8-Bit Guns ‘N’ Roses

A ‘bit’ of fun (8-Bit of fun…sigh…sorry) before going to bed. Remember the 8-Bit music craze that took the internet by storm a couple of years ago? If you don’t, well honestly, you didn’t miss that much. This was really something that only penetrated the consciousness of seriously dedicated techno-nerds and will probably not entertain anyone who falls outside of this rather specific target group.

That said, if you’ve ever tried to sequence any music you’ll realise what an accomplishment the video below is.

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La Roux – In For the Kill: Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix

Doctor Rosen Rosen is a very talented producer from LA who has been having a great year so far. Doctor Rosen Rosen’s latest remix is of La Roux’s “In For the Kill”. This mix is genius and Im sure we will be hearing a lot more of this track on dancefloors around the world.

La Roux “In for the Kill (DrRosenRosen Remix)” by IGAMusic

Labrint Signs to SYCO Music and Release Amazing Single with Great Viral Video

Labrint is a new up and coming sonwriter in the UK who has been growing at a rapid pace. Labrint has just released his feel good and chart friendly sing “Let The Sun Shine” which is being distributed by none other than Simon Cowell’s record label SYCO. Labrinth is currently working on his full album that you can expect later this year.

The song comes along with a very cool viral video that is getting a steady buzz on YouTube. Check it out below.

Robert Plant is Back with a New Band and Tour

According to Bloomberg, Robert Plant is back and with a new group and tour. The band is called Band of Joy and it was named for Plant and Bonham’s pre-Zeppelin band of the mid-1960s.

It might not be the reunion Led Zep fans have been living and dying for, but it doesn’t sound half-bad, either.  Also, be sure to check out Band of Joy’s new disc when it drops on September 14th.

American Idol Lose 3 Judges But Still Think Jennifer Lopez is Going To Be the Ultimate Replacement

Americal Idol has now lost 3 out of the 4 judges from last season. Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres and Kara DioGuardi have now all left the judging panel from American Idol.

TMZ now announces that Jennifer Lopez is going to be the successor to Degeneres. I find it funny how the American Idol team think they are going to just change the judges and everyone is still going to watch the show. Keep an eye on the X Factor from Simon Cowell becoming the most watched TV show in the USA within the next 2 years!

Ex Girls Aloud Member, Nadine Coyle, Launches Her Debut Album Exclusively with Tesco

Nadine Coyle has just released her debut album exclusively with Tesco’s in the UK and Ireland.

Nadine Coyle is better know for being apart of the pop act Girls Aloud. Since splitting from the band Nadine seems to think she is the only reason the band had success, but I think they had success because they are all very good looking girls!

Coyle considered “numerous offers from several major record companies,” according to a statement. However, the pop singer decided to sign an exclusive distribution deal with Tesco for the physical release of “Insatiable.” The album is out Nov. 8 on her own label, Black Pen, preceded by the title track as a single a week earlier.

“To be able to create an album where you are in complete creative control and to work with people as supportive, powerful and forward thinking as Tesco is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an artist,” she said in a statement. “Releasing my album through Tesco is such a great way to connect with everybody. I buy all my own music at Tesco”.

Im thinking this release is going to be a flop!

Kanye West Offers A Song To Taylor Swift

You know when you really like an artist or musician that has a slightly bad reputation for being a bit of an asshole, and you find yourself constantly having to defend them? Well, I have exactly this problem with RnB’s number 1 willy cloth Kanye West.

Following his absurd outburst at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the ‘Video Of The Year’ award, Kanye Seems to have done a bit of soul searching and has claimed via Twitter that he has written a song for Taylor as something of an apology.

As much as his onstage rebellion was a hilarious highlight of an otherwise rather dull ceremony, I’m sure that Taylor would rather just forget about it. I’m also sure that Kayne, as brilliant and talented as he is would not thrive in a country/Hip-Hop collaboration, and would leave himself and all his fans royally humiliated (again). Of course there is a part of me curious to here this inevitable abomination, but it will only make him harder to defend to his various critics.

You can see the entirety of Kanye’s drunken (his words, not mine) outburst in the form of several tweets by clicking here. I’ve also included the video of his onstage humiliation below.

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Rapper T.I. and His Wife Have Been Arrested on Drug Charges

Rapper T.I. (né Clifford Harris Jr.), 29, and his wife, Tameka Cottle, 36, were arrested last night in L.A. after police detected marijuana coming from their car at a traffic stop in West Hollywood. Authorities subsequently searched T.I.’s car and arrested the couple for possession of a controlled substance. T.I. and Cottle, who were married July 30, posted $10,000 bail and were released this morning.

After reading this on other sites I thought it was going to be a heavy drug charge, not just the possession of marijuana (kids… drugs are bad!). This kind of press is much need, as it probably hleps his credibility to kids buying his records.

The Grammy-winning rapper and sometime actor is still on probation after serving seven months in prison last year for a weapons conviction. Thus, Im surprised that he didnt head straight back to jail after being arrested while on probation.