The all-new Google Play Music is just for you

Google have given their music streaming service an overhaul that turns Google Play Music into the most custom music streaming experience ever.

Google have built their brand on convenience; a search engine with billions of results, easy-to-use translate software, maps of the entire world and every road on it. With a large update to their music streamer Google are bringing their unique brand of convenience to Google Play Music.

Speaking on how they’ve created a whole new personalised experience Google said: “Google Play Music uses machine learning to figure out what music you like and then mixes in signals like location, activity, and the weather along with hand-picked playlists to personalize music for where you are and whenever you want tunes.” That’s right, Google has gone beyond recommendations based on listening and whats to tap into the world you live to offer a curated, personal listening experience every time you use Google Play Music.

Google’s new music streaming service takes the context of where you are and what you’re doing to offer you contextual music recommendations. Google say that they have personalised playlists for every situation whether you be walking into the gym (hey, here’s some workout music), the suns going down as you walk home (try a playlist of sunset music), or going to the library (concentration music, sorted. No need to thank me). When you opt-in to Google’s new recommendations you’re presented with music to suit your situation throughout the day.

google play music music streaming service streams personalised custom personal
Contextual playlists have been GPM’s specialty but soon they’ll be curated for you personally

The new Google Play music features an entirely new home screen that is built around you. Now when you start up Google Play Music your home screen will present a personalised page of the music curated, not just to what you like, but to when you like it. Using Google’s machine learning systems GPM will now constantly be learning and evolving based on your tastes and habits. For example if you have a favourite playlist to stick on when you get home, it will now be waiting as soon as you open up GPM. If there’s new music from an artist you love it’ll be waiting for you to discover without having to search for it.

It’s safe to say Google’s update to GPM makes it the most advanced curation of any music service I’ve ever seen or heard of. Personalisation isn’t all that’s new however with a new automatic offline playlist to save you when you’ve got no connection. As a paying GPM subscriber Google will automatically download an offline playlist of your recently played music so you’re never without tunes.

Google have remained fairly low profile with their music streaming service until now, having never even released user figures. With this giant update that Google look to become a formidable force in music streaming where Spotify and Apple Music dominate. Google say: “With the new Google Play Music, we’re here to help with the perfect soundtrack for the things you do every day. After all, the only thing better than finding the perfect music is the perfect music finding you.”

The new Google Play Music experience will be rolling out globally, across the 62 countries it is available, on Android, iOS and their web app.

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