Taylor Swift joins TikTok

Image credit: Raphael Lovaski

The Grammy award-winning artist has joined the popular video-sharing app in preparation to release her next album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’.

In the last few years, particularly as the pandemic hit apps like TikTok have been exploding in popularity. In fact, recently TikTok surpassed the 3 billion downloads mark, the first non-Facebook-owned app to do so. With this in mind, a wave of high-profile celebrities and artists have been joining TikTok to create content and promote their music. In addition to this many have found viral success on the app via users videos, for example, Fleetwood Mac, thanks to the skate video uploaded by Nathan Apodaca. 

Now Taylor Swift has joined the short-form video-sharing app and is already boasting 3.2 million follows and 11.1 million likes. However, it’s not just massive artists such as Taylor reaping the benefits of TikTok success. Artists such as Beach Bunny blew up when they uploaded their ‘Cloud 9’ track, which now has millions of featured videos on TikTok and hundreds of millions of streams in Spotify. 

It’s yet further evidence of the power of TikTok and how it helps artists who are signed, unsigned, and DIY. If you are an artist making music it is absolutely essential you join the platform and start making content and distribute your music to the app. Thankfully, we can help you out with the latter, you can distribute your music for FREE to TikTok with RouteNote, find out more here

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