Music distribution platform UnitedMasters only distribute to four streaming services for free, but even their paid tier is limited.

UnitedMasters is an invite-only music distribution platform with two key tiers: UnitedMasters and UnitedMasters SELECT. Distribution with UnitedMasters is free, while artists keep 90% of the royalties. Distribution with UnitedMasters SELECT costs $59.99 per year, while artists keep 100% of the royalties.

While 90% may seem like a tempting offer, this tier only distributes to four services: Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. All other stores such as top streaming services and social media platforms like Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Content ID, TikTok and more are hidden behind the paywall of SELECT.

Even UnitedMasters SELECT is missing many of the services RouteNote distribute to for free such as Claro Música, eMusic, Nuuday and Kuack, as well as growing services in parts of Asia such as NetEase Cloud Music, Kanjian, Melon, Bugs!, NAVER VIBE, Huawei Music and FLO.

RouteNote believe all artists of all sizes, regardless of their budget, should be given equal opportunity to succeed. We hide no stores, streaming services, social media platforms or features behind a paid tier. Distribute to all services for free with RouteNote.

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