What file formats should I prepare for uploading?

Audio: RouteNote can only accept MP3 files with a sample rate of 44.1khz. The bitrate of the MP3 can be anything above 192kbps, however, we recommend users to use 320kbps for the highest quality.
Cover Art: Album artwork files must be 1425x1425 pixels square and must be in .jpeg/.jpg format. 

Why can't I see my sales in "My Stats"

Partners (such as iTunes) normally release their official sales 45 days after the close of every month. Once we receive these reports RouteNote then adds the sales statistics to your account. For example, if you sell a track in May then iTunes won't release their report until 15th July at the earliest. RouteNote input stats immediately once recevied.

How do I get my ISRCs and UPCs?

We are pleased to announce that as of 01 August 2009 RouteNote.com will be able to provide all clients from all territories ISRCs and UPCs, saving up to $75 for some users!Just follow upload instructions for code issuing! 

What is a UPC and how does it work?

A UPC is very similar to an ISRC. Whereas an ISRC is a virtually embeded code, a UPC is a physical bar code used for the whole album/collection of songs. UPCs are found on anything for sale, in shops, supermarkets etc.

What is an ISRC and how do they work?

An ISRC is a code that gets embeded as data into your song, it works as virtual identification and is a bit like a bar code. Without an ISRC your song could be played for free in areas which would otherwise entitle you to royalties.