Image Credit: Facebook

After being introduced less than a year ago, Facebook are already pulling the plug on podcasts on the social media app.

After the rise of Clubhouse at the start 2021, Facebook announced a number of audio initiatives in April last year. One such new feature was podcasts. Going against rising competition in the space from Spotify, Apple and Amazon, podcasts, launched in June last year, would be available right on platform. Despite huge competitors, Facebook had the advantage of billion of users, as well as an easy way for creators and fans to connect, without leaving the platform.

Facebook have now told publishers that new podcasts can no longer be uploaded and will no longer be available altogether from June 3rd. Facebook will also be discontinuing their short-form audio product Soundbites and its central audio hub. The direct Clubhouse competitor, Live Audio Rooms will be integrated in Facebook Live. Creators will be able to choose whether to go live with or without video. It’s thought these moves are to shift their focus from audio products and into rising products like Reels and the metaverse.

We’re constantly evaluating the features we offer so we can focus on the most meaningful experiences.

Meta spokesperson to Bloomberg

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