Famous Album Covers Extended: Showing You The Bigger Picture

Here is a great showcase of some of the worlds most famous coverarts and what the bigger picture actually looks like. via: Earthporm

Damon Albarn Hints at Blur Reuniting for a Second Time

Spinner are reporting that Damon Albarn has dropped a hint that Blur might be reuniting for a second time.

Damon Albarn Says More Blur Material Coming Soon

New Blur tracks are likely to continue appearing, as Damon Albarn pointed out in an interview with NME.com and the larger Musical Paper in general. Albarn said: “I’m definitely going to do a few more…

The Lego Exodus: Lego Blur Is Here

So many bands are starting to become “stuck” (sorry, Lego joke) in the Lego trap, and so am i. To start off i had decided that everyone was just milking the Guitar Hero/Rockband goat as…