Where Do I Find My UPC or ISRC in My RouteNote account?

If you click on your Releases section and then edit your releases you can find your UPC and ISRC's for that specific release.

Can I Distribute a Cover Song through RouteNote?

Yes, you can. If you plan on distributing a cover song, you may need to first get permission (and possibly a license) from the original copyright holder to release your song digitally.

Cover songs should NOT include the original performing artist in the track title or artist field.


Wake Me Up (Originally Performed by Avicii)
Wake Me Up (Cover of Avicii)
Wake Me Up (Tribute to Avicii)


Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up (Acoustic Version)

You will need to make sure when uploading that you use the original performing artist in the copyright C line.

You can look into purchasing a mechanical license for a cover song in the US from The Harry Fox Agency.

How to Set a Future Release Date for your Music in Stores?

RouteNote allows artists to set a future release date. RouteNote requires a minimum of 4 weeks lead time for a future release date. When uploading your release you can set the future release date into the Album Details section.

What is the Difference Between a Single, an EP, Album and an Extended Album?

Singles is 1 track. EP's are between 2 - 6 tracks. Albums are 7 - 18. Extended Albums are 18 tracks and over.

Can I Upload More Music to a Release That Has Been Approved for Distribution?

Once your release has been Approved for distribution or submitted for moderation, you cannot add any new tracks to that release.