Where is Google Play Music in RouteNote’s stores selector?

Google Play Music is no more but it hasn’t entirely disappeared, it has simply been replaced by YouTube Music where your releases can now stream.

You may have noticed when uploading your music recently that there is no option for Google Play Music anymore. Google shut down Google Play Music earlier this year and it is no longer streaming music.

However, it is not entirely gone and has been replaced by YouTube Music. This means that all of your past releases which you had uploaded to Google Play Music will have been transferred to YouTube Music automatically and are still live and streaming.

Google Play Music is no longer available to select as a store for distribution when you upload to RouteNote. However, you will now see YouTube Music in your stores selector which you can choose to distribute your music to stream on YouTube’s dedicated music service.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

How to sell your songs online for free

As well as dozens of streaming services and social platforms for monetization, RouteNote also distribute to a number of stores that specialize in selling music.

How do I move my music to RouteNote from Tunecore?

If you’re looking to move your music to RouteNote for free distribution or our unbeatable Premium prices then thankfully you can, easily. We pride ourselves on making music distribution easy and painless for artists everywhere…

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