Image Credit: SoundCloud

The “First on SoundCloud” accelerator program will promote nine emerging music artists on the platform.

SoundCloud has announced the latest stage of its “First on SoundCloud” initiative, to celebrate and promote artists who started out on the platform.

“First on SoundCloud” was launched in 2018 to promote emerging talent on the platform through showcases on playlists, newsletters and advertising on and off the platform, with certain artists spotlighted to receive special promotion. The program is being revitalised for 2021 with SoundCloud pledging to invest directly in the careers of nine chosen artists and track their successes.

The investment will be a year-long, multi-phase program. The nine artists chosen for “First on SoundCloud” are a diverse collection of rappers, singers and DJs tipped for big things: Charmaine, Ela Minus, Kid Quill, Lourdiz, Otis Kane, Pa Salieu, Payday, Sofia Mills, and SoFaygo.

What’s changed for the “First on SoundCloud” project? Among other things, the promise that the platform will help the chosen artists achieve a first in their career – SoundCloud suggests that might take the form of their first dream collaboration, first merchandise drop or dream album cover art.

The nine artists are offered career development from music industry experts at SoundCloud. They’ll each have introductory profiles by music journalist Kiana Fitzgerald, showcasing what drives them; their personal stories, styles, influences, and creative inspirations. Original content will emerge like behind the scenes at photoshoots, and each artist will feature on the new “First on SoundCloud” playlist.

Erika Leone, Vice President of Brand Marketing at SoundCloud, said: “We’re very excited to introduce this new class of breakout emerging artists, all sharing the special qualities that represent the SoundCloud artist community at its core — they’re innovative, original, and DIY at heart. “First on SoundCloud” has always been about amplifying emerging artists and driving discovery for listeners. With the new accelerator program we’ll work directly with the artists over this year to help them drive real, meaningful advances in their careers, while helping them reach new creative milestones and growing their global fan-bases.”

The nine artists will also be announced to the wider world by influential cultural tastemakers including Rico Nasty and D Smoke, offering a networking opportunity and exposure to more potential fans. A live event will celebrate their music and creative journey across the year with the SoundCloud community. Explore the class of 2021 here.

“First on SoundCloud” is the latest push by the platform to publicly support and amplify the successes of artists on SoundCloud. Soon a new user-centric payment system, Fan-powered Royalties, will be introduced that pays artists out based on the revenue generated by their actual listeners, although only for artists distributing and monetising their music directly through SoundCloud. Historically SoundCloud have always put independent emerging artists first, and “First on SoundCloud” is another positive move from the platform to encourage the next generation of music artists.

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