The track is a collaborative effort from Going Deeper, Jordan Miller, and Jaki Nelson and is destined to be played loud at home, on the beach, and in the clubs. A perfect track for our Hooked playlist.

Future Friends – Till I Die

Another massive-sounding EDM track from Future Friends with stunning vocals from NINE. ‘Till I Die’ is the ultimate dance track, allowing for the listener to let go and dance the night away. A stunning addition to our Hooked playlist.

Krmoni – Beggin

A new artist on the scene but one that is already making waves, especially with their latest track ‘Beggin’, a thumping dance remix of a classic. Check it out now on the Hooked playlist.

Fløa – Phosphene

Sit back and relax whilst the tranquil yet charming sounds of Fløa’s latest release whisk you away. Check out the new release on our Catalyst playlist now.

Metrøx – Don’t Wanna Fight It

A sultry, sensual song that is driven forward by harmony-driven vocals and subtle beats. A wonderful listen and a great addition to our Catalyst playlist.

Austin Salter – Loverboy

An anthemic atmosphere that offers arms reaching out for the sky experience, an almost perfect dance track. Our Catalyst playlist just got bigger thanks to this track.

Buffle – Majestic View

The latest release from Buffle is a terminally chill track that can be enjoyed late at night with mood lighting or in the morning with a hot cuppa joe. A great addition to our lo-fi playlist.

Flex – Redbone lofi mix

A stunning remix of Childish Gambino’s ‘RedBone’, bringing forward a grainy, subtle, yet recognizable sound. A must listen on our lofi playlist.

glxy – Searching You

This cinematic soundscape is a stunning body of work that boasts glxy’s beat-making and inventiveness. Check it out today on the lofi playlist.

Samual Howard – Came and Went

Samual Howard is a troubadour of the finest order, a true storyteller. Through his stunning vocals and subtle strokes of the guitar, Samual will take you on a poetic journey. A fantastic addition to our Tranquilize playlist.

Hernán Perez – Sunset memories

A perfect track to start your day with from Hernán Perez that has subtle guitars and a chilled hip-hop beat, perfect for our Tranquilize playlist.

Sizzle Bird – Echoes of the Shire

It’s hard to actually describe Sizzlebird’s music but the best way might be to say imagine if the Lord of the Rings universe discovered dance music, then this is what they would make. Check out something genuinely new on our Tranquilize playlist now.

Phillips Hue and Spotify team up

Image credit: Nubelson Fernandes

Phillips Hue and Spotify have partnered up to bring listeners the ability to create epic mood lighting whilst using the streaming service.

Mood lighting and RGB lighting have blown up in popularity in recent years, especially recently thanks to apps such as TikTok. In line with this trend of using lighting to enhance media experiences, Spotify has partnered up with Phillips Hue. The partnership will allow those with Phillips Hue lighting to sync their music up with the lights. Allowing for a customizable light show to go with your music.

The close partnership is supposed to provide a better experience than using third-party apps. Allowing the Hue system to adjust lighting effects based on specific data about the music you’re playing, including genre, volume, mood, and much more. You can also use the Signify app (made for Phillips) to customize and tailor it to your needs. 

However, there are a few catches. To have access to this you will need a Hue Bridge, which not every Hue owner will have. The feature also only supports cooler bulbs. A positive though is that you do not need a paid Spotify subscription, a free account will work perfectly. 

The rollout for this feature has already been rolled out and will be available to all Hue users within the week. It’s currently an early access feature that has a permanent feature date of October. 

Music education app Yousician launches new courses taught by Metallica and Jason Mraz

Image Credit: Yousician

Learn the songs you love by taking music lessons from the artists themselves, with the Yousician music app’s new Spotlight courses.

Music app Yousician makes learning musical instruments accessible and fun for musicians of all levels, through interactive gameplay. Now users can learn songs by their favourite artists – taught by the artists who wrote them.

The new Spotlight courses include tricks and tips and customised tutorials, as well as exclusive performances and intimate stories from the artists on their careers so far.

First up is a course from GRAMMY-Award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, who offers guitar and ukulele lessons on Yousician for his most famous songs, including the big hits “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up.”

The Yousician app is clear and engaging, offering guitar, ukulele, bass, piano and vocal lessons with chords, melodies and different playing styles explored. The layout is similar in feel to Guitar Hero.

Also in line for a Spotlight course in early 2022 is band Metallica, teaching guitar lessons. A partnership between Columbian musician Juanes and Duolingo will focus on teaching languages through music. The range of genre of the courses shows the wide appeal of the Yousician app to all budding instrumentalists regardless of what music they like to listen to.

