Why should I distribute Free with RouteNote?
  • Free! No hidden costs!

  • Easy to use, upload and get your music online in days.

  • Change your payment model at any time!

  • A dedicated team who will help you every step of the way!
With RouteNote’s Free Distribution model you can distribute to the world’s largest music stores free of charge with no hidden costs!

You keep 85% of royalties and can take control of your music distribution with the option to switch distribution model at any time.

With quick access and an easy to use upload system there’s no better time to distribute your music.
Why should I distribute Premium with RouteNote?What will Premium cost?
With RouteNote’s Premium Distribution model you get everything that makes our free service great and more! For a small upfront cost you keep 100% of your royalties!

Perfect for an artist with an established fan base.
A one off payment of:
  • $10 - Singles
  • $20 - EP
  • $30 - Album
  • $45 - Extended Album
  • then $9.99 annually
Artists keep 100% of royalties!
Why should I distribute with RouteNote Direct?
Sell your music directly to your fans. Control your own pricing, control the look and feel of your store and control which releases you want to sell.

Keep 85% of your royalties and get your own unique URL to promote to your fans.
  • Keep 85% of your royalties.

  • Control your store, your way! Have direct control over how you portray your music to your fans!
RouteNote Referrals
The RouteNote referral system allows you to refer or be referred by friends/peers/website traffic to RouteNote. When they sign-up using your referral information you automatically qualify for 2% of their earnings from all releases under our free model.

But don't worry! This does not affect their earnings at all, the 2% you earn comes directly from our 15% cut. Everyone's a winner!
  • Earn an extra 2% of each artist you refer to our system!

  • Everyone wins! the 2% of cut comes from the Routenotes 15% cut.
Free ISRCs and UPC/EANsMonthly Reports
RouteNote offers free UPC/EANs and ISRCs to all artists worldwide. The UPC/EANs and ISRCs can be used for both physical and digital releases.
Reports are received 45 days after the close of every month and you can download the full list of transactions from every retailer within seconds.