YouTube Music now shows singles and albums in a grid view on artist pages

An update to the iOS, Android and web apps now present album arts on artist pages in a larger grid view over the previous list view.

As Google phased out Google Play Music last year, they introduced many new features to the replacement YouTube Music streaming service. This new view marks the first tweak to YouTube Music this year. Albums and singles in artist pages now proudly display their large albums arts in a grid view, with the most recently published releases showing first. Where all releases can’t be shown on one screen, the option to SEE ALL will take listeners to a dedicated Albums or Singles view. Under album arts, the release title, type and year are displayed.

Ultimately the updated grid view shows less content, but in a more attractive way. The change was tested last month and has now begun rolling out to all users on iOS, Android and the web app.

YouTube Music Grid View iOS

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