How can I get a refund for the music I purchased

All you need to do is drop us an email with your Paypal transaction ID and more details on the release you purchased. 

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How much does RouteNote Direct cost?

RouteNote Direct is completely free to use and artists keep 85% of all royalties from sales of their music. Users can add as many releases to their RouteNote Direct store as they wish.

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Can I continue to sell my music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and so on?

Of course! We compete by making RouteNote Direct the place you want to send your fans, not by making it the place you have to send them.

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When do I receive my royalties from RouteNote Direct Downloads?

RouteNote Direct Download royalties are sent to your registered paypal account automatically in real time. Artists dont have to wait until the end of the month and receive their Direct royalties at the same time as their iTunes sales. 

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Can I customize my own RouteNote Direct store

Of course! When you login to your account you will head to the RouteNote Direct page and at the top of that page there is a link to > Customize Your Store

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