Hadley Spanier, Head of Brand Marketing and Artist Relations at Yousician, said: “Time and again, our users have told us how much they love playing songs from their favourite artists. Our artist partners are thrilled about this new way to connect with fans, and we know our users will love this new hands-on approach. We are so excited for what’s ahead for Spotlight.”

The Spotlight course is available with Yousician’s Premium+ membership. You can try Yousician for free with a free trial.

Answering the most common questions asked about RouteNote

What is RouteNote? Is RouteNote really free? Is RouteNote safe? How long does RouteNote take to upload? We answer the most Googled questions.

Google RouteNote and the top four questions are as above. This article clears up the most common questions people have about RouteNote. Starting at the bottom:

What is RouteNote?

RouteNote are a leading music distribution company, providing independent artists and labels with the tools they need to share their music and earn revenue on all of the world’s largest online music stores, streaming services and social media platforms.

Is RouteNote really free?

Yep! For absolutely no money, we can help you distribute your music online. Our Free Distribution model has zero fees or recurring costs, while artists keep 85% of the revenue. Our Premium Distribution model costs a small fee upfront and annual payment, while the artists keep 100% of the revenue.

Is RouteNote safe?

Yes! We don’t require any personal details when you sign up to RouteNote, just a username, email address and password. As there are no unfront costs with Free releases, you don’t need to input any payment details. For Premium releases or should you decide to switch from Free to Premium, payment is securely managed via PayPal or Stripe. Once your release starts earning revenue, you can link a PayPal or bank account to your RouteNote profile to transfer funds.

How long does RouteNote take to upload?

RouteNote moderation times vary, but we usually aim to check and fix any issues with your release in around 72 hours. Once your release has been approved, presuming you haven’t sent a sales start date, our stores will get your release live in 48 hours to 2 weeks. Our larger stores such as Spotify and Apple Music will normally upload your release within 5 days of approval.

If you have any more questions, please see our Support Hub for answers to all of the most commonly asked questions or drop a message to our support team.

Click here to sign up to RouteNote today and discover all of the exciting opportunities for artists.

Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ is the most Shazamed song in the USA

Image credit:

The Nigerian artist Wizkid and his latest release ‘Essence’ has become the most Shazamed song in the United States.

Nigerian Singer Wizkid and his latest single ‘Essence’, which features Tems, has recently been announced as the most Shazamed song in the United States. 

It’s a major moment for both artists who are signed to the same label. The track itself has been receiving wide acclaim since it was released off his fourth studio album ‘Made in Lagos’, last year. 

The announcement was made by Shazam on its website during a recent article it released detailing the top 200 Most Shazamed songs in the US. They beat out The Kid LAROI, Ed Sheeren, and Eurovision winners Måneskin. 

It’s further evidence of streaming services giving life to songs of any age. This track was released a year ago and it’s now having a second wave of popularity. In fact, the track was recently remixed by Justin Bieber, which is likely what gave the track a boost in western audiences.

Check the official video for ‘Essence’ feat Tems here:

Apple purchases classical music streaming service Primephonic

Image credit: Apple

Apple has today purchased the renowned classical music experience and will be bringing it to Apple Music.

Apple has announced its acquisition of the popular classical streaming service Primephonic. Much like traditional streaming services such as Apple Music, Primephonic has a tailored listening experience for its users, including a browse functionality, premium-quality audio, handpicked expert recommendations, and extensive contextual detail on repertoire and recordings. 

The addition of Primephonic means that Apple Music subscribers will get access to a massive library of classical music. All of which will be categorized, detailed, and full of playlists thanks to Primephonic’s work. 

Speaking on the acquisition Apple’s Vice president of Apple Music and Beats, Oliver Schusser said: “We love and have a deep respect for classical music, and Primephonic has become a fan favorite for classical enthusiasts.” Adding:  “Together, we’re bringing great new classical features to Apple Music, and in the near future, we’ll deliver a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world.”

Primephonic’s co-founder and CEO, Thomas Steffens commented: “Bringing the best of Primephonic to Apple Music subscribers is a tremendous development for the classical music industry.” He continues: “Artists love the Primephonic service and what we’ve done in classical, and now we have the ability to join with Apple to deliver the absolute best experience to millions of listeners. We get to bring classical music to the mainstream and connect a new generation of musicians with the next generation of audience.”

Due to the purchase, Primephonic will no longer be available for new subscribers and will be taken offline from September 7th. Apple Music will launch a dedicated classical music app next year that will combine Primephonic’s classical user interface but with added features. In addition to this Primephonic users will receive six months of Apple Music for free. Giving them access to a massive library of music, including classical, lossless audio streaming, spatial audio, and much more. 

