Fatboy Slim in Carpool DJs – A Little Rave Relief for Your Coronavirus Lockdown (Video)

This is a very interesting take on carpool karaoke. Its Carpool DJs with Fatboy Slim. Adding a little rave relief to your life as you spend your time in lockdown. Enjoy!

So Fatboy Slim Played a Private Gig in the British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton and This is How It Turned Out!

This was an amazing private gig by Fatboy Slim inside the British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton. The event was for Cerle and I’m not sure you could get a better backdrop for a bit…

Famous Album Covers Extended: Showing You The Bigger Picture

Here is a great showcase of some of the worlds most famous coverarts and what the bigger picture actually looks like. via: Earthporm