TikTok Is Planning To Take On Facebook With A push Into E-Commerce

Image credit: Solen Feyissa

The short-format video sharing platform will be looking to challenge Facebook directly with its expansion into e-commerce.

A recent report from Bloomberg has highlighted some of the tools the app is working on, one of which would allow TikTok’s most popular users to to share product links. The move would mean that content creators would be able to generate commissions on sales directly. Another form of e-commerce is a teleshopping style live stream, similar to channels such as QVC. A move that will target Facebook directly, as a lot of multi-level marketing companies rely on their salespeople using Facebook to move product. 

Last week TikTok partnered up with WPP Plc, a ad agency network. This partnership will allow the app to increase its reach even further than it already has. It is TikTok’s firm belief that live-streamed commerce is the future. Tiktok are also looking to expand the ability for brands to place their own ads online, as opposed to doing via content creators or sales representatives. 

Facebook has attempted to combat TikToks surge of popularity by adding reels on Instagram, however it has mostly been used to re-share videos from TikToks. Recently Instagram announced that reels would no longer be promoting these reposts. 

The expansion is no doubt a serious risk to Facebook, especially as users on TikTok continue to surge. 

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