Top 10 international female artists on Deezer in 2020

Deezer analyzed the songs and podcasts that struck a chord with their audience, to reveals what the world listened to in 2020.

In a series of top 10s, Deezer announced the top sounds of 2020 around the world, based on the most streamed artists, tracks, albums, podcasts, plus a few new categories such as Superfans and Trendsetters.

Deezer editors have created a Best of 2020 channel with the top streamed tunes and artists of the year, as well as personal playlists from editors detailing what 2020 meant for each of them.

Deezer took note of the beats of each song “and analyzed each user’s beats to determine a unique ‘Animal Rhythm.’” They discovered the majority of users listening to the most popular music such as Tones and I, The Weeknd and Imanbek’s remix of Roses most closely match a cat’s internal heart rhythm at 131-132 BPM. The giraffe comes in second place with a faster BPM of 140-149, followed by dogs with a slower beat at 127-128 BPM. Deezer say cats and giraffes swap positions in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Guatemala.

Users will also find #MyDeezerYear, showing you your personal listening habits, with the artists, songs and podcasts that were played the most through your 2020, and your personal Animal Rhythm. Find this in the Deezer app, along with shareable cards.

This is the year of home confinement and social distancing. Streaming helped many people cope and it may be telling that the top 10 tracks this year are all international, dancey and positive. We also saw some interesting trends, with 40% of our top 20 international albums made by black artists, compared to a quarter the year before. And our top 10 streamed international acts were equally split between genders this year. Music has always reflected the underlying dynamics of our society and 2020 is no different. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

Frédéric Antelme, VP of Content and Productions, Deezer

Top 10 international female artists

Dua Lipa stole the crown from last year’s winner Ariana Grande. Latin music showed its growing popularity with Karol G and Anitta in the top 10.

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