How to use Snapchat on desktop

Snapchat for Web lets users call or message their friends from a computer, complete with features like Chat Reactions, Chat Reply and Lenses.

Top 10 all-time most-viewed music videos on YouTube 2022

YouTube celebrate 10 years since the release of Psy’s Gangnam Style – the first ever video to reach one billion views on the video platform.

Top 10 most-streamed artists on Spotify – artists with the most monthly listeners in 2022

The most popular artists worldwide as of July 2022. Spotify’s monthly listeners give us a clear view of currently popular artists.

Top 10 most-followed music artists on TikTok 2022

Here are the ten most popular musicians on TikTok around the world as of July 2022, with as many as 90 million followers!

Who are the 10 most popular TikTokers? TikTok creator top list 2022

After over two years on top, Charli D’Amelio slips to second place as TikTok crown a new number one, with over 140 million followers.

Anghami update their algorithm to promote classic and binged tracks

Anghami, the first legal music streaming platform in the Arab world, have updated their chart algorithm and the way they rank popularity.

Video podcasts on Spotify are now open to all creators in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico

All podcasters in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico can now upload videos for free via Spotify’s podcasting platform, Anchor.

I made $20,000 for a 15 second beat, here’s how (Video)

Andrew Huang details the different types of deals when producing music for commercials, as well as how to get started and buid your profile.

YouTube TV celebrates 5 million subscribers by revealing some top 5 lists

With 5 million subscribers and trialers, YouTube celebrates the milestone by announcing the top 5 most DVR’d shows and nostalgic TV series.

Netflix introduce spatial audio, bringing immersive sound to stereo speakers and headphones

Without any specialist gear, spatial audio on Netflix hopes to provide a surround-like experience to watchers on stereo devices.