Denon and SoundCloud’s new partnership makes for the music platforms first ever hardware partnership letting DJs stream straight into their mixing flow.

In the last year SoundCloud have been making their huge catalogue of music, user-uploaded and studio recorded alike, available to DJs to make theirs the most mixing friendly streaming platform around. They’re moving beyond software with Denon for their first ever hardware partnership.

SoundCloud Go+ users with Denon DJ can access SoundCloud’s 200+ million tracks and mix it straight from their hardware live. With a decent internet connection it opens up an endless amount of mixing potential for DJs on their hardware with everything from the latest chart hits to exclusive producer mixes at their fingertips.

Here’s what DJs with Denon DJ and SoundCloud Go+ need to do:

  • First, make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Use Denon’s touchscreen interface to log in to your hardware with a SoundCloud Go+ account
  • You’ll be shown a pairing code on your screen that you need to enter here via web to activate your device and confirm authentication
  • Your saved playlists will import automatically and you can search, mix and stream from SoundCloud’s massive catalog on the fly – while utilizing the full suite of Denon DJ’s performance tools
  • Pro tips: Save money by streaming the latest tracks as they drop instead of buying downloads and create “crates” on your SoundCloud account that you can access from any Wi-Fi-connected Engine OS-powered Denon DJ device

As well as Denon, SoundCloud have partnered with DJ software from Algoriddim, Pioneer DJ, Traktor DJ, DEX 3, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ.