What’s the difference between “eligible” sound recordings that I can monetize and “ineligible” sound recordings that I can not monetize on YouTube, through RouteNote YouTube Content ID service?

Music can be monetised by the original artists when it is used by others in videos, but some music won’t be eligible for Content ID.

Content ID is a fantastic tool for musicians, allowing them to protect uses of their music on the biggest sites in the world like YouTube and Facebook. It ensures that when their music is used in a video, it is detected and the original artist is compensated for their music.

At RouteNote we can distribute any artists’ music to Content ID for free, but in order to take part your music will need to be eligible. The terms for what is and isn’t eligible for YouTube Content ID distribution are below.

What is eligible for YouTube Content ID?

  • Original music created and recorded entirely yourself
  • Music that you have the full, exclusive rights to

What is ineligible for YouTube Content ID?

  • Classical Music (Original compositions should be fine , a cover of Mozart not so much)
  • Official Video Game Soundtracks (These can only be added to the official game publishers content id systems) This policy does not apply to licensed popular music, not originally created for the game.
  • Ambient / Foley sounds / ASMR (No music content just sound effects)
  • Copyright material (Well known artists / TV & Movie soundtracks etc)

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