YouTube Premium subscribers can now turn on picture-in-picture on iPhone

Image credit: CardMapr

One of YouTube’s most demanded features is potentially coming to the app, however it is only currently available for Premium subscribers.

Back in June YouTube announced that it would be bringing picture-in-picture (PiP) to iOS. Now, it appears that the much-demanded feature is finally available, but only for Premium subscribers and possibly only for a limited time. 

You can access this feature as a YouTube Premium subscriber but opening up your web browser, heading to Scroll down to where “Picture-in-picture iOS” is listed and click “try it out”, this will then prompt you to sign in to your account. The next step is to watch a YouTube video, navigate away from the app using the home button, or by swiping up and PiP will start. Locking your phone screen watching PiP will pause the video, but you can resume the video once you unlock it again.

According to 9to5Google, some users have also managed to get this feature working on iPads as well as their iPhones. 

YouTube has commented on the feature saying that it will be “available until 31st Oct”, after that we’re not sure what can happen. It’s likely the feature will stay or at least be tweaked ready for a release later that year. It’s also likely the feature will be available to all users as promised by YouTube. 

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 27th August, 2021: 12 fresh tracks in 4 huge playlists to suit every mood

We have four smoking hot playlists for you with fresh new tracks for every occassion whether your weekend is going to be a non-stop party or a low-key, chilled out affair. We’ve got the musical goods to please your speakers.

It’s that time again. Friday is here and that means that there is new music from incredible artists all around the globe. Keeping track of all the great new tunes to come out from the top artists down to the underground gems can be hard, and that’s why RouteNote’s four in-house playlists are the place to be at the end of the week.

We have a playlist for every mood, with Hooked offering the party bangers to get the people dancing and Catalyst offering the best house music for parties or more mellow vibes. For a more downtempo weekend of relaxing in the sun or curling up inside with we have Lo-Fi, full of the very best mellow hip-hop sounds. Finally our brand new playlist Tranquilize offers up something entirely new with the greatest easy-listening music from across a bunch of genres.

Here are 12 of the brand new tracks spicing up our playlists this week.

Sunny Days – Coolum

Looking to spend your weekend with a chilled drink, in the sun, dreaming about palm trees (or perhaps laying down under real ones!)? Coolum’s fantastic new track will take you to the tropical paradise of your dreams with its immutable energy and summer sounds.

Ice Cream – 3ble

One for the late summer evenings when you want to hold the people close to you tight and dance through the night. 3ble has dropped another mega banger on our doorstep. This one needs to be turned up.

No Turning Back – Vexento

Vexento has long been one of our favourites at RouteNote. Always fresh, always on the good vibes; No Turning Back represents Vexento doing just that. Carrying on the path of incredible dance tunes that have come before, this is another track that feels like pure Vexento whilst sounding fresh as he carries on his route to getting hands across the world in the air.

Abilities – BARELO

If you are a fan of house then you need to get this on your speakers or on your headphones. BARELO does not disappoint on this incredible house tune that needs to be in every real dance lover’s mix this year.

Last Friday Night – Santi & Jamie Deraz

Last Friday night we didn’t have this track on our playlists and now they’re all the better for it. A big, bouncy track that was made to jump around to this Friday night – and the next… and the next.

forest – Hetalia

Need some time to relax? Everybody deserves a moment that is dedicated to number one: yourself. Let Hetalia be your guide to laying back and letting the stresses of the week lift off you with this gorgeous piece, now making our Lo-Fi playlist the chillest it’s ever been.

I’ll be honest with you – Rogian.n

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. You’re gonna love this track. It’s mellow, it has retro vibes all over it, jazzy chords that will lift you up, smooth beats that will keep you steady. What are you waiting for, discover Rogian.n.

trust in me – adi.

adi.’s new track is set apart from the others in its unique sound. It’s a perfect blend of lo-fi indie vocals and guitar with some hip-hop beats keeping the piece rolling in what feels like a minute-and-a-half long dream that you’re sad to wake up from.

Ether – Sizzle Bird

Where do I begin with this ethereal new piece from Sizzle Bird? It starts off as a landscape view of an old Celtic landscape, textured with brush-land and wild animals roaming in the high noon sun. Then the chase begins and you’re rolling up and down the hills with creatures ahead and on your tail. At least, that’s what I thought.

DoublePercent – Juice

A refreshing glass of juice in a track. DoublePercent doesn’t miss on this loungey, jazz-y piece of magic. If you’re looking for something to bop your head to this weekend then boy, do we have the goods for you with this track.

Under the Waves – Borrtex

Borrtex is a composer of emotion, not just music. This gorgeous piece from him expresses that in every way possible. From melancholy ruminations, to moments of uplifting optimism; this track is a journey that we think you should all go on.