You Can Now Buy Concert Tickets Directly on Facebook

Facebook are starting to sell concert tickets, directly through it’s event pages.

Facebook have recently been introducing the ability to buy certain products without leaving the social media site and now you will be able to buy concert tickets too. Facebook are bringing a ‘Buy Tickets’ button to it’s event pages.

At the moment the tickets won’t electronic or paper tickets and once purchased will be ready for pickup at Will Call windows. A Facebook spokeswoman said in an email to BuzzFeed News that they are “partnering with a small group of independent venues, artists and event promoters in the San Francisco Bay Area for the pilot.” She went on to say that the Facebook’s events pages are used by millions of people to find out about local events.

Although Facebook will provide and sell the tickets all of the backend for purchases will go through third parties to complete the transaction and provide the tickets. When you buy a ticket you’ll receive a confirmation email from Facebook themselves.

The most important element of Facebook’s event tickets will be that they won’t take a cut of the price, so when you buy a ticket through them you will pay the flat, retail price of the ticket. So the convenience of purchasing a concert ticket through Facebook seemingly holds no catches, providing great potential for users and Facebook alike to expand their business.

This may all be fresh news to many but in an interview with BuzzFeed News in September Facebook’s Product Manager, Aditya Koolwal said that selling concert tickets directly through Facebook was something they had been considering. He said: “That’s definitely a very interesting thing that we’re waiting for the right time for.”

It seems that December 2015 was the right time they were looking for.